Can Taiwanese be able to meet and deal positively with all problems? Let's use four events to remember the resilience of Taiwanese.

If you could say what the three Taiwanese share the common advantages, what would you say?

Apart from being optimistic and enthusiastic, can we have more understanding of Taiwanese?

Since the beginning of 2020, social unrest and instability, every Taiwanese should feel a good feeling. From the pre-presidential election ethnic groups and generations of division, to the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, people also cloud, let us in the psychological and physiological aspects are faced with different past shocks and threats. On the other hand, it is in the face of such a crisis that we really see that the Taiwanese are able to face up to and deal positively with all the problems.

Let's use four events to remember the resilience of Taiwanese.

January 2, 2020: Black Hawk helicopter crash

Just after New Year's Day, the Defense Ministry Air Force's Black Hawk helicopter was forced to land, in the new North Wulai mountain area crashed. The first half of the cabin was not alive, including chief of staff Shen Yiming, deputy director of the Political Warfare Bureau Yu Pro-Wen and other senior defense generals.

Three presidential candidates, Tsai Ing-wen, South Korea's Yu and Song Chu-yu, suspended the 2020 presidential election during the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. On the day after the incident, the black box on board was sent to the National Commission of Transport ation. And today (February 12, 2020) the U.S. completed the black box interpretation, shipped back to Taiwan.

Taiwan has lost a number of national defense talents, but we do not shy away from the problem, after the silence, after wiping away tears, continue to lift the spirit. Then-President Tsai Ing-wen also issued three instructions to the Ministry of Defense cadres the day after the accident: make sure to ensure the stability of the military heart and heart, must ensure the safety of the Taiwan Strait surrounding, and ensure that the equipment inspection is complete. And mentioned that "the best way to honor him (Chief Shen) is to continue to hold on to his posts and jointly protect national security." 」

To this day, we still hold the respect and gratitude of the officers who lost their lives, put into the accident follow-up process, do not stop to clarify the cause, find a solution.

Photo: Tsai Ing-wen Facebook

January 11, 2020: 15th presidential, vice-presidential election

In addition to attracting international attention, the 2020 presidential election in Taiwan has also divided ethnic groups and generations within the country. The New York Times used the words "Taiwan voters will face the choice of pro-China or pro-American government" as the endorsement of the presidential election, and before the election, we can also see the so-called "British powder" and "Korean powder" conflict between the constant confrontation.

The seemingly innousable generational divide, after the presidential election, is likely to change.

After the election results came out, Tsai Ing-wen announced her victory, and her main rival, South Korea Yu, issued a statement saying, "In any case, get up tomorrow, or hope to see a united Taiwan, regardless of all walks of life, the cape of the mountains, in their own posts." There is also a "stop opposing and embrace each other" in society. (Recommended reading:"Election is over, this is the end of all conflicts" 2020 presidential election results, South Korea's Yu defeated Tsai Ing-wen victory in full text)

Before the election, Taiwan was indeed in an environment of generational estrangement and inability to easily engage in dialogue with the stratosphere. But after the election, we have the ability and willingness to put aside the quarrels of the past and gently embrace our friends with different views.

This is enough to show that Taiwanese are able to accommodate diverse and respect edited ethnic groups.

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January 21, 2020: Outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, Taiwan's first case

In late 2019, a "new coronavirus" outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, was confirmed for the first time in Taiwan within a month. The Central Outbreak Command Center and the government immediately launched corresponding measures, including restrictions on the export of masks, mask production lines full open, charter flights back to Wuhan Taiwan businessmen for quarantine testing, and despite a series of measures, the number of confirmed cases in Taiwan has climbed to 18 cases. Minister Weifu, Commander of the Central Outbreak Command Center Chen Shialso, also broke down in tears at the 11th confirmed press conference:

The decision to bring back The Taiwanese businessmen in Wuhan is to avoid having patients stay in Wuhan. In a bad medical environment, you may lose your precious life, although you do not want to have a confirmed patient, but in turn, can save his life, do his best to help him.

Back to Wuhan Taiwan businessmen, there is the possibility of the spread of the epidemic, but also the possibility of saving infected people. This is not a simple decision, Chen Shizhong's speech, revealing not only the efforts of front-line officials, medical personnel and customs officers to prevent the epidemic, but also the willingness of Taiwanese to face problems and the ability to deal with complex problems. (Recommended reading: Want a more secure home!) Eight pictures, effective prevention of pneumonia in Wuhan )

We are willing and able to do our best to assist every Taiwanese in need.

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January 30, 2020: Mass popular petition calls on U.S. to support Taiwan's accession to WHO

Since the spread of the Virus in Wuhan, 44,683 cases have been confirmed in China and 18 in Taiwan. In Taiwan, which is only one strait away from China, there is a significant disparity in the number of confirmed cases. This makes the international community begin to see Taiwan, and lets Taiwanese again pay attention to the fact that Taiwan is still unable to qualify for whoise world membership.

If Taiwan fails to qualify and is excluded from WHO, it may not have immediate access to epidemic prevention information, a loophole in the global effort to prevent the spread of major outbreaks. Therefore, the People of Taiwan spontaneously sent a joint call to the White House, calling on the United States should support Taiwan to join the WHO.

In addition to the popular petition, KOL "Adi", a network with 2.5 million followers on Youtube's video platform, also publishes an all-English video to shout at the WHO. "Taiwan and China are next door, Taiwan is at the forefront of the fight against the new coronavirus, and we have the ability, determination, and experience in fighting different viruses," the film says. Excluding us from (WHO) represents the neglect of the lives of the nearly 24 million people of Taiwan and the world's population. The video was also retweeted by President Tsai Ing-wen to express his gratitude.

From the government, the network influencers, to the general public, all recognize that "joining who" is a positive approach to epidemic prevention. It shows that Taiwanese not only have the determination and ability, but we can also take proactive action and face the problem with a positive attitude.

Being a Taiwanese is in fact something to be proud of.

We are brave and able to face challenges with caution, and we are capable and willing to embrace and listen to different voices. Of course, in Taiwan society where information is flowing rapidly and expressing opinion freely, there is still room for change and effort, but this does not affect our value identity and our pride as a Taiwanese.

May you be able to speak out in every corner of the world that you are Taiwanese and feel confident about it.