These seven classic love movies take us to see seven kinds of love face. But love is not the only way, love can't be this way. All the choices we make, every emotion we put into, are the expressions of different love. Outside of the movie, your love story may be about to start to be exciting.

Find a common memory that every couple has had, perhaps just to watch a movie.

When we first meet a little green, we watch movies to find topics, when we fall into love and do something good, we watch movies to pass the time, feel that life is plain and quiet, we watch movies to experience life, quarrel snoist do not want to talk more, we watch movies to divert attention.

The film accompanies each couple, through the love of the sweet and bitter. So, probably nothing is better suited to do Valentine's Day events than a review of classic love movies. This Valentine's Day, take you together with seven movies to see every stage of love, every heart, every time to fight.

The first time I see you will know that I will only "Love you"

Photo : "Le Le Loves You"

As you and I have experienced, love is always coming to be incredible. Actress Mia meets the hero Sebastian in an inter-actor meeting, and they are attracted to each other's talents, seeing the possibility of love in each other's eyes, or, say, seeing a more complete and better chance of themselves. Thus, there are high ideals of two people meet to cherish each other, but also know each other love. (Recommended reading:"Le Lai Loves You More" Relationship Topic: I made a dream, You made me)

I just need this crazy feeling, with the heart of the stomp, I hope it's always there.
" Le Le Love you"

Just what day he was, just "tomorrow, I'm going to date you yesterday."

Photo "Tomorrow, I'm Going to Date You Yesterday"

Love, bitter is to want to see can not see, and want but can not do. "Tomorrow, I'm going to date you yesterday", time and space staggered plot although difficult to experience in real life, but in which "the feeling of love" is actually every love of the partner can cut the body. People say love so bitter, it is better not to trouble it. But we do not, the more bitter, the more efforts to cross. (Recommended reading:"Tomorrow, I'm going to date you yesterday": Love at first sight, it turned out to be a long goodbye to reunite)

Feel so painful, but can cross, it is because I love you.
Tomorrow, I'm going to date you yesterday.

"Love at dawn" sparks can be overnight, love but to exhaust life

Photo : "Love at Dawn"

When it comes to classic love movies, you have to mention the first of the "Before" trilogy, "Love at Dawn." Describe the beginning of love, the two people carefully close, and eager to understand each other's process. We talk from dawn, and then talk to another day, there is no end to words, time is also like never enough. Understand you, you can be closer to you, and then with a lifetime of time, to love you love, pain you pain. (Recommended reading: Relationship Diary: The Love Behind the Dawn, One Day Is the Rest of Life)

If there is any miracle in the world, it must be to try to understand someone and share the pain with it.
Love at dawn

Love you, I don't care about time, just call me by your name

Photo : Call Me by Your Name

Even if we all know, this relationship has a time limit, there are limits. But in order to walk with you has not walked the road, have seen the scenery has not been seen, I am willing to the deadline before, deliberately squandertime. "Call me by Your Name" is the story of first love, the first encounter, always childish. We childishly exhaust all kinds of methods to try to confirm each other's heart, in fact, said wear, but want to know, I have in your heart how much weight. (Recommended reading:"Pick a film for you" "Call me by your name" because of fear of pain and do not feel, how wasteful)

Every time you start a relationship again, you can give less. In order not to feel without feeling, how wasteful ah.
"Call Me by Your Name"

If people are destined to be incomplete, I wish you were my "beautiful miss in life"

Photo : A photo of the "Beautiful Misses in Life"

People who have been hurt know how to be gentle with others, don't they? "The good ness of life" is the story of the sick friend love, but also to see the most pure form of love a process. If life is destined to be incomplete, then meet you, sure lying, the best of my life. (Recommended Reading:"The Good Missing In Life": Short Life, Eternal Love)

Everyone's meaning and expectations of life are different, but they have no regrets to come to the end of the moment.
" The Good Missing In Life"

Fifty Shades of Grey love is accompanied by desire, and desire

Photo: Fifty Shades of Grey

Looking back over the past few years, the erotic love movies that have been in the streets, not "Fifty Shades of Grey," are no more. We can clearly see in the film love of all kinds of orientation, love has tolerance, there is understanding, there is respect, there is possession. When we fall in love with a person, we must also honestly admit that there is a desire in that love. Just how does this desire express it? And how should the choice be understood by the other party? Maybe after watching the movie, we all have our own answers. (Recommended reading: Love is to love your vulnerability! Psychology Analysis of Fifty Shades of Grey: Bondage)

I never wanted more until I met you.
Fifty Shades of Grey

Love is not a marriage is gone, and "Marriage Story" to continue to write

Photo: "Marriage Story"

The fairy tale always ends in the wedding ceremony, telling us that the prince and princess have lived a happy life since then. But in "Marriage Story", we see that marriage will not always be happy, marriage is not the end of love. Marriage and even love have another kind of existence, we have a life to live, have a family to care for, have a job to continue. To give up or sacrifice, it seems that there will only be more and more. And even so, is it possible that we can write a marriage story that we're happy with? (Recommended reading: Pick a movie for you , "Marriage Story": Love can't go on, but memories never go away)

Even if there is no point in loving him, I will still love him in this life.
Marriage Story

These seven classic love movies take us to see seven kinds of love face. But love is not the only way, love can't be this way. All the choices we make, every emotion we put into, are the expressions of different love. Outside of the movie, your love story may be about to start to be exciting. Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day.