The moment of love is full of magic, and almost miraculous. See how the Korean illustrator "Yulri" recorded the life of a lover with a minimalist sense of illustration.

The moment of love is full of magic, and almost miraculous. And about the moment of realizing love, the poet Lin Wanyu's words are so relevant:

Run to the boundaries of my life, look at your life, and shout at you:

"Hey, like you very much, would you like to come to my life to have a look?" 」

You hesitated and said, "Wait a minute, I'm not ready." 」

So the whole world paused and waited for you.

The fallen leaves stopped on the way to the fall, the flower grid in the blooming half, the wild doves paused to fly in the middle of the route, the city's air suspended thousands of still raindrops, rotating in place, like a transparent small glass bead.

Until you say, "Okay, I'm ready." 」

The big step towards my life, the world began to restart operations: the rain fell smoothly, the pigeons set off to fly again, the leaves finally landed, the flowers also continue to open to the most grand.

Even the wind that stopped to wait for you and dissolved in place has reunited and blown over to us.

- Lin Wanyu, the world suspended

Depicting the number of works of love, in addition to the poetry essay, the Korean illustrator "Yulri" also with a minimalist line illustration recorded the life of lovers, immediately to see the ordinary but full of love of the picture! (Remember to slide to the right and read every short story.) )

Our sweet tacit understanding is that when I look back, I know you're looking back at me

My vision of the future has been changing, the only constant is to have you around

Love is, In the crowd I can always find you at a glance, like a super-power

All my little things are big things in your eyes.

No one knows me like you do.

Although sometimes really get angry, but still can't stop loving you

Like people do me like things, probably heaven.

Even if you don't trim the edges, it's still so cute that people want to capture

Love the little bed, because you can rely together

When I found your little-noticed side, I suddenly felt the heart again

The appearance of love exists in daily life, but also in every time it is treated with care. Ten little stories, dedicated to all lovers, but also to all the lovers waiting for you.