The New York Times exposed Victoria's Secret, which has long indulged in misogyny and sexual harassment. Since the wave of discrimination against transgender people, the rise of the female/gender/diversity consciousness has fallen.

On February 1st the New York Times published a report with the headline "Angels in Hell"directly referring to Victoria's Secret, the world's leading lingerie brand, whose rulers have long tolerated, fuelled and fostered an internal culture of misogyny and harassment.

The report, which interviewed more than 30 former and current employees, contractors, models, executives and court documents, noted that Ed Razek, a former marketing executive at Vimy's parent company, L brands, had made inappropriate touchings to models, including kissing them and asking to sit on his lap, on the show in 2018. Touched the model's cheek.

Also named is Leslie Wexner, the current Chief Executive of Vimy, who has been embroiled in a sexual harassment stake because of his close relationship with Us investor Jeffrey Epstein. Now that more employees have come forward to accuse Leslie Wexner of repeatedly harassing women, ignoring complaints received by the Department of Human Resources, and repeatedly witnessing Leslie Wexner's statements of discrimination against women.

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On top of that, Russell James, a Vimy photographer who has an affair with Ed Razek, often asks models if they would like to take nude photos after the show, even though there is no specification in the contract and no extra charge, the model will agree.

Casey Crowe Taylor, a former public relations worker at Vimy, says she has seen Ed Razek's evildeeds: "The whole thing is that they're most alert to me, their behavior has been so entrenched that they've been brainwashed, that they laugh at all kinds of injuries, and that when someone tries to change, not to be ignored, is to be punished. 」

Don't care about pants, take your perfect titties on stage: a culture of harassment and discrimination that is condoned by the upper echelons

The New York Times reported that the sexual harassment also included Bella Hadid, a well-known angel.

According to employees, Bella Hadid was in the background before the 2018 show, and Ed Razek sat and watched and said to her, "Leave these pants alone." I don't know if the TV can't accept the perfect tits that make Hadid show off, walking through the catwalk. (One staff member said that the word Ed Razek used at the time was "cworst" instead of "titties")

Ed Razek does what he wants to do with the angels in the background, asking them to provide a phone number, reach out to the model's armpits, and the disobedient is likely to be retaliated against, and Andi Muise, a former secret angel, immediately lost the chance to walk the catwalk in 2008 after rejecting his pursuit in 2007.

Employees reported Ed Razek's abuse to the Department of Human Resources last summer, citing dozens of cases that included demeaning women.

Casey Crowe Taylor, a former public relations worker, points out that in 2015 Ed Razek stopped her at an employee buffet, accusing her of her weight and height in front of the crowd and asking her not to eat bread and noodles. She rushed to the toilet and cried and reported it to H.R. but did not respond. So a few weeks later she left her job.

If Russell likes you, you have a chance to get into Victoria's Secret: The Commodited Woman

Alison Nix, a 22-year-old model who worked with Vicky, was invited to a charity gala hosted by a non-profit organization in the Caribbean in 2010 on a private island in the Caribbean, on Richard Branson , the chairman of the Virgin Group. Before heading to the event, Alison Nix was warned by agents that if she went on a free trip, she was likely to be asked to take a beach nude photo. At the time, she thought, "As long as Russell likes you, he has a chance to get into Victoria's Secret." 」

Russell's lawyer struck that Russell did not have the right to choose a secret angel, that the model was not required to pose or take nude photos, and that Russell took nude photos only out of courtesy and professionalatity at the request of the model and agent.

But the comments were dismissed as "absurd" by Alison Nix, who said the model at the event had drunk a lot of wine and was expected to mingle with the men present: "We were transported there and flirted with a bunch of rich people." Models are asking themselves: are they here for charity or are we just high-ranking prostitutes?

Awear of misogyny, discrimination, single aesthetics: the decline in the voice of the secret, showing the rise of female/gender/multi-consciousness

In the past, Victoria's Secret has shaped women's sexy, mysterious, fickle images, and models have seen the Angel as the peak of their careers and the stage for fame, but in recent years, The Secret has been emphasizing the female image and appearance (high and slender) gradually becoming a public vile, plus 2018 Ed Razek in Vogue The interview was denounced as a form of discrimination.

Asked why he didn't use larger size or transgender models, he said, "There's no interest in the show, whether it's then or now." More to say that size and transgender models can not reflect the secret want to create a "beautiful dream."

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Discriminatory statements, coupled with society's tolerance of being too single, have led to the decline of the secret in recent years, with the closure of 53 direct stores in February 2019 and the closure of the annual fashion show that year.

Perhaps that is why times must change. When the Angels replicate the dogmas and frameworks of beauty, the angels are also mired in gender distreatment throughout the industry, including discriminatory speech, physical commoditization, and direct harassment.

Karlie Kloss, a former angel, also announced the end of her partnership with Vickery in 2019, saying in an interview: "I have decided not to work with Vimy Victoria's Secret because I don't think this image reflects the truest of me or conveys a definition of beauty to young women around the world." 」

Forty-two years after Victoria's Secret was founded, people have seen its scenery and seen how the rise of gender awareness will shake the multinational company. Whether it is brand values, internal gender rights issues, are closely related to the development of enterprises.

Let's eliminate outdated businesses, or simply ask them to make a difference, because only companies are willing to follow the times and grow can pass on the right values and make the future better.