This year's Spring Festival, directed by Wang, director Tom Hobbs, will be held on the screen of famous actors of famous actors such as Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Anheisawe.It has been translated into 21 languages in 42 countries around the world, translated into 21 languages, even though it has been 28 years, and still is a box office guarantee.

This is a real-life style of styling and hairstyle that has won the Academy Award for Best Cosmetic and Hairstyling.Let's take a look at this epic shock of this ancient history!

of life and romance

instead of a novel of the same name, the French Revolution, the lost dream and the lost love, the path of redemption between life and death, and the endless trial of the soul.

It is an arduous task to bring the greatest musical in the world to the big screen.The first class script, the good team, and the music of the perfect interpretation of the plot are the elements that contribute to the "tragic world" of the "Great Screen".Director Tom Hobb approached the "tragic world" and didn't even win an Oscar because of the king's voice.Tom Hobbs was told that the screenwriter, Knicholson, was adapting the musical "The World of misery" and felt that he was capable of the director.Tom Hobb recalled: " I suddenly felt a flash of light, thinking it was a good idea.At that time, Tom Hobbs had not seen the musical, and only knew that the music was good, and he liked the story.He immediately bought a ticket to watch the play: " The day I looked at it was just the hot August.I was touched by several times.I didn't expect the melody to be so beautifulI can't forget it when I see it all over again.This time, Tom Hooper not only wanted to move the musical story to the big screen, but also to reinterpret the "tragic world" in his own way.

The world of misery is a big challenge for actors, such as Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Anhereswie, who are also more than playing.

Hugh Jackman, who plays the lead role, is a fan

The actress and film actress who have won the Tony Award and Emmy in the first two years of the event.Hugh Jackman shared his experience with the audition: "The audition lasted three hours, but it was my best experience of audition, and finally I had to leave early because I had to make a child sleep."Hugh Jackman himself was a fan of the "tragic world" of the musical, and he watched the music three times, and Hugh Jackman said, " It's always the best novel role.You observe his 20 years of life, and he has been released from prison, he has become a fugitive, he has become mayor, and he has finally become a fugitive.In a high tide, life has a hard time.He has a warm feeling and a lot of pain, and he is quite able to inspire people.His life is a epic."

actors must have enough power to perform the role's depth,
and Russell has been able to play a role in life philosophy

Anheather is the performance of the female lead actress, including physiological and psychological,
cut her hair with long hair

The heroine Ann Heiseway has a history with this program before the production team invited her to audition.At the age of seven, Macquinta chose her mother to play a role in the "tragic world" of her mother, the "tragic world" of the American tour.Anheiswie listened to the "tragic world" from an early age, and liked the musical.Tom Hooper said: "Anhevor can sing like a Houston, to be able to sing to play with singing."It was only after a month that Anheiswie only knew that she was given the most tragic role in the show: Fang Ting.Yung-ting was expelled from the factory and was forced to become a prostitute. Her degeneration was heartbreaking: "She just wants to love, yearn for freedom, and her heart is broken again."Anheiswie's contribution to this role, including physical and psychological, is not as good as Jackman.She sold her hair for Fang-ting, and she cut her hair on her hair.In addition, she was very slim, and the number of kilograms had been reduced by several times, which allowed the viewer to believe that the health of Fang was worse."I dropped 25 pounds in just five weeks," said Anheiswey.Frankly, it's really hard, and if I stop to think about what I'm doing, I think I'm going to quit.I know this is the last stage, so long as the spirit is brought up, it will always be the case."

have these dream cards, as well as the professional teams in Tom Hobb, and the enthusiasm for the program, at least to be filmed at the Paiwood Studios.

Power of International: The Oscars Optimizing the

< Misergsworld > The Real Cosmetic and Hairstyling,
Get the Academy Award for Cosmetic and Hairdressing

Tom Hobb and the Winner's clothing design and clothing design are numerous, and the characters in the brain are not costumes, but ordinary wearing apparel when the characters of the show are moved onto the big screen.He was inspired by artists from that period, such as Delacrova and Goya, and he had to imagine the various social classes at that time, after all, after all three years of the story."We made a variety of costumes, criminals, prostitutes and nuns," he recalled.There are rich people, poor people.A very heavy task."

Pike Degar and the art design department, hairdressing department, work closely together to design a glamorous look for each role.This costume designer takes into account the historical detail and the overrealistic style, and is named after the "last beauty", "Bad", and "The Skin desire."He said: "The ancient costume often requires accurate reproduction of historical facts, but the" tragic world " is a musical and a combination of superrealistic elements, so it must be added to the fantasy.We have to strike a balance between reality and fantasy."

Pike Degar, talking about the changes in his life: "At first, he was very poor, he was a desperate criminal, a poor costume, and a beard with a face full of face."Suddenly, he was gradually integrating into society, and the public gradually accepted him, and we joined the top fabric.The color of the clothes has also become more colorful.Paike Degar heard of Hugh Jackman's suggestion, adding a pad in the costumes of Huanwan, stressing that he had become Mayor of Madrane from the criminal.Even though it is still a penitence, it is remarkable, and Hugh Jackman thinks that these are all reflected in the clothing (and weight).The strong will change, and Jaavi is always the same.Peck Degar thinks that these two men are "two sides"."The hue of Jawi is very dark," he said. "At first, there was light blue, and then it was gradually dark, and it was even dark."Peck Degar noted that Garvey was almost unanimous in musicals, "as if Garvey himself had asked to wear it."

A prostitute is dressed in translucent clothing.Fang-ting faced the fate of his own fate, and his life had been the same as the monk's.Fang-ting originally worked at the factory, dressed in cotton clothing, and looked tidy and graceful. Later, she had no choice but to fall into the dust, to become thinner and thinner, and become thinner and thinner.Patrick Degar used the close-fitting cloth, and also used a dark-coloured spray gun to highlight the waist of Anheiswey and give people a sense of the death of the people.Cosette made his first appearance, wearing a piece of broken clothes, and mixed with his wife and his wife's hotel.In contrast, the daughter of the husband and wife of Thénée, loves Boning, like a beautiful doll with exquisite and exquisite sculptures.Pike Degar describes the subsequent transformation: "In ten years, the situation is completely opposite."As for Cosette's foster parents, the couple, Pike Degar felt that the two were "bright spots" in the film, and were always waiting for the opportunity to move.

A total of 2200 suits are used and a large number of staff are required.However, their well-crafted costumes are often torn apart, such as the clothes that beggars and the poor wear, and the clothing department will tear up, cut, cut, and even burn it.Eye-pointed people also find that the clothing team fits the French flag elements into the dress, whether Anzola is in the red jacket in the fortress, the blue dress she wears in the factory, or Cosette's white wedding dresses, and the clothes that have been worn before the death.It could not help but cry out: Long live France!

Government depriving people of their rights and people unite to fight corruption and demand reform.The works of the literary mastermind, Hugo, have been praising for 150 years, leading to the birth of this musician in the history of the past.Now, [the tragic world] has moved to the big screen, the director's interpretation of Tom Hobb, inviting international superstars, moving music together, "I Dreamed a Dream", "Bring Him Home", "One Day More", "One My Own".The play will soon regain its new life and greet the audience with the face of the film.

Film Release Date: 02/2013

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