The new coronavirus (also known as Wuhan virus) is raging and causing panic. But beyond a scare and anxiety, there is a group of people who are using their power to silently help those in need. Singer Deng Ziqi composed these stories into songs dedicated to all unsung heroes.

How are you doing this New Year?

Turn back a little time and go back to January 20, 2020, less than a week before the Lunar New Year, and more than a hundred cases of new coronavirus infection in Wuhan, China, thousands of kilometers away from Taiwan.

The virus is raging and causing panic. And as the population moves, the virus slowly spreads to neighboring countries in China. All anti-epidemic supplies, masks, alcohol, dry hand washing, disinfectant, all over the place are snapped up. Some people spend the Lunar New Year in panic, and others are resonating because of the rush to buy. In the condition of scarce supplies, we all almost forget that the terrible is the virus, not the human.

And singer Deng Ziqi because of seeing the warm heart news everywhere, have a feeling and wrote down the ordinary angel song, said: "Maybe in the general environment, you think you can do not do much, but you do not know your eyes of the "insignificant", in fact, for the world has brought how much warmth." Although this moment is difficult, but fortunately have every brave anti-epidemic front line personnel and every one to give their own small strength of the back!! When you pray to see miracles, do you believe that the answer is you? 」

In the most difficult times, let us see together, every ordinary person can give the greatest warmth. (Recommended reading: "Seeing the dead and wounded, I only say RIP" Hong Kong anti-transmission of The Fire in China and Australia, we gradually feel no feeling about the disaster? ) )

January 27, Anhui, China

A man, holding a boxed mask in his hands, quickly walked into the police station. He went to the police, put down his mask, said "you have worked hard" and left, leaving nothing but those five hundred masks. The two policemen, too late to thank him, had to look at the back of his departure and salute him. (Recommended reading: Can't buy masks, confirmed cases increase: How to accompany your child through the "Wuhan pneumonia" storm? ) )

Images s/YouTube screenshots

Images s/YouTube screenshots

January 29, Ganzhou, China

A mother and daughter, holding more than a dozen bottles of disinfectant to the station, according to the station staff said that the mother and daughter said "this is for you station", after saying put down the disinfectant. Cartons are still clearly visible "a love, Wuhan refueling" hand writing.

Images s/YouTube screenshots

Images s/YouTube screenshots

January 31, Wuhan, China

In Wuhan, the birthplace of the outbreak, there is a woman working in a restaurant, every day for the nearest hospital to make a casual, materials really but affordable. Facing a CCTV reporter's question: "You lose money to do this, is it to figure out what?" 」

She said, "No picture, nothing." I see a lot of health care workers in the circle of friends, I feel very unbearable, also did not discuss with my husband, I feel that I want to do this thing (refers to the health care workers to make a toilet). 」

Images s/YouTube screenshots

Images s/YouTube screenshots

Your tearful smile, there's a rainbow that's going to bring rain

The world is moved by the pain because of you

- Deng Ziqi's ordinary angel

When you feel powerless, the best way is to do something for this powerlessness. You never think that your little movements can give others much power. The ordinary angel is meant to be dedicated to the unsung hero, but at the same time reminds us not to be too afraid. In the face of the virus, we can all do what we have to do, and then do more to do.

The world is big and frustrating, but don't forget, because of each other, we can still remember moving and thanking each other.