If you're a 20-generation young man and want to take advantage of your youth and step up to the path of wealth and freedom, this article recommends it for you!

There are too many things in life, is not to start doing now, the future will not have the opportunity / to spend more effort to practice, and "learn to manage money" is one of them. When we spend a lot of time working, but fail to manage money or investment mistakes properly, leading to uncertainty about personal finances and a precarious quality of life.

If you're a 20-generation young man, you want to take advantage of your youth and take the path to wealth and freedom. Caroline Lupini, author of Business Insider, has six words to give you. Of course, the foreign environment does not necessarily match the situation in Taiwan, so it is recommended that you look more, more reference to other people's suggestions, and find their own wealth and freedom!

1. Ask yourself, do you really need to study or study abroad?

In your early 20s, the closest distance to money is the path you choose to take after graduation, and the most common options are three: Employment/Research Institute/Study Abroad. The three roads require the door and the financial situation are not the same, according to each person's career planning and family factors, each of them go to a different path is a normal thing.

But if many people around you choose to study or study abroad, you should note that not everyone has to. You should consider whether you really need, want, and not a cloud.

2. You don't owe card debt, you're in debt

Caroline Lupini believes that in the credit card market, the sooner we have a good credit history, the more helpful it will be for future financial planning. Therefore, the number of credit card cards we have is not really the point, the focus is to be able to pay the credit card fee on time, no debt, no late payment. Allow yourself to slowly accumulate good credit history from a young age. (Recommended reading:"I know money is important, but there's no motivation" three ways to get you to act)

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3. How about, save a little bit of life-saving money

Many people will choose to use credit cards as their primary payment tool because of the benefits of feedback, special offers, etc. However, there are some abnormal card behavior, easy to make the bank side think that the card is being used inappropriately, the account may be frozen. It may take a week or more to wait until use is fully restored.

So Caroline Lupini suggests that we keep at least one other account, in addition to a credit card account, and that the deposit range can be "to keep you two weeks to a month."

4. Find the right savings habit for you

While developing a savings habit is a well-known and basic entry-level financial practice, Caroline Lupini stresses that developing a fixed savings habit at a young age can help you live in the future. There is an old saying, when you have nothing to lose, there is nothing to be afraid of. When young, not so much pressure and scruples to save well, absolutely can lay the foundation of financial conditions, so that the future of their own more money to invest. (Recommended reading: Women's finance science , the less you want to touch money, the farther away it is from you)

5. Whatever you invest in, you're investing in the life you want

From a young age to establish the concept of financial management, objective seems to be an early planning, far-sighted behavior. But some people in order to save money, eat three meals uneven, wear clothes, let oneself into the cycle of poor quality of life, is not necessarily a good thing. We should all know that money is about being able to choose, to choose what kind of life you want, not to be taken with money.

The road of wealth freedom is a life path that is worth spending a lot of time studying and absorbing information while walking. Grasp the young scene, refer to the opinions of the previous people, from the age of 20 to develop, build financial knowledge and ideas. Perhaps the future of you, will look back to thank you today.