The South Korean documentary "I Met You" depicts a mother who misses her daughter, who passed away at the age of seven, and meets her daughter again through VR reality. Hearing her daughter call herself again, she couldn't help crying, but through this process, she healed the pain of her son's loss for more than three years.

"Mommy, do you miss me?" 」
"Every day I think about...""
"Mommy, I miss you so much. 」

On February 6, South Korea's MBC television broadcast a documentary, "I Met You," about how a mother, Jang Ji-sung, was able to reunite with her late young daughter, Nayeon, through VR technology. When Nayeon died of illness at the age of seven, her mother was grieving. The VR team captured Nayeon's movements, sounds, and expressions in her life-long images, giving them the opportunity to talk to each other again.

The Clip on YouTube by I Met You has racked up more than 7.3 million views in just five days. At the beginning of the film, Nayeon shouts to her mother, "Where are you?" Jang Ji-sung broke down in tears and said, "I've been there, I really miss you." Did you have a good time there? (Watch the videoChinese translation: Korean mother reunites with her biological daughter via VR / Fighter Studio Fighter Studio HK)

"How long to see you again" Thank you for coming to me with a smile again

In the film, the mother first met nayeon, she excitedly repeatedly called out her name, want to talk about their thoughts. You're doing well, aren't you? Mother wants to see you, want to hold you, one after another, heartbroken words, can not be restrained flow out.

Like to say, I waited for this day, has been waiting for a long time.

"Mom, will you hold my hand?" In doing so, we can fly to heaven together.
"Mom, are you afraid?" "

Then Nayeon pulled her mother's hand and took her to her house in heaven. In that place, there was a bed, balloons, colorful toys, and her friend: "This is my beautiful room." Nayeon said cheerfully. It was Nayeon's birthday when the film was filmed, and she invited her mother to celebrate the day.

Photo : Screenshot of the I Met You video

"My birthday wish is to hope that my father will not smoke again, and then don't quarrel with my brother, sister, sister. I don't want my little sister to get sick. And, yes... I hope Mommy doesn't cry again.
"Mommy, have you seen that I'm not sick, have you? "

Nayeon died three years ago at the age of seven. In the film, the mother also puts seven candles on her daughter -- you leave, we move on, and you stay in that age forever. The film filmed this, the mother's mood has been a lot of calm. Including here, Nayeon keeps using positive words, including cuteness, happiness, etc., and through the scenes of the residence and birthday, so that the people who miss me have a chance to understand that I am here, I am fine, no longer suffering from illness.

So, don't you just cry, okay?

Photo : Screenshot of the I Met You video

Photo : Screenshot of the I Met You video

"If the next time you see you, play together again" When you leave, I know I will continue to love you

As a mother, the feelings of uneasiness about not taking good care of the child and the pain she experienced physically are imprinted on her heart time and time again. This also causes Jang Ji-sung to feel guilty every time he thinks of Nayeon. However, this VR experience gives the mother a chance to be comforted. She then said to her daughter, "Okay, I'm not going to cry again." I will not live to miss you days, I will continue to love you every day. 」

'Three years later, I think I should love her more than just the endless thoughts and pains,' Jang Ji-sung wrote on his personal blog. When I think about it, I can meet her again, I can be more confident.

"Mommy, do you know that?" I actually have a letter to you, want me to read to you? 」

Photo : Screenshot of the I Met You video

Photo : Screenshot of the I Met You video

Nayeon says she also has something to say to her mother:

Nayeon: "Mommy, we'll be together forever, right?" If you see you next time, play together again! I'll miss you all the time.
Jang Ji-sung: "Thank you. I hope you know, I will always love you, no matter where you are, I will find you. I still have things to deal with on my side, but when I'm done, I'll go to you and be together forever, okay? At that time, we will be happy together. I love you, Nayeon. "

At the end of the film, Nayeon says with a sense of sleep, "Mommy, I'm a little tired." Don't go too far, Mommy, bye, Mommy, I love you. Then it turned into a butterfly and flew into the sky. This time, the daughter can finally sleep in her mother's heart, forever and serenely.

Photo : Screenshot of the I Met You video

"Maybe it's really heaven" VR reality, a comfort to the living

In the documentary, we can also see a shooting angle, especially capturing the real scene outside the simulation, in fact, the mother Jang Ji-sung a person constantly talking to the air, stroking, and crying. It is clear from this perspective that Nayeon is not physically there, and that we are simply trying our best to piece together the authenticity that she can reproduce.

Photo : Screenshot of the I Met You video

Some people may also think, is this really a good practice? Does it violate some moral common sense, or is it intended to encourage the living to continue to indulge in the past? There may be no standard answer to this question, just looking at you from what angle. What we can see today is that the film through the true voice and expression, in fact, in a way that is close to restore the truth, so that the mother needs to summon up the courage to face their own inner feelings for their daughter.

Miss, restless, heartbroken, pain... How many emotions should she accumulate in three years?

Losing a family member is often a long road to healing. Sometimes, you know you've worked hard, but there may still be a lot of places in your heart that don't go anywhere, stabbing you again and again, and even losing your confidence. Like the mother in the film, she has been unable to let go, perhaps is the loss of her daughter.

Photo : Screenshot of the I Met You video

We also see that there may be an interaction with technology that can be done -- by deliberately creating and portraying, to evoke emotions that we once feared and didn't have the courage to face. It was also because of this opportunity that the mother could really release herself, as she said in the interview:

"Maybe it's heaven!" I saw her, she called me and smiled at me. Although very short, but very happy time. I think this is my dream all the time. 」

Through VR reality, even if it's just a simulated scene, you know they've got a real reunion in that place.