Vakun Phoenix won the Academy Award for Best Actor for "The Joker." He is also a real-life clown, from the scene to the play, Wakun has its story, but also he can be strangely cute. The media likes to like him as a monster, but his weirdness and maverickity is simply because he has the value he must embrace.

The 92nd Academy Awards kicks off in Los Angeles, California, Feb. Joaquin Phoenix won the Best Actor oscar for best actor at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards for "The Joker." (Extended Reading: Social Psychology ofThe Joker: The Opposite of Love Is Not Hate, But Indifference)

From the play to the play, Vakun has its own story, but also he can be strangely cute. The media likes to liken him to a strange curry because his behavior is always unexpected.

It's like when I was promoting The Joker, because of a reporter's question, he immediately turned around and ignored the atmosphere; for example, on January 10th, he went to the Capitol to take part in a climate change protest, "Fire Drill" Fridays, who were brought back to the police for alleged disorder by the police, for example, refused to wear leather shoes for animal protection for decades, even wearing a pair of canvas shoes even at the official awards ceremony, and announced after the Golden Globes that he would only wear the same suit to attend the ceremony. He is a skilled actor, is also a social advocate, practitioner, for animals, for the environment, for equality, for gender, he used the opportunity to stand on the stage time and again.

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At this year's Oscars, his speech received another round of applause:

Hey, how's everybody? At the moment, my heart is full of gratitude, but I don't feel that I'm therefore taller than any other candidate, anyone in the room, because we have the same love for movies, and this feeling has created my extraordinary life, and if I lose it, my life doesn't know what it will be.

But I think the best gift God has given me, and for everyone in this room, is to give the voice to the silent. At the moment, we are facing frustrating issues together, and while they stand for different positions, I actually see similarities.

Whether it's talking about gender inequality/discrimination, children's rights, native rights, animal rights, we're fighting a certain injustice - against a single country, a single race, a single sex, a single species right to dominate, control, use, plunder, without punishment.

We lose our link to the natural world, and we commit a sin called "The Center of the Self as the World", believing that humanity is the center of the universe, that we cross the natural world, plunder resources, that we think we have the right to artificial insemination of a cow, and that when it has a child, we take it away, even if the suffering of the cow is obvious. Then we took the milk we were going to feed the calf and added it to the daily coffee and breakfast cereal.

I think humanbeing is afraid to change itself because we think change is bound to be accompanied by sacrifice. But human beings are so creative, dexterous and witty that if we regard love and compassion as the highest principle, we can develop a mechanism of operation that is friendly to all beings and environments.

My life was like a hooligan, I was selfish, sometimes cruel and difficult to get along with, but I am grateful to everyone here who is willing to give me a chance. And when we do our best to support each other, to help each other grow together, rather than offset each other with mistakes, when we educate and lead each other on the path of redemption, it is the display of human nature.

When my brother was 17, he wrote the lyrics: "Redemption with love will come with peace." 」
Thank you.

After 15 years winning an Oscar, he's a real-life clown.

From the end of 2019 to 2020, Vakun Phoenix's voice will reach its peak with the movie "The Joker", who can stand in the magnesium light and enjoy the applause of the crowd, but he chooses to shrink himself to a small size, giving the stage and lights to those who can't speak, and to the unseen corners of society.

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So on January 5th he won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama category, saying, "We should make sacrifices and changes for climate change," and on January 19th he took over the Screen Actors Guild of America Award, saying, "I'm standing on the shoulders of my favorite actor, Heath Ledger." InFebruary, he took over the Best Actor award at the British Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: "I must say that my heart is very conflicted, because many of my fellow actors deserve the award, but they don't have the same rights to send a clear message to "people of color": you are not welcome." We send that message to those who have contributed so much, and we can profit from it. 」

He made it clear that no one wants relief or preferential treatment, but that every year "white people" can still benefit from it: "People need to be recognized, appreciated and respected, and they don't do their best to ensure the diversity and integration of their field of work, but I think it's more important than making the film and television crew diverse. It's that we have to really understand systemic racism. 」

The weirdness and maverickness of the people's mouths is simply because he has the value stort that must be championed.

In "The Joker", there is a scene in which Arthur is arguing with TV host Murray, and Arthur says, "Have you ever walked out into the outside world to see it?" Have you ever left this studio? People yell at each other, there is no fairness and justice, no one cares about others, do you imagine Thomas Vine, will care about people like me? Did he think for someone other than himself? (Extended reading:Behind the Madness of The Joker: No Home, Loveless, Traumatic enough to Create a Heartbroken Villain)

Despite the questions raised about the clown's violence, there was some kind of intention to incite social hatred, but whenever I heard Wakun's speech at the awards ceremony, and when he chose to take to the streets and participate in various protests, fighting for diversity and equality and the right to survival of species, I always thought, perhaps this is the voice we have to listen to.

If there is love in the world, the presence of clowns is no longer just a sadness, and the existence of Wakun is proof of this.