Five things that independent women feel, which one hit you the most?

How wrong is it for a woman to want man to build the world she wants, than to create it hersself?
What's wrong with a woman who doesn't have to expect a man to build the world she wants, but to create it herself? Writer Anais Nin

You know what this society is expecting women to do.

One is the best to be able to be independent and strong, independent strong means that you in the workplace like a "woman", the standard of performance is "no worse than men", the second is the best to be good and good, is to be able to be a "good wife and good mother", you fry a hand of kung fu dishes, relatives and friends laugh praise you can marry, and so on, I cook edgy to support myself?

There is no ambiguity in the definition of an independent woman - to be strong enough to work, to be able to go home and have a woman, and strangely, they expect you to be balanced in your work life, and it's best not to lose your way. (And that's the only question that only asks women)

Modern independent woman can be redefined, rightly redefined: when a woman has a desire, her achievements do not depend on whom to feed, when a woman is wronged, she does not have to bear, can cry, can be timely rely on.

An independent woman steps on the spectrum, walks freely, and does not have to obtain anyone's consent. You, who pursue an independent life, may also have feelings about the following five things.

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"Is it too realistic to talk about money?" Sorry, it's unrealistic not to talk about money": the pursuit of economic independence

Love is not a fairy tale, but a reality difficult pass will, talk about relations before, in addition to love, but also have a consensus on money.

You know that economic independence means the ability to be, not limited to the control of others, to be able to decide their next trip and every meal of the day, so in every sweet talk, you are always a sober person first. Maybe someone says you're too realistic, but you know, people who don't talk about money are unrealistic. (Extended reading: life is too complicated, financial management is simple for us)

"I can be strong and know how to admit vulnerability": Don't ignore my real needs

"I'm tired of hearing people say that love is all about women. I'm really tired of listening. But I'm so lonely. "They" Joe

Others imagine that your strength is invincible, but independent women, perhaps like "they" Joe, have the ability to think independently, have soul, also have feelings, have ambition, but also have the talent to admit their helplessness and vulnerability. Yes, I am strong, but at the same time I also long to have a habitat, I also long to be loved, I admit that I am very lonely. (Extended Reading: Your Depression, It's Time to Be Listened to)

"Useless interpersonal, can be disconnected early": will not wrong themselves to stay in the toxic circle of life

Sometimes you feel that you are very confident in yourself, love the body posture and appearance, enjoy the daily lifestyle and the current emotional state, but there are always some interpersonal relationships, with toxic, so-called toxic interpersonal relationships, do not help you change, will only cut down on self-confidence day by day, let you angry, depressed, disappointed, low self-esteem. Independent women know that these useless relationships should be disconnected early. (Extended Reading: The Break of the Mind)

"Nothing is not you can't": Don't accept others to dominate their relationships

At the family or friends' table, always asked what the object did, what the object's family did, the professional background is good, when 30 years old to get married, sometimes unconsciously compromise for this, to their own less want edcoming life. Independent women do not want to let anyone dominate their own relationships, they can wait, do not want to be, or perhaps, celibacy is good.

"Independence does not mean who you can't depend on": Encounter life troubles and things also know how to moderate distress

Independent woman, not a omnivore woman, life size things do not have to be strong themselves, you understand the timely display of weakness, timely help, is actually believed, sometimes to rely on their own, and sometimes rely on the people around to believe.

Five things that independent women feel about this era of independent women, the definition seeking to be flipped. You know what you're waiting for - the possibility of a freer pursuit of an ideal life, the possibility of being soft and resilient.