Relationship Diary: Rooney and Wakun, the first to see you, feel like you, and you became the only name I searched for in the search record. Those ordinary days after day, just want to wrap each other in a blanket, always accompany you to sleep.

I've never loved someone as much as I loved you.
I've ve never love anyone the way i love you. - "Cloud Lover"

In 2012, LuniMara and Vakun Phoenix first met each other while filming "Cloud Lovers", where they were playing a couple from love to separation, Catherine and Theodore.

Photo : "Cloud Lover"

When we first met, the two were embarrassed and shy, and Wakun felt that he liked the girl with the dragon tattoo, but he always felt that Luni hated him. He typed Rooney's name on the web, like Theodore in the movie, groping for love in artificial intelligence, which he said was the first time he had searched the web for a girl's name.

After the film, Luni and Vakun became friends, but they were just ordinary friends, sending each other the kind of emaill.

It wasn't until years later that Vakun learned that It was that Luni was just shy, but he liked him. In 2016, they were also together.

Lui and Vakun are in love, strange but cute, friends say, the couple always, live in their bubble. After the Toronto Film Festival won the award, Vakun stood on stage and said, "Finally, somewhere here, I don't know where she is, there's a dirty dragon, I want to remove her wings, wrap her in a blanket, always sleep with her, I love you, thank you." 」

Love is a long list of dark numbers that no one can solve, but we can enjoy it. On the Golden Globes red carpet, Where Ronnie was filmed in the media, Vakun stood not far away, his chin duped and her mouth smiled sweetly. Originally in love with a person, is every time You see you, are like the first time to meet as exciting.

daily, unpretentious with lovers.

Vakun lives in Hollywood with Ronnie, sleeping at nine, getting up at six, no working days, Waquin regularly emails back every day, playing with dogs, meditating, taking hand-in-hand lessons, eating lunch, reading scripts, eating dinner. He rarely goes to the cinema to see the film, but he can sit on the couch and watch more than ten hours of crime documentaries because, says Ronnie, she wants to see them.

After the Oscars, the couple were captured on camera.


Two people sitting on the floor, the dress has not yet had time to change, feet on canvas shoes, the little gold man on the side. The New Arrivals Award for Best Actor is no match for the everyday (yes, vegetarian burger) with you.

There is a kind of love is Lui and Wakun, we are not afraid of bland, we are not afraid of boredom, I know with you, there is no movie shock waves, but i can think of the most romantic.