The five moments in which introverts feel sensed, what are they thinking inside?

I seldom feel lonely when I'm alone, but I often get bored in the crowd.
American psychologist Laurie Helgoe

In 1921, jung, in his book Psychotypology, analyzed in detail the characteristics and differences between introverted personality and extroverted personality, with more public discussion about introverted and introverted.

In contrast to the extroverted personality, tend to talk and interact with the outside world to obtain energy, introverted people tend to introspection, and for introverts, interaction with a group of people, social is more easily consumed energy.

And in this generation that encourages people to show their courage, introverts are always perceived as not being popular, and even more so, they will have a lot of misunderstandings about their apathy, alienation from human relations, and the situation that often occurs among the five introverts below, perhaps many people see the same. In fact, introverts do not appear to be unconcerned about the outside world, do not want to express their ideas ah.

Feeling time 1: I am happy to stay at home all day alone than to travel with friends

Friends send messages to ask whether to go out together on weekends, or whether the question after work do not want to go to dinner and drink together, even if the introvert sits without other arrangements, or will choose to push off the activities, stay at home all day.

According to Marti Olsen Laney, author of "Introverted Psychology," extroverted people have low dopamine sensitivity, so the more they speak and interact with people, the more dopamine can be produced to make the body and mind happy. Introverts, on the other hand, are sensitive to dopamine scores, and too many may feel anxious, so for introverts, after a hard day, they don't need to get rid of fatigue through a lot of activity, they don't need a little thing to make themselves happy, such as reading a book, deep in thinking and inner thinking can bring them more satisfaction.

Feeling moment 2: walking frequently bypass, not hate who, just do not want to chat with people

Have you ever been on the way back to the classroom or office after lunch, deliberately taking a path or a long way, just to avoid meeting colleagues? You know you don't hate people in particular, but you don't want to start talking to anyone.

According to Hans Eysenck, a British psychologist, introverts are more likely to be alerted to external stimuli than introverts, which is why they choose to escape over-stimulated environments, such as being more likely to remain celibacy than to say hello to colleagues on the road or start new topics. Walk back to the office or classroom on your own.

Feel the moment 3: I can chat with you very extroverted, but I also need more time to be alone

There are moments when you feel less introverted, because if you need to be in some social situation, you can still talk to others, interact, and show a lively and outgoing side. Introverts can also interact in this way, but the difference with extroverts is that they need more time to be alone after the event to help them rejuvenate.

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Feel moment 4: You say I'm very quiet, in fact, my brain noise is very

Introverts are often described as quiet, even shy, but in fact they want to be able to say every word carefully, avoid wasting each other's time, or having meaningless conversations. Introverts are often described as quiet, introverted, soft, and sometimes misunderstood as shy.

When introverts are thinking, they need to spend more time resuming information, comparing past experience with recent experience, before making careful decisions, so when others ask questions, introverts are not without ideas, but they have too much information and opinions in their minds digested and must be careful to decide how to respond to each other.

Feeling moment 5: I am not ignoring you, but pay attention to too many things

When people talk to introverts, sometimes they may misunderstand whether introverts deliberately ignore themselves, but in fact, introverts stay in an environment where the inward-looking is not just about people, but everything around them, and the strength of the introvert's brain in dealing with interpersonal interactions is equivalent to dealing with things around them, which is why introverts stay in a social environment. You may feel overwhelmed by inattention.

Introverts have a sense of the 5 moments, often accompanied by public misunderstanding, but in fact everyone is a unique individual, whether foreign or introverted, you were born so, also do not need to feel inferiority or anxiety for their own character, you have your life and interaction with the public, do not force themselves to show an outward side.

Hopefully, after that, you'll become more and more like yourself as an introvert.