Do you know? Morning is an important time for lovers to get along. Even if you are always in a hurry, but as long as you can do these little things every day, over time, your relationship will have a magical stability effect!

What's the first thing you do when you wake up every morning?

Quickly comb, think about the focus of today's meeting, catch the bus late, or arrange a trip for your child to school... You've done a lot, your head stuffed, but there's nothing to do with your partner -- the one who sleeps next to you every day, and you're closest to you.

And in the long run, when every morning is opened in this pattern, it will make you gradually separate, in the relationship feel more and more lonely. Samantha Jayne, an expert on relationships, says that morning is actually the best time to create a link between us and our partner; it is the beginning of everything that determines the state and energy of our day. As a result, counselors have suggested that couples who are better off usually because they have these morning rituals:

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First, the first thing to get up early is to hold each other

Wake up in the morning, there is a little trance, feel like the bed, drill into his arms together to warm it! Or you're used to getting everything ready first, and don't forget to go back to bed and hug your partner before you go out.

Life coach Kali Rogers says it's a small move, but it's important, and there have been many studies that show that physical contact can greatly increase your satisfaction with relationships. Every morning, just 20 seconds into the morning hug, you feel happy with the release of oxytocin and effectively balance your day's physical and mental state.

Most importantly, let him feel, no matter how bad yesterday, there may be a little sleep, nothing dear, you have me today.

Get up 10-15 minutes early to create intimate moments for each other

Sexologist Carlyle Jansen says if you think the morning is always a matter of minutes, wake up early! Also, try to get up at a similar time. For these ten minutes, you can create morning rituals that only occur between you, such as showering together, brushing your teeth together, remembering to maintain eye contact, or touching each other. If it's a holiday, it's better to have morning sex and start the day.

Jansen says that whatever you want to do, find an intimate ritual that belongs to you: "It will soon become what you expect every day and wake up more actively." 」

Three, if you can, go out together to walk a road

The morning ritual, in addition to physical close contact, can also be a walk out together, holding each other's hands for a while. It can be the time you set aside, whether it's on the way to work or a leisurely morning time on holiday.

Walking together in the morning, in addition to keeping your head clear and waking up, is also the time you can chat with your other half. You can use this time to tell him how you feel about life recently and what to expect from each other. Holding hands, you will feel like a team, you can understand each other, solve each other's problems, and have more goals and dreams. Walking, your life is a little more down-to-earth.

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Four, share a cup of coffee time, chat about today's plan

Did your first cup of coffee in the morning be with your other half?

If not, try to create your own coffee time! At this time, first put down the work message, E-mail, you can chat with your partner about today's news, what you plan to do, your current mood, etc. , sitting with each other in simple life exchanges.

Many partners have their own busy work or lifestyle patterns, you are hurried away from home, after work too tired to speak; And if you're willing to spend ten more minutes in the morning and sit down for a cup of tea or coffee, it's an important intersection;

V. Also share the morning chores together

When you maintain a home together, it is important to share things in the family.

For example, you may want to prepare breakfast, put away your clothes before the rain comes down, prepare to send your child out, and so on. It may be a chore to accomplish these things in the morning when your head is not yet clear. However, a happier partner can usually be assigned, responsible, and work together, and from the morning you have set up a tacit team, you will let each other feel that on the road of life, he is the one who can spend more ordinary but happy days with you.

Six, remember to kiss goodbye, smile, say I love you

Finally, when you want to be apart, no matter how anxious or uncertain you are about today, it may also slow down your feelings of uneasiness by expressing love and kindness to your partner.

Especially if you can't do the above, the morning time is like a war for you, then at least remember to give him a kiss before closing the door and say I love you;

At the beginning of the day, knowing that your day may always be in a hurry, but two people who want to walk together will need to stop occasionally to take care of each other. Every morning, start making changes from small places; over time, you'll find that your day may be more productive and smoother and more enjoyable because of your partner's support.

Starttomorrow, try the magical morning ritual!