Do you feel anxious about new things and uncertainties in your life? Maybe these grandparents can answer for you!

Whether students or office workers, we often face a new stage in life, with expectations, but also fear, in fact, these are very normal mood. The way you're going, a lot of people have been through, and maybe they can give you some advice for people coming.

At a nursing home in Whitland, USA, invited grandparents who live there, and wrote down their advice to the younger generation, about work, about money management, and the direction of life, do you have any questions? Take a look at their philosophy of life!

About Treating People

Helen, 98, says:
Lois, 93,

Photo:Wheatland Manor FB Fan Page

Photo:Wheatland Manor FB Fan Page

24 hours a day, how much time do you spend complaining about the size of life? Who who moves too slowly, some one is always not polite to talk, and then began to hate everyone around you but carefully calculate down, your life almost half of the time spent on the person you hate, but forget to love the person who loves, but also forget to love themselves. To the good of the other and to the good, is also a better way to their own.

About work

Mary, 90, says: Find a job you can enjoy! (Get a job you enjoy)

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Do you like your present job? Can you get a sense of accomplishment in it? Do you feel that you are constantly improving at work, despite the daunting challenges? If you enjoy these processes, congratulations, find your own area of development. If not it doesn't matter, take the time to look for, don't let the work is nothing but nothing, and nothing to gain.

work is made love visible.  Work is the embodiment of love.


About Life

Lola, 86, says: Slow Down,
89-year-old Doris: Spend more time enjoying your life (Take more time to enjoy life)

Photo:Wheatland Manor FB Fan Page

Photo:Wheatland Manor FB Fan Page

Work hard while don't forget, keep time to breathe, enjoy the day, feel life. Don't step up because time is running out, it will make you lose a lot of fun.

About being yourself

Grandmother Diana, 88, says: Never follow a man

From small to large, girls are warned to follow, to be well-behaved, so we gradually think that a woman's success, will have to rely on men, even more, once the ability of women beyond the social imagination, will suffer from all kinds of doubts. But we will eventually know that women on their way to becoming themselves, do not need to follow anyone, just follow themselves.

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About Friendship and Self

Grandmother Natalie, 99, says: Keep happy when you're with friends or yourself (Always be happy with yourself and others)

I'd rather be happy than feel lonely in the crowd. You have your own pace and like the lifestyle, because you hate the feeling of being left behind, and forcing yourself to participate in activities you don't like will only make you more lonely. So whether it's alone or with a group of people, don't forget that making yourself happy is the most important thing.

About Finance

Grandfather Charles, 91, says: Remember to save money (Save your money)

Know how to save money, know how to manage money, in order to create the ideal life. Economic independence, so as not to be held hostage to anyone, is your right to make an active choice, not a passive choice. Whenever you start managing your money, it's time to be in a hurry!

About family

96-year-old Lois grandmother said: Play UNO with your grandmother:) (Play UNO with your:))

Finally, don't forget to keep time for your family, cherish every minute with them every second, and occasionally teach them new things, I believe they will like it!

Nine grandparents to the younger generation of advice, I hope you in busy days, do not forget to stop to gasp, do not forget to look back around the treasured people things, have the courage to embrace life all uncertainty, believe me, you will be better.