In times of intense epidemic, three children's vaccination books are recommended for your body why can your body protect you? "Haring! I have a cold" and "You are too close to me, please give me some space!" , lead your child step by step to learn how to protect self-health.

The new coronavirus (commonly known as Wuhan pneumonia) is raging, is also at the peak of the flu, in addition to taking care of their own health, you are actually more worried about the family's baby?

Whether it is Wuhan pneumonia or influenza transmission routes are droplets infection, so usually wash hands frequently, avoid touching the mouth and nose, etc. , is the basic method of epidemic prevention. However, children are less resistant and may be more likely to touch a variety of things with their hands, especially when the grown-ups are not around them, do they know how to protect themselves?

To worried parents, want to pass on important concepts of epidemic prevention with their children, these three paintings could have helped you well!

Why can your body protect you? Understanding the body's wonderful protective mechanisms

As a parent, you may have used to telling your child only how they should do. For example, if you get sick, you should take your medicine and have a fever, and you may be particularly hard if you meet a child today who is resistant to these treatments.

The key here may be that we all forget that it's time for children to start thinking, and taking care of their health is also one of their responsibilities.

So, understand your body, including how it can be used through self-mechanisms in your daily life? How do bacteria spread outside? What are microbes? At this time, what is the important role of drugs? By understanding these things, you can help your child care more about the importance of protecting their health.

Why can your body protect you? It is a book like this: "Teach children to love themselves and protect themselves, starting with knowing their bodies." 」

"Har-Ha! I've got a cold, I've learned my self-care habits.

When they are sick and cold, children will feel all kinds of discomfort. May contain nose and nose water, fever dizziness, sore throat, heavy eyelids, weakness of limbs, etc. At times like this, trying to get your child to express what's uncomfortable in your body, through this process, can also allow them to find out what habits can be improved.

Such as the drawing book "Har-Ha! I have a cold in "Axiong cold, his organs then chatted up to the day, to discuss what Axiong did to lead to this illness? Is it because you ate two ice creams in one go yesterday? Or sleep to forget the cover quilt, let the stomach cool? Or is it too late to play with toys and get your eyes too tired?

Reading this book is a good opportunity to guide children to examine their living habits, what may be reducing their resistance, more attention in the future? Also through this process, so that they can cherish their health more.

"You're too close to me, please give me some space!" also practice keeping a proper distance from your peers

When a child starts to enter school, or has friends outside, and social life outside, the chances of being in touch with others increase rapidly. And when the outbreak is tense, are you also more concerned about the risk of bacteria and viruses spreading in public spaces? At times like this, it's possible to talk to your kids about the importance of keeping space with others in moderation.

"You're too close to me, please give me some space!" The description is a natural enthusiasm of the little hippo Harrison, he likes to make friends, also like to contact with others, but sometimes really too close, so that teachers, students a little trouble.

Children may be used to being close to their families, but when they go into social life, they also need to practice giving each other the right space and learning to respect the boundaries of others. Through this drawing book, we can guide children to master interpersonal distance, so that both sides can get along more comfortable with the way. Parents can also use this opportunity to let their children know about the recent outbreak and the need to protect their self-defense network!

In Wuhan pneumonia and influenza season, children's health, not only through your efforts, but also they can have the basic self-defense ability. One family together, with more patience, the right knowledge, I believe that we can all get through this tense time well and healthily.