To couples, couples seven days to establish a deep sense of intimacy challenge: mature love needs to be run, the longer the relationship, the more willing to spend time and spirit for each other.

And the other half go on for a long time, and for a variety of reasons, you find that the frequency of sex between you is gradually decreasing. You may think, maybe a lot of partners do that, right? Maybe the relationship for a long time, there are other more important things also may not be?

These may sound reasonable, but a little sentimental. After all, sex is an important way to link a close relationship between two people, and a wonderful time to make you feel loved. Want to get back the feeling of heart? Emily MacInnes, a longtime author ofHUFFPOSTwho studies emotional relationships, presents the "seven-day intimacy challenge", which is to commit to each other every day for a whole week!

Emily points out that the consensus is that sex will be a top priority for each other this week, and that you will also experience a sense of hospitality and adventure in each other's spirit in the process. In short, you will fall in love with this person again and build a deeper intimacy. Okay, are you ready to start?

Photo : "The Forced Landing of Love"

Day 1: Find what originally made you fall in love

You'll only pick this person in the sea of people, and there must be something special to you about him; You will fall in love with him, the first date let each other all move those actions, scenes, you have not returned for a long time? It's time to call these things back on the first day of the intimate challenge.

For example, when you first date to listen to a song together, a long time not wearing sexy heart, or then call each other's intimate sexy little name. Hey, it may seem awkward, but when you muster up the courage to make such a proposal, you'll find that he actually misses it too. Then you'll have a long-lost, love-filled sex.

Day 2: Explore sexual fantasies you've never tried before

Next, you need to take an offer -- tell him that you've been thinking about sexual fantasies for a long time, and that you're looking forward to working with him. Because fantasy is usually quietly placed in our hearts, it is not easy to share with others. So when you find yourself today, you can open your mouth to your partner, and you can put it into action and do it together;

You know he can be the one who cherishes your inner desire and fulfills your wish. You know you just love him like that.

Day 3: Keep your spontaneity, let me take the initiative for you today

Come to the third day, you need to tell yourself, be positive, do something! For example, at an unexpected time, suddenly give him a surprise -- you know in your heart what he likes best, and you are the one who can please and satisfy him. You can also get up in the morning, quietly stroke his sensitive belt, playfully in his ear and say, Hey, leave work early today.

Your different initiatives will ignite each other's freshness and vanity of attention and love;

Day 4: Try different postures to keep the two warm

By the fourth day, you're already halfway through the challenge! In order to maintain the enthusiasm between the two, you can propose a different sexual attempt at this time. For example, you used to get used to some kind of foreplay, classic preaching, and very engaged in it; however, it's like your intimacy, which is just beginning to be very kind, and you know what's going to happen next.

Over time, you certainly don't expect it to happen so much. So, let's try something else! It's not hard to add small moves in the foreplay, offer the sex position you want, and you can all feel like you're in a good game.

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Day 5: Get out of the bedroom and experience bolder sex

This day, choose a place outside the bedroom to do it! Whether it's the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or car... you're already excited when you think about it. This breaks the way you used to be, and you'll stare at your partner in a completely different environment, under lights, and you'll probably find him completely different and sexy.

Of course, such challenges are also creating richer intimate memories between you. Then you'll want to try more and always expect more of each other.

Day 6: Plan a date night, and you're the one I'd like to spend all night

Towards the end of the challenge, i hope you can plan a date night together. It can be fantastic, to find a restaurant you don't normally go to, to have a textured dinner; it can also be simple, but you know it's each other's favorite form. This process, mainly like to let you feel each other to be valued, and you originally liked to feel so slow down to feel the moment of life, and you have not done so for a long time.

Also, date night is a luxury foreplay -- you're telling each other that you're the one who made me willing to spend the night in love. When we get home, we'll have a great sex.

Day 7: Chat! What kind of sex do we expect after this week?

On the last day, try inviting each other to sit down and chat after sex. Can you talk about how you've felt this week, which part of your relationship do you like best? What do you want to do together? Whether positive or desirable to improve, you are open and focused on each other in order to have deeper intimate links.

Through pillow-side dialogue, you will be able to build your inner sexual self-esteem, but also to make you feel more comfortable, reduce the time to worry alone. yes, sex is about making you happier. And you will know from now on that you have the power to make each other happy.

The importance of sex to your partner includes relies on stress relief, increased well-being, increased self-confidence, sleep quality, and the language it can build in your love for each other; the more you fit in the bedroom, the more intimate you are outside the bedroom. The secret of being taken care and ascending in sync is in these seven days, and you haven't started?