Have you ever heard of gym anxiety? Do you know why some people always find it uncomfortable to go to the gym? The Miss Sport unit is back and sharing the size of the women's movement with you!

When you walk into the gym and look in the mirror, you know you're not happy with your current state of mind. Then turn around and look at the others, those strong arms, the looming lines, you suddenly feel uncomfortable, feel "not perfect" themselves seem to be not suitable for the gym.

This emotion is called gym anxiety. Foreign media Self, who interviewed Louise Green, a female member with gym anxiety, said her fear of the gym was divided into two categories: being criticized for being criticized for her figure and failing. In the gym or gym ads, there are no members of their own body shape, how to determine that they can really through the gym to achieve the goal of body building?

If you also have gym anxiety, take a look at these studies and ways to overcome them.

You're not alone! 50% of members have experienced gym anxiety

According to pureGym, a foreign chain of gym brands, 50 percent of non-members think the gym is terrible, and 25 percent think they'd rather suffer the fear of a shot than go to the gym alone. The survey showed that 45% of respondents felt stressed when they saw other members with good stature.

  • Afraid of being stupid (40%)
  • Seeing a good member is stressful (45%)
  • Unfamiliar with fitness equipment (32% of respondents are afraid of squats /44% of respondents who do not know how to operate the treadmill)
  • It's embarrassing to be afraid of asking for help (48%)

And University of Pittsburgh professor Margee Kerr explains that going to the gym is social in addition to exercise, so social-related stress and anxiety can easily follow. "Humans can't stop comparing with others, we are used to comparing differences and good and bad things to determine whether we are superior to others, and we gain a sense of accomplishment and personal value from the process of comparison." 」

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It's easier to get people to have gym anxiety, how to overcome it?

If you want to overcome gym anxiety, Ricki Friedman, founder of the foreign health website Breaktheweight.com, has asked a few questions you must be aware of.

  • Please realize that you don't have to fit into the gym.

There are so many ways to exercise, and if you really don't like the atmosphere of the gym, look for other ways to exercise with comfort. It's more important than being uncomfortable in the gym, finding your own way is really not something everyone has to like or adapt to! (Recommended reading: You can move without spending money on the gym!) Five Fitness Apps Recommended)

  • Please realize that you're going to the gym to be "healthier."

If you don't feel confident in the gym, it's natural. But instead of choosing to let the unconfident block your movement, choose to use hard exercise to overcome the unconfident. You go to the gym to be healthier, not to get more attention.

  • Be aware that other people are actually more focused on themselves than on you.

Although the gym seems to be an open environment, everything feels noticed. But in fact, we are very focused on the exercise of their own body, simply can not pay attention to the people next to, do not put pressure on themselves!

  • Please realize that if you don't ask questions, you can't learn to use equipment.

Learn to use sports equipment correctly, not only can really play the effectiveness of equipment, but also to avoid bad posture caused by physical harm. If you feel embarrassed to be asked by passers-by around you, buy a coaching class. In any case, know how to ask the right person, you can move right and healthy.

  • Please realize that when you're sweating or suffering in the gym, it's normal

Exercise has a physical reaction that comes with it, whether you're sweating or having a soft leg, it's normal. Sports is not more than win or lose, everyone's physical condition is different, learn to see the good, not comparison, we can therefore enjoy the sport more! (Recommended reading: The whole home is your gym!) Eight Curve Seating Plans)

Miss Sport, let's start a comfortable and healthy life from reducing the anxiety in the gym. Finally, send you a gym-filled negative energy quote:

Don't care what other people think of you, because no one is looking at you at all.