Interview with Ke Jiaxuan, she said, a lot of times life is, you actually know the answer, but you still do not want to admit. So what you need is not the "answer", but the courage to face it.

(Interview on the last: interview with Ke Jiaxuan: a person's life, and finally left a little better for yourself)

A lot of times, you actually know the answer, but you don't want to admit it.

After talking about the lost fork, we also talk about the choice of fork in the road.

As she walked all the way, in her thirties, she said that love was not the whole of her life, and she knew that there were many other important things. But she also knows that she is also all the way, may have walked a lot of wrong way, only slowly read so little life. From feelings, the workplace, or even to family, we are always faced with choices. How do you know that I am making this decision now and will not regret it in the future? She suddenly said firmly about the subject:

"People are wonderful, and a lot of times we think, "I'm looking for an answer" and "I haven't figured it out", but I don't think so, and a lot of times, I think we actually have an answer in my heart. 」

"In fact, everyone is, everyone has, but you have no way to accept, have no way to face, or have not met someone who agrees with you." So you think you're still looking. 'I always thought, what do we want, will we not know?"

"I don't think we're looking for that thing. What we're looking for is as if you're going to have the courage to face your own answer. 」

So, we have to make all the choices, you ask yourself, ask God, find that no one's advice to your satisfaction;

You can have countless people helping you answer and analyze it for you, but you know what? As long as that's not what you really want, it won't make you really happy. Speaking of which, Jia mentioned one of her most impressive lines in the film: "If you step on the brakes and the accelerator on one foot, the car won't go forward." 」

It's you who can get you forward, and it's you who can stop you at the moment. So, how to choose, you know the people who can decide, and finally only you?

How do I know if I've met the right person? With one doubt, it's not.

"For example, often girls to a year old, you will think whether you want to get married, or with this long-time relationship with the object of marriage?" 」

"Actually, you're going to have this problem, that you're not fit to marry him. When a person has a problem with the people around you, you think, no, you're not getting married yet. That "no" may be "not him" or "the time has come". And if you want to keep asking, where's the right person? When is the time ripe? The question finally comes back to what you want:

"There must be a way of life that you'll be more comfortable with. And you know it. It's just that now you may not be able to face it or make a decision. 'If you're submissive to yourself today, you should be happy,' she said. 'You're not going to want to say what the answer is, whether to marry him, whether you're leaving: "You really want to be happy, you want to like your life." Then your heart won't lie to you. As long as you're sure what you want, many of your decisions are well done. 」

But I also asked her against, in fact, to face the self, is the most difficult pass. Is there anything useful?

"The process is urgent. It feels like it's in a hurry to make a quick decision, but it can't. You need time. You may already know the answer in your heart, but you need time to give you the ability to face it;

'Give yourself a little bit of surplus, some psychological preparation, you can set yourself a ceremony, tell yourself, well I'm going to face my own life now,' she said. Everyone's approach is different, and time is fair, as long as you have started now, decided not to escape to themselves.

These truths speak of the crown, but she turned back and said, she always felt that life, no better, no have to how. You're comfortable. Because that's your life. You can fall a few times, you'll get a little hurt, and you'll repeat the cycle again and again. 'It doesn't matter,' she said. As long as one day wakes up, you know who you are today, better than yesterday's self, you will know that you have slowly become your own best "time".