Miss Chen is getting married, but this is not her first marriage.In the past, the marriage had failed and stayed with her. Besides her baby daughter born in the former husband, the rest was just unsettling and fearful.After divorcing her husband, Ms. Chen worked hard for her daughter's upbringing and worked in her work. After a long period of hard work, her daughter's raising money was able to be provided smoothly, and a small amount of money was accumulated.

to family affection,

a love affair. Miss Chen, who has been a victim of a failed marriage, is also about to marry her boyfriend two years old. The man also went through the wrong marriage and had a son.Based on the lessons of the past, Ms. Chen is also more careful about this marriage. She is afraid that she will not pay attention to her marriage, and she will let herself fall into the same breath. Even her own loved daughter will suffer.After getting married, Chen became more careful, and she did not want her daughter to be harmed. She consulted her friends at the bank and received several suggestions:

, written marriage property

, create a parenting

By tax law, each person has a free allowance of $2.2 million per year, and Ms. Chen can put some of his property into a trust, with a gift of $2.2 million per year.The security of this trust is that, in the future, if a husband does not owe a large sum of debt to his business, the creditor will not be able to move the trust property legally, and the trust property will be fully used as the daughter's education fund in the future.

, Wills

Inheritance of inheritance is equal to the order in which both spouses and children are equal. In other words, after marriage, Miss Wang has been adopted by a new husband.

Of course, Miss Chen hopes that her loving daughter will have a little more inheritance. If her husband is born to waste material, she only wants to support herself and her son as long as she has to save herself. She can only die in the air and suffer.But as long as the proposed Wills Trust, the majority of Miss Chen's legacy will be left to her daughter, only to the newly married husband and the other son, the "special stay".According to the Civil Code, the tenor of Ms. Chen's boyfriend and her son can be obtained by one in two, that is, one in six, and the daughter can get two thirds.The bank may, in accordance with the previously agreed probate, follow Miss Wang's estate in the planning of her daughter's estate.Before marriage, most people feel that they are not reasonable, but they are afraid that such an agreement will destroy the romantic, "trust" and so on between the two. But love is after all "irrational". When both sides have problems, women are often women. After all, women are still more vulnerable than men in society.This is a matter of fairness. It is definitely not a matter of being so. Miss Chen only needs to isolate some of the assets in advance, at least to protect her daughter's future education. With her basic economic security, she can be more worried about her daughter's pursuit of happiness with her daughter.

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