Xiao Yaxuan on the Chinese talk show "Spitting Groove Conference", boyfriend Huang Wei also appeared in the presence, chatted about the relationship between the two brothers and sisters. 'We'll be together because we all feel like Love fights will prevail,' he said.

Xiao Yaxuan's love affair has been in the spotlight. In August 2019, she openly recognized her 24-year-old boyfriend Huang Wei on Twitter. As soon as the news came out, netizens poured controversy, sarcastically talking about "no one can always be young, but Xiao Yaxuan's boyfriend can."

And a few days ago Xiao Yaxuan on the Chinese talk show "Spitting Groove Conference", for love, she was generous to mention, "love is not disgraceful, dating what is a shame?" I feel ashamed to be jealous of someone who is in love. Among them, her boyfriend Huang Qi was also present, and did not shy away from chatting about the relationship between the two brothers and sisters. You see, there is a mature couple, can be like they like each other spit slot, sweet as usual.

Huang Qi: "My performance will be very short, I am afraid for too long, once she stepped down she has changed her boyfriend"

As soon as he appeared, Huang said mischievously, "My performance will be very short, I'm afraid I've been playing too long, and as soon as I step down, she's changed her boyfriend." He went on to say of their date: "We've been together for a long time, almost three years, it's been a long time for me." After all, I haven't lived a few three years. 」

The two men have been generally unpopular since their romance came to light in 2019. In addition to trying to satirize Elva's always pick "little fresh meat" to start, they also want to tease her boyfriend one for one, like "Taiwan Taylors." In this regard, they do not respond directly to conflict, only freely talk about their own love, and even today can go on stage to publicly self-spit slot; 」

Or to say, at least how we want to fall in love, actually don't have to tell you. (Editor's recommendation:"The Fox Fairy Is Better than Bai a Xuan": After 40 years, how much courage do we have to give to love?) ) )

Photo : Screenshot of the "Spitting Slot Conference" movie

Huang Qi: "I want to get along also want to be a long time, but then found out, and then hesitating on the overage"

When you appear with your heartbeat / I blink hard / Make sure this moment is not an illusion / Remember this feeling / I must be too lucky / Be able to love again

Elva's new song is when you appear with the heartbeat and the MV hero is Huang Qi. Huang also chatted about the memory on the show: "Before the shoot, she showed me Wu Yanzu and her filmed the MV, inside Wu Yanzu is holding her, carrying her." After reading it, I said to Elva, I'd love to know you earlier, so that the person who is holding you and carrying you is me. 」

"It only later i found out that the song was shot in 2002 and I was seven years old and couldn't carry her. 」

Talking about the age gap between the two people, Huang Qi is a shot in the arm. He went on to say, "There's a real disparity in our age, our identity and our status." I also hesitated for a long time, and then I felt that I could not hesitate any more, after all, to be his boyfriend, and then hesitating on the overage. 」

It's good to let Elva jump, but there's a lot of sweetness in my heart. In the past did not have a chance to meet you, but turned to find that now is not just not too early or too late, belong to our luckiest time.

Photo : Screenshot of the "Spitting Slot Conference" movie

Photo : Screenshot of the "Spitting Slot Conference" movie

will walk together because we all believe that love will triumph over everything

At the end, Huang said softly, and Elva, found that she and other girls, will be petite, will also take care of people, "when not going out do not wash their hair." 」

"We'll be together because we all feel like Love fights (love will prevail over everything). 」

'It doesn't matter how old we are, it's important that we two have an endless conversation together: "Yes, although we're very old, we don't have a generation gap,' he said. 」

As soon as the show aired, Huang wrote on his personal microblog, "I know I'm brave." This road, originally safe and stable two people in the world, has been amplified by the outside world to examine. However, in the face of the whispers of the crowd, they do not resist or please, but to protect the love. Huang Qi said the words of courage, not for whom to see, but only for their own.

Photo: Xiao Yaxuan Facebook

As Elva wrote happily when she was in an open relationship, "Love is the need for us to be together", and as she mentioned again on the show today, "When I first got to know Huang Qi, I was really full of people in my heart ,......, he was actually hesitant." So I'm waiting, why this person has not opened that mouth, I will wait ah, see if the eyes have to meet with me, in the end there is no feeling. 」

"So he's here now." So do you feel anything? 」

Speaking of which, she looked straight at him, and the two smiled at each other. There is a kind of love, is Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Wei -- we are just, just fell in love with a 16-year-old you.