Want to exercise, but always have no motivation? You may just haven't found the way to make you happy! Use the "Five Personality Traits" personality measurement pointer to see which movement is best for you.

We probably don't deny the benefits of exercise to physical and mental health, but it's always a bit difficult for many people to actually implement it.

Today may be bad weather, tomorrow is too tired to work, the day after tomorrow is the gym did not open ... why do we difficult to translate faith into action, so that exercise becomes a habit of life? In fact, in addition to a lack of discipline, another possible reason is that you just haven't found the type of sport that's right for you.

Steven Handel, author of Psychology and Self-Management, says that when we know more about ourselves, the easier it is to create new habits. He is based on one of the "five personality traits" commonly found in psychology, suggesting what exercise preferences each characteristic pointer might have, and personal advice for you.

Among them, this pointer is spectral, you will not only meet one of these characteristics, but may have a high or low conformity in each trait. Let's find your own life-saving motion now:

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I. Openness of Experience (Openness to Experience)

High-experience openness is usually characterized by boldness, adventure, open-mindedness, and willingness to embrace new things. You don't like familiar, or routine, you're creative and curious, and you like to make friends. Here are the spectral ends of this character trait, as well as the movement that suits you:

High-experience open man: "I like to learn new things. 」

You are suitable for finding a variety of novel activities so that your mind can maintain excitement and freshness, such as yoga, rock climbing and other popular sports. In addition, you can also consider different places to exercise, for example, you should not just stay in the gym, but can go to nature to climb mountains, or play volleyball by the sea, swimming and so on.

Low-experience openness: "I don't think I'm an intellectual. 」

You're a good fit to try a steady daily routine that you can do every day until you're getting used to it. A stable pointer may contain motion types, places, time planning, and so on. For example, telling yourself that running four kilometers from work every day in a park near the company gives you a sense of planning and security to do it, which is relatively important to you.

Second, due diligence (Conscientiousness)

Due diligence is also known as rigorous self-discipline, you can focus on the activities in front of you, you are good at serious organization, do things are also very efficient. As a result, you are particularly prone to success in the "traditional definition" of various fields. Here are the spectral ends of this character trait, as well as the movement that suits you:

High-responsibility: "I like to follow the time schedule and prepare accordingly." 」

Your habit sanclevelised and methodical, and is suitable for seeing your growth steadily from the records. So you can try the sport including retraining or triathlon, etc., and need to be patient for the results for a long time with the option. Each time, seeing yourself a little better than the previous time, is a little bit of luck in your life, and it can keep you motivated.

Low dutiful person: "I am an easygoing person." 」

Because you may be less self-disciplined, you are suitable for sports patterns that someone is pushing for, such as a coach or a course. For example, going to the gym, signing up for aerobics classes, and using someone else to help you plan your pointer and time schedule can help you get into a habit of exercising.

Third, extroversion (Extraversion)

High-foreign sex can maintain vitality, need the stimulation of social interaction, and be willing to participate in such occasions. Compared to introverts, you are less heavy and look forward to being rewarded, and feedback from the outside world is the driving force of your life. Here are the spectral ends of this character trait, as well as the movement that suits you:

High-extrovert: "I like to be with people and I don't mind being the focus." 」

You usually like to be accompanied, so the sport that suits you will be a group trait, or a group class. For example, you can participate in football, basketball, badminton club, or sign up for dance classes, if every sport has someone to accompany you, you will feel more happy, but also more motivation.

Low-extrovert: "I find that others often drain my energy. 」

You like to exercise yourself, have your own space, will make you feel more comfortable, but also more can concentrate or repair self-energy. So things like jogging, swimming, cycling, or doing simple retraining at home every day are options you can consider.

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Four, affinity (Aagreeableness)

High affinity easy to pay attention to the state of the people around, but also have the ability to ememem, and can pay in a timely manner, pass on warmth. You are compassionate and friendly and well-intentioned in the world. On the other hand, low-sexuality is more likely to be critical and want to challenge things. Here are the spectral ends of this character trait, as well as the movement that suits you:

High-related person: "I like to help others, but also to be able to share other people's feelings." 」

You enjoy cooperative sports, because you don't like competition very much, so interacting with people, teamwork, etc. will make you feel more comfortable. Sports that are good for you, like golf, are socially functional, or mountain climbing, which requires group sports, are right for you.

Low-sexuality: "I like controversial topics and debate with others. 」

You're immersed in a competitive state, you think it's challenging and it's going to drive you. The sport that suits you includes sports like boxing, basketball, win-loss, and match-like sports that will give you a higher sense of accomplishment.

5. Emotional instability (Neuroticism)

Emotional instability, also known as neuroticism, tends to have anxiety, depression, and vulnerability in people with higher scores, and your high sensitivity can also make you aware of things that others cannot easily observe. In contrast, people with low neuroticism were more confident and secure. Here are the spectral ends of this character trait, as well as the movement that suits you:

High mood instability: "I tend to feel stressed. 」

Because of the high stress and anxiety of the physical and mental state, can let you relax the exercise can bring you a lot of help. For example, swimming, by allowing yourself to stay in a different environment from the daily, empty your head, and walk with the water, so that you can enjoy.

Low mood instability: "Most of the time I feel that life is relaxed. 」

You're actually a very receptive person to something new or challenging, so you can also take a course in a workout that you haven't tried in the past, or that you've done. You can withstand high pressure and enjoy the adventure. Like off-road cycling, self-challenging retraining courses, are all options you can consider.

Steven emphasizes that when we can find a sport that really suits us, according to our personality, you have the motivation to sustain it and have real happiness in the current moment of exercise. So instead of shooting birds, you'll always find your favorite way to exercise. Start today!