Interview with Ke Jiaxuan, she said, when you were young, you may have been crazy, or love as all, but at the end of the day you have to understand that a person's life, after all, to leave a little to themselves. Only you feel for yourself, even if you lose love, the world will not collapse.

For The impression of Ke Jiaxuan, still stay a few years ago in the constellation love lion girl always hung a big red lips of Liu Wei people, or "must marry a woman" in the strong Cai Huanzhen; Back to the reality of life, in the interaction there is a little timid, the voice is very thin and light, like do not want to easily disturb the boundaries of anyone.

She has such a quiet temperament. Like her name in her new film, Your Love Song, Yu Jing, an introverted, silent, wounded girl. And the story is that when a girl closes her eyes, a love song will ring in her heart;

But she also felt that one thing that could not be fooled was that when you closed your eyes, you had to hear your voice before you could hear anyone. Silence is also good, crazy, she said, in the face of feelings or other, she thought is the film said that sentence, people's life, you finally have to leave a little to themselves.

Don't take anything as a whole, except yourself.

We talk about "Your Love Song", Yu Jing after the ex-boyfriend split, from questioning, collapse, to emotional trauma and love timidity, like many of us emotional relationships refracted -- because we have been injured, we will be from the inability to accept reality, to their own doubts, I asked Jia Wei, about the loss of this problem, how to solve?

As for Yu Jing, her life has been devoted to love, or she has put love as the first of life. So when her relationship sits or disintegrates today, her life will fall apart, because her center of gravity may have nothing but love. So, Yu Jing she is very persistent, opposite the partner's betrayal, she began to insist on learning more unnecessary details;

"This obsession is something I can't understand. 'You're hurt in your feelings, you want to forgive each other, but you know you can't, ' Mr. Jia said. At this time you should understand that you are afraid may not lose him, you have already been unable to do, you have been unable to accept this him;

You used to take love as all, you fell and failed, you were hard to accept in the first place, and you wanted to save each other. But after a few back and forth, you'll find you can't do it. It's not that you can't save him, it's that you find that what you need most is never to save the person, but to save yourself.

This truth is always simple to say, but the road is smelly and long, cone heart bone-chilling. We continue to talk, if the current love of the moment that is very painful, difficult to cross the past, what should we do?

Talk about lovelessness: Your pain is real, you are stronger and more real than you think

"I think most of the mental journeys that people who are out of love are probably very similar. At first you must feel as if you are suddenly unable to love or don't want to be loved any more; Because something you never doubted, it just changed. 」

Your world collapses, she says, which of course affects the way you think about things: "But I think it's only temporary." It's like a cold, you'll have a lot of symptoms, but you know it's going to get better, you're not just like that. 」

'It's going to be sad,' she said. I went on to ask, what was the worst thing she could see in the wrong love journey? Is there anything that we should avoid doing if we're sick again? "I think it's just sad time not too much too long. You can have emotions, but emotions aren't what really helps you move forward; 」

"Then you have to be nice to yourself, take care of yourself as much as you can, and live." It's all this time, aren't you good to yourself? 」

In the face of sudden changes in life, you are in the scare of loss, you are very strange to everything, you are afraid, so you may begin to let yourself. Locking yourself up and crying for days, or binge drinking with friends, is different in the way everyone deals with lost love. And Jia Qi look in the eyes, she said, I feel exiled after the end of self, to remember also pick edged back. To face the heart of the untreated, taken care of, injured place. Go find a way to make you comfortable.

For example, someone will be like the film's Yu Jing, determined to leave the familiar city, moved to the countryside to live. 'She thought it was brave, and she always thought she might not be that brave,' she said at first, but we chatted about it, and she said it looked like a gutsy departure, but it could be an escape, or both.

And what's the reason, does it matter? As long as you stop just in place to continue to hurt yourself, as long as you step out of that step, pick themselves up;

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