Feminism, not only to solve gender issues, but also to improve the sex life? Ask psychologists to tell you the three reasons behind them, and you can also improve the quality of your sex.

Did you know that feminism helped improve your sex life?

"Feminism" has a positive impact on sex life, says Madeleine Afug?re, a psychologist who specializes in attractiveness research.

First, easier to accept their own body

Feminists are more likely to accept and embrace their bodies. Traveling through the vast ocean of feminism, the multi-integration of Dandy and I is our next step. In addition to women's rights, it is also necessary for more people to be free. We do not shy over the mainstream aesthetic, but respect people with different appearances and different body shapes.

There is no perfect body, only the ideal self.

Second, not bound by gender stereotypes

Most feminists have a positive attitude towardsex. While in bed, they have a better chance of gaining dominance and cracking the gender stereotype of "male active and female passive". We are willing to actively discuss sex with each other, such as pleasure, position and frequency.

We are also willing to respect everyone's different sexual practices. Anyone who wants to have multiple sexual partners or an open relationship is a personal choice, without slut-shaming or harsh criticism.

In addition, feminists are more willing to pursue orgasms. A sex session in which two people (or more) can orgasm seems happier, doesn't it? (Same-play:"Honey, will you meet me?" Flirting Psychology: Five Secrets of A Woman's Orgasm, Warming Up Time in Bed)

Third, willing to take the initiative to improve the quality of the relationship

Whether it's a man or a woman, your partner is more satisfied with your gender when he or she supports feminism or a feminist.

The researchers surveyed heterosexual men and women, first understanding their values and beliefs with their partners, and then the quality of their relationship. It was found that when the other half had more propensity to support feminism, they were more stable in relationships and helped to increase sexual satisfaction.

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The above research is true, but it is for reference only. A good sex life requires you to communicate and coordinate with each other, and remember to respect each other's will!

From family and school to society, gender plays a pivotal role in our long journey, but people sometimes choose not to see it. Feminism, and it's never been a big issue, it's really about your life. (Recommended reading:"Mom, I have desire and want to have sex" and mother talk about sex, starting with the virgin membrane)

If you don't know what feminism is, or a half-understanding of feminism, recommend a few good books.

Feminism is a multi-negative path, the genre is not only one, but the core is to resist patriarchy, defend women's rights and interests, not willing to accept the gender framework set up by society. We attach importance to women's physical autonomy, lust, reproductive autonomy, and advocate that women can make their own decisions.

Let's be a feminist who wants to change the world together!