"No divine skill applies to all women. You shouldn't ask me, you should ask your girlfriend. Good sex relationships require both efforts. What "Sex Self-Study Room" taught us, and Otis, Mayve sit up together!

Sex Self-Study Room (Sex Education) season two goes live!

The full show will be available on Netflix on January 17, 2020, allowing fans to watch eight episodes at a time without having to wait for the next episode.

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In the first season, in addition to the emotional lines of the protagonists Otis and Maeve, other characters' life issues also make everyone feel close to each other. Take stock of five classic quotes from the second season of "Sex Self-Study Room" and grow up with them.

One, happiness is more important than perfection

When Olivia reaches her orgasm, she is used to covering her boyfriend's face with a pillow. This move has always been a boyfriend confused and puzzled. It turned out that she felt that her orgasm expression was ugly, so she did not want to be seen by her perfect boyfriend.

"It's normal to feel like you're being watched and vulnerable when you're having sex. Otis said.

Sex is not perfect in the day, the focus is on feeling, not looking beautiful.

Sex Self-Study Room

Photo a photo of the "Sex Self-Study Room"

Good sex, it takes effort.

Ms. Sands wants the other person to say something sensational in bed, but Mr. Hendricks isn't very good at it, causing the two to have sex and put out the fire in half. So Mr. Hendricks asked Otis how to flirt with words. (Same episode:"Your moaning, make me want to" flirting psychology: Why does just listening to sound excite you? ) )

Practice slowly until you feel comfortable. The point was to work hard and slowly approach her direction.

Sex Self-Study Room

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Three, your body feels, it's not surprising

When students at Molde High School enter puberty, many begin to have sex or have an interest in sex. Florence felt out of place because sex didn't appeal to her at all.

If more detailed, asexual love can also be divided into "love asexual" and "loveless asexual", the play Florence belongs to the former - she still longs to fall in love, but not sex. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" Asexual Love Confessions, My Love Doesn't Need Sex)

Is such a woman he an alien? Otis asked her not to think so much. In fact, you have your own pace and time zone, don't care what other people's progress is.

Don't think about what others are doing, follow your own pace, and wait until you meet the right person, I'm sure you'll be ready.

Sex Self-Study Room

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Fourth, than the shooting birds, better to directly understand

Even Otis, who is known by classmates as a counselor, has a bottleneck. He has no practical experience with sex, can only rely on the internet to learn how to give a female companion. Unbeknownst to him, the tricks he learned did not work at all on his girlfriend.

He ran to ask the lesbian classmates how to point fingers for the girls. She advised Otis to ask his girlfriend directly, because the person's feelings are the most direct and accurate.

No divine skill applies to all women, every orange is different. You shouldn't ask me, you should ask your girlfriend, you have to cooperate with her oranges.

Sex Self-Study Room

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Five, say no, is to protect themselves

A student asks in an anonymous question box what to do if the other person doesn't want to wear a condom.

The use of condoms, in addition to achieving the effect of contraception (not 100 percent oh!) in addition, it can also prevent disease transmission and protect both sides from safe sex. If the other party really want to do no set, you can consider to do STD screening, each other confirmed no problem, and then do no sex. Of course, if you're willing to do it, otherwise, as Dr. Jean says, you can always say no.

No matter how much your sexual partner resists using condoms, you will always have the right to refuse. Remember that.

Sex Self-Study Room

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From the first season to the second season of "Sex Self-Study Room", we see the multiple faces of sex and love.

In addition to cracking sexual myths, the play also tells the public that talking about sex is never a shame. Through the eyes of these young people, we finally get a glimpse of the issues that are hidden in the shadows without shame.

Like this film, there is also a reason, is all kinds of sexual minority natural appearance, including gay, asexual, pansexual and so on. These groups, which really exist in our lives, may not be seen because they are minorities. Through this play, looking forward to the future in Taiwan society, these ethnic groups can also be carefree to be themselves.

Photo a photo of the "Sex Self-Study Room"

Exploring sex and love is actually a process of understanding yourself.

Whether you're like the characters in The Sex Self-Study Room, we're all about encouraging you to be brave enough to express your thoughts, face, care, and understand your desires.