Feeling lonely and nowhere to escape? Ten things you can do when you share loneliness.

Lonely people, even in the noisy crowd, also feel lonely.

As happy, excited, angry, sad, loneliness is an emotion. You can neither predict when it will come, nor do you know what gesture to greet. And if you're lonely and understood at the moment, 10 things to recommend from both experts and writers. Let's slow down, don't deliberately zoom in, learn to live in peace with it.

1. Accepting loneliness is just an emotion, don't blame yourself in any form

Toni Bernhard, author of How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for The Chronically Ill and TheirS., suggests that if you feel lonely, The first thing to realize is to accept it, to admit it, and not to blame yourself - in any way - that the world has so many unfriendly things that you don't need to be so yourself.

2. Seek solace from non-human "friends"

Deep sense of loneliness, is the opportunity to be accompanied by healing. So you can try to spend time with pets, small animals, or eat a big meal you like, or even read a book, catch up on a play, watch a movie, and so on. These seemingly unresponsive "friends" are actually giving you the company you need most at the moment.

3. To help people in need

Sometimes feeling lonely is caused by confusion about what it means to be there, so Toni Bernhard suggests that you're right at the moment to help those in need, such as joining a charity or helping passers-by with a little favor. These behaviors will make you feel your own value, indirectly reducing loneliness. (Recommended reading: Crying Girl Photo Collection: Everyone's Tears Are Different, but The Thoughts Of Crying Are The Same)

4. Do anything creative, no matter how simple it is

Being creative doesn't have to be something you want to break your head and come up with something different, but something that will allow you to break the existing framework and emancipate your mind. For example, brainstorming, sex painting, puzzles, etc. After a short break from real life, you will find that it is actually trapped in you, and not so difficult.

5. Go out and get your heart out and get back in touch with the fresh air and the environment

The impact of the environment on people is enormous and undeniable. If you stay indoors or in a room for a long time, remind you to go out for a walk, go to the park to shake around, go to the mountains to meet nature, etc. , can help soothe the mood. Breathe fresh air and touch new environments to gain strength and companionship from nature.

Photo : The Legend of the Blue Sea

6. Join a community or community that shares interests

There is a kind of loneliness, because I feel that you are not understood. J.S. Wayne, author of Lifehack, a mind site that has had the same experience, suggests finding an interested community or community, an entity or a network, and the opportunity to reduce loneliness and loneliness if you can share interests and communicate with others.

7. Try writing with your hands to record your mood

Australian website Reachout.com says it can be an easy and effortless way to get along with loneliness and to write. By writing, you can re-sort out your mind, and you don't have to write a long story out of thin air, you can copy the lyrics, write down a phrase that resonates recently, and so on. (Recommended reading:"The more eager you are to be with others, the more lonely you can endure, is to know that accepting yourself is more important than finding a companion"

8. Put down your phone and come face-to-face

J.S. Wayne says, "The reason why we are particularly lonely in modern society has a lot to do with the popularity of community software." When network contact becomes convenient, face-to-face links are easily omitted. But in fact, humans still need face-to-face contact. Being able to feel the eyes, dialogue, physical contact, etc. can give people a real feeling of being accompanied. So if you feel lonely, you might as well put down your phone and talk to an old friend you haven't seen for a long time!

9. Remind yourself that life is not always so interesting, tomorrow is a new day

Some people are afraid to get along with themselves, as long as there is no appointment, no one to accompany, they feel that the days are boring, dull, lonely and unbearable. But the real day of life isn't always so interesting, says Toni Bernhard, remember to remind yourself that lonely moments are always over and that we'll finally have a new day and a new beginning.

10. Please remember to seek help from a professional physician

The last thing, if you really feel lonely weight has been too heavy to load, and affect life. So don't hesitate to turn to a professional physician at this moment. Admitting that you also have a vulnerable side, accept that you can face without a person, is you feel lonely, you can do for themselves, the best thing.

In the face of loneliness, you can feel it as hard as Tian Yu-chen, lonely and lonely, believing that loneliness will quench a stronger soul. Can also be like Ai Yiliang lonely harmless as to accept it, I believe that one day will laugh.

Feeling lonely is not a bad thing, the real bad is that you are clearly lonely, but pretend not to feel.