Always wear a sweater more than others, like to drink hot drinks, used to hot hot bath? Research shows that your need for body temperature is actually linked to how you feel about society. And the more lonely the person, the more eager to get the warmth of the body.

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When the winter cold snap hits, if you can take a hot bath every day, it will be your happiest thing. yes, it's so cold, who doesn't want to do that? But if you feel a sudden impulse inside today, and you want to immediately walk into the safest environment you can, spend your time in a gentle and tranquil hot tub, then you may have a deeper need to warm your body -- you're alone in your heart at the moment, and you want to meet the feeling of being surrounded by a hot bath.

The study found that an individual who was socially excluded could release his depression if he could be given something that immediately received warm things, such as a coat, hot tea, or a hot bath. What is the connection between loneliness and body temperature? If you're curious, we'll discuss some of the answers today:

The more people I have, the more empty I am: Why do we feel lonely?

First of all, we can talk about the definition of "loneliness". Did you find that sometimes, even in a crowded space, you suddenly feel empty? Even surrounded by family, friends and hugged by our partners, we all have the opportunity to experience loneliness.

The Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago defines "loneliness" as "the difference between ideal social relationships and perceived social relationships, which cause severity." In other words, when you feel that you are not close to people, or that you are not happy in front of them than you think, you find that such frustrations and disappointments upset you. When you're alone, you feel unappreciated, unwed, and you're feeling strong and depressed.

Psychology Today says that because of the many factors that make different people have different definitions and reactions to loneliness, one of the key signs of loneliness is that you don't feel like you're friends enough; Disjointed from others.

The more lonely the person, the more he loves to take a hot bath.

And when you feel lonely, what do you feel you want to do most?

Research points out that at such times, people unconsciously look for physical warmth as a substitute for social warmth, and as a self-medicating, we raise the body's temperature while also slowing the sense of loss of understanding and acceptance.

According to Psychologist John Bargh, a researcher at Yale University, people who are used to taking long showers may be trying to avoid feelings of loneliness or social isolation subconsciously. The more lonely a person is, the longer he takes a hot bath, he says. And that's because hot water can replace your peers and eliminate the feeling of being ostracized inside.

Thus, physical heating gives us the illusion of re-acceptance. For example, eating a warm and comfortable sweater with someone can give you more understanding, or simply drinking a cup of hot cocoa can increase your trust in others, and go home for a hot bath to restore the gap in your heart that has been hurt by social indifference.

Changing our inner state through body temperature and relieving uncomfortable feelings through hot water is the gentle treatment we can give to us when we find that we can't fit into the world. What is your lonely solution? If the warmth of the body can temporarily make you feel loved, tonight, come to a hot bath!