Remember 2010 in a world where you can change the world's Rennie's Team in a single second?Their stories were filmed, and they would be shared with you on the big screen on February 8, and they would never give up on them.When talking about the "ambition" of this change from Taiwan, we cannot help but mention the biggest behind-the-scenes director of the movie — Zhang Bajui."

How long have Taiwanese been cheering on Taiwan and being moved by the solidarity of each other?In 2010, Chang Po-jui gave up his annual salary of NT$ 10 million by loving Taiwan, and invested in the production of the first film in life.What makes Chang Po-jui insist on filming the "ambition"?What makes an accomplished man not afraid to start from scratch?This time, womany wanted to share with you the story of Director Zhang Bajui — insistence on the last dreamer, a true man who dreams.

The Future of

The first view is directed by Director Zhang Baik, who feels his modesty and sincerity in his eyes.The director himself compiled and recorded all the notes on the detail of Chi qi, and the moment he was moved by the director's attitude of being humbled and humbled." In fact, I have to say a few words, you can fight for yourself in the future!Chang Po-jui has been a success in his journey from zero, but he still has the opportunity to thank for his success.

Almost from the beginning of the media entry, Zhang Borei dreamed of being able to make a movie of his own.But the film was a long time consuming, and Chang Po-jui then dreamed of being slow to take action until he met with the King Mei and the Rangers." In 2010, I learned from the media that the news of the American team won the championship, and was immediately touched by this group of girls when they ate a supplementary attitude.If you look at them so hard, how can I give up my own dream?" The spirit that has been learned from the Kawahri team is the greatest strength of Zhang Berri's future.

" At first I didn't have any resources. I was a zero-experienced director, almost half the way I wanted to beat the world.Director Chang Po-jui recalls the hard times, and says, "In fact, the hardest part is finding money, and I haven't had any success with the script."It was only after I was able to follow the example of the director, the director of Wei-de, to take the sample and materialize his own ideas before finally obtaining the support.But even talking about hard work and hard work, Director Chang is full of thanks to all the resources. "The film is actually like a tug-of-war effort, and it's a matter of Qi's heart."I really want to thank the school, the coach, and all the forces that I have given me."This is the spirit of this humility," he said. "This is a move that has moved Zhang Baie's heart to all supporters."

True Credits

To adapt the real story of the scene to the best film screenplay, Chang Pao-jui, who first filmed the film, was an unforgetable challenge." Every girl in the tug-of-war team has its own story, and these independent stories need to overcome the problems of convergence.The choice of the contents of the script is, in fact, a tug-of-war as a tug-of-war.Director Chang Po-jui laughs even more, admitting that he has made a total of 32 changes in the script's script to enable the viewer to fully invest in the storyline of the story. Only then can it finally achieve its own ideal." If they were filmed, they wouldn't need to write scripts like this.But the film has limitless imagination, and it resonates even more strongly, and that's why I chose to make films, not documentaries.Chang Pai-jui was determined to start filming the film, because he believed that the film was more accessible to the public.

" Taiwan's films rarely describe the real feelings between teachers and students, so I have done a lot of communication with the light division and the clipping master during filming, so as to compare the simple and restrained visual styles, to let the viewer pay attention to the most profound emotions.Director Chang Pao-jui stresses that in order to present the most realistic appearance of the emotions between students and students, he insists on just describing the atmosphere of each play. As for the expression and the use of words, he completely gives the actors the freedom to play the role according to the character's character.

To interpret such a true story, it is even more important than a horse to choose a corner.Recalling the choice of the director, the director said that it was an important condition of his choice. " The most important spirit of the tug-of-war is the perseverance, and this is why I chose Yao and Yao.They were all questioned on their own dance platforms, but they never gave up.Chang Pao-jui arranged a lot of students who were in the Pupping team in person, and in order to accurately convey the beauty of the tug-of-war of the tug-of-war." In fact, the interaction between people and the actors can actually inspire the actors to have the potential outside of professional experience!The performers have long lived with the girls of the tug-of-war teams, and even Yao, who was originally afraid of being unable to interpret the tears, cried to herself because of the true nature of the filming process."It's a long time to get along, to make actors like tug-of-war players, and tug-of-war members like actors.""The real emotions are that Chang Po-jui's greatest insistence on filming the" Chi Air ".

People who recognize the life

Many of the lines in the film are actually the insights of Chang Bang-jui's collection of people on the road of life.In retrospect, he remembered his life and shared with us the most touching sentence he had ever felt."As a human being, it's just a chicken," he said." It's a saying that my mom told me when she was a child that she was able to do what it was to do, but not to succumbs to the spirit of fate.It is a familiar saying that makes him always believe that people want to "acknowledge their fate" and do a good job with humility, and also let him have the courage to do so in the face of the opportunity.

At the scene of the Rangmei, Chang Bu-jui also sees the spirit that he has always believed in." The most profound impact of this group of girls is their fate.They let me realize how people spend their lives, and they have to rely on themselves to pursue them."Only the tug-of-war in all movements can succeed, and this is the spirit of the last second," says Chang Bang-jui, who recalls the dream of a small film in the arms of the year, holding on to her own hopes."As long as we persist, there will be a chance to change!""

Zhang Bajui wants to take the courage

to find Taiwan's lost courage

to find the lost ambition of Taiwan

Chi qi, though not yet formally released, has been on the way through the test film.Director Chang Po-jui remembers how he still laughs at the beginning." In fact, when I started using the script to look around for resources, I got all the positive support, which gave me a lot of power.Chang Po-jui, born in the foreign province of Taiwan, has always been a kind of mission to the record of Taiwan.And with the reverberation of Chi, Chang is more convinced that the Taiwanese society needs a voice that will allow Taiwanese people to unite again and again love this land." In fact, Taiwan has a lot of interesting subjects to film, so long as it can really make a good movie, it can attract the audience.For Chang Bai, as long as the audience is willing to enter the theater, there is actually a market for Taiwanese films. "There is no need to be afraid of the market, and we are not afraid of the need to rush to seek resources. It's just that movies are not good.""

When we ask how Director Zhang feels about the national film market?The director was immediately bright and full of hope for the possibility of the future."Taiwan's market needs to be developed in a good way, and we can't protect Taiwan films from being isolated from foreign films because of fear."In recent years, China and Korea, both of which are close to Taiwan, are taking off rapidly. Young people in Taiwan are actually very creative, so they need to be stimulated by their good work, and the larger the pattern of Taiwanese films is.Film technology needs to be passed on. Director Zhang Bai-iu also wants to tell the young people who have a film dream, " Remember to rely on Taiwan, and look around the world."

The first film has a good response, and many people think that the director is lucky to have a few points.But from time to time, the modesty and thankful expression of the modesty show us that we are fortunate to have more unseen efforts." Next film, I want to make a story of people and land, and no longer divide ethnic groups, and return to Taiwan's most sincere love for the land." When talking about the future, Director Zhang Baiji excitedsour plan to share with us.He has never forgotten that his motivations for filming the film will continue to work for the record of Taiwan.

Maybe we've all started to chase the dream with an idiot, and it's not difficult to pursue a dream, and it's hard to stick to the end and finish the dream.From childhood to large, perhaps a lot of things have been abandoned. But we have seen from Chang Po-jui that at least one dream is to be held in a tight and tight way, and we cannot let go.

Look at your own hand, are you holding the dream of that year?Even if it is not the time to realize the dream, let us acknowledge that we do not believe in our lives. Even if we go back, we will not let go!

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