Apple released the eight-minute short film "Daughter" with the iPhone 11 Pro, which, in addition to inviting well-known Chinese actor Zhou Xun to star, also brought in "Key Minority" director Theodore Melfi and The Joker photography director Lawrence Schar Sher) to cooperate. What story are they going to tell this time?

The Lunar New Year is approaching, and Apple, which releases short films every year before the Spring Festival, has released an eight-minute short film , "Daughters" with the iPhone 11 Pro, which, in addition to inviting well-known Chinese actor Zhou Xun to star, also brings in "Key Minority" director Theodore Melfi and The Joker. Photo Director Lawrence Sher.

And this group of bright-eyed filmmakers, this time to tell an ordinary, but painful story.

What I want most is for my daughter not to repeat my mistakes.

"Daughter" story features three people: mother, daughter, granddaughter. They each have a view of the world and life, but also have a family-like dependence and care for each other. It is precisely because everyone from a different point of view, so that the original good-intentioned care, fell on another person into a pressure.

Photo: "Daughter"

The daughter in the middle generation is played by Zhou Xun, she grew up thinking independently, when his mother said he wanted him to find a good family to get married, he read while saying: "All the ages, I will not need to rely on others." Then she grew up and decided to leave her daughter with her daughter, leaving only one sentence, "Not all women have to live the same life" and then go. (Recommended reading: A word to get elders to stop getting married!) The True Reaction of the Twelve Constellations to "When to Get Married" )

Behind the traditional thinking, the mother wants, but hope that the future life of the daughter can be relaxed, do not have to be like their own child-rearing, do not repeat the same road. So she reminded her daughter not to read so many books, and it was important to put her heart into "finding a good person";

"How hard it should be, how much i should be distressed" is her never-say-off concern.

What I want most is to live my own way.

By Zhou Xun's daughter, not willing to be as gentle and humble as her mother, she lived a personality, live with an attitude. Harder, and worse, she has to be true to herself. She is not afraid to pick the lights of the night war hard reading, only afraid of relying on others to live the unreal feeling.

Even if her daughter was born, she would follow her own wishes. Xu is trying to prove that they can, or perhaps do not want to bring trouble to her mother, she picked up her daughter, left the house, jumped on a taxi, and then opened a journey back home. Before leaving, she dropped a sentence that said "not all women have to live the same day" and turned away, not only to her mother, but also to listen to themselves.

Photo: "Daughter"

Don't stay in the house all your life, don't live the same life as everyone else. She drove a taxi and shouted at herself. And the daughter sat in the back seat to follow her work, the end of the world, have a daughter as a companion, do not feel lonely.

"All I want is to live as she is" is the inner words she can't say to her mother.

The days of having family around are good days.

The day away from home soon, a few years past, the Lunar New Year period, the daughter suddenly remembered that in previous Year's Day, the mother will hand-wrapped leek egg stuffing dumplings, this life if there is a chance to eat again.

And the closer to New Year's Eve, the street is no one, she drove, carrying her daughter on the road shaking ah, suddenly there is a person waving, headlights, only to find that is a long time not seen mother. She said that every Year, she took a pot of dumplings, saw one taxi after another, looking for their families.

Photo: "Daughter"

That moment, mother and daughter accumulated a long-term non-understanding and conflict by the heavy rain brush clean, revealing a love for each other's heart. Mom, your hope is not so difficult to understand, I actually know. Daughter, you hope I understand, this road is not easy to go, but mother will always be here with you.

It makes no sense to argue about whose hopes are more important and more correct. At that moment, they finally know that the days of having family around are good days. Anything, let's finish the pot of dumplings. (Recommended reading:"Eat and love" mother's shoot silk meat: think of this dish, means it is time to go back to my mother's house)

Only "Daughter" dedicated to all the Spring Festival during the trip, and then busy, but also remember to go home.