The Gibson classic animated movie will be on Netflix, let's relive the love of the movie!

"I've been hiding, but I've finally found someone to protect, and that's you." Hall's Mobile Castle

We all say that everyone's childhood is always a can't forget the Gibli animation, teach us to grow. But grow up and then see again, you know more, the original growth, is the need to learn to love, know how to miss, face parting. When you watch Gibli animation movies, you are always unconsciously brought into it, just as all the characters, such as Hall, such as Moon Island, such as Thousand Seeking, they are particularly ordinary, a little weak, but when encountering difficulties, but also extremely firm.

Later you found that, originally, a person is not born strong, but because of efforts to love a person, and then become brave.

The love classic of six Giblie animated movies tells you to find the power of your lover again.

Photo: "The Wave on the Cliffs"

Love is the price to pay, love is the need to play, love is the need to strive for, love is to you for each other to give up something, and change yourself.

"The Wave Girl on the Cliffs"

Miyazaki said, the word "pogirl" is taken from the sound of the figurine, like reaching out to touch something soft, making a poinyo, poinyo sound. Bo girl met Zong, perhaps it is like the waves beat on the rocks, willing to change his appearance, change their own. Love may be so, when there is such a person, will let you know that the past abandoned is not sacrifice.

Photo : Hall's Mobile Castle

Being deeply loved by a person will give you strength;

Hall's Mobile Castle

The boy's room was colorful, and that was evidence of his attempt to escape the world. Think that he can never muster the courage to face, but when really love a person, began to let his heart have weight, so know that the original courage is so: you are willing to do everything to protect him, would rather give up everything to follow him. The original lover, can make themselves more brave.

Photo : Hall's Mobile Castle

Photo: "Red Pig"

Love him, you should get used to him first!

Red Pig

You know he has to rely on the bed for five minutes every morning, reading books always like frowning, eating things and forgetting to clean up the table, and then, you know that every business trip will bring your favorite chocolate back, go to bed at night will help you leave a lamp. Love a person, always afraid of the last day only habits and dependence, but "Red Pig" said, it is better to get used to a person first, some love, is in life's various details show.

Photo: Valley of the Heart

Because of you, I would like to be a better person, do not want to be your burden, so work hard, just to prove that I am enough to match you.

Valley of the Heart

Have you ever met such a person when you were growing up? You are willing to grow for him.

In fact, he did not notice you, but you just like, think he is so good, he should work hard, can be worthy of his good. So efforts to read and study, hard to contact his favorite areas, see his favorite comics, learn his love to play basketball, just to have a common topic with him.

You know it's not stupid, because loving someone makes you a better person.

Photo: "Valley of the Wind"

The furthest journey is from one person's heart to one's own heart.

Valley of the Wind

"Knowing Yourself" and "Love Each Other" is perhaps the two most difficult things in the world.

In the road to the hearts of others, although far away, the road scenery is beautiful, you enjoy every moment with his ambiguous, but always with uncertainty, worried that the other side is not really like their own, this road is both happy and uncomfortable.

Well, today you muster up the courage to throw straight balls at each other.

You're already a part of my heart. Because borrowed is sugar, but also back is the heart.

"Borrowing Girl Ellie"

Long distance you, in each time with the partner separate, always heart not to say half a word, because love a person, like the other side engraved in the heart, all the time want to be together, but there are many things in life, but also afraid of bothering each other, so even if very sad, do not want to call to tell. Then you may as well try it, with this sentence to confess!

Do you have objects that you want to confess, but always don't dare to speak? Or want to warm up each other's relationships? Six Gibli animation in the classic love quotations, today, perhaps is the best time to pass on to the favorite people this article, and he confessed it!