The Korean drama "Forced Landing of Love" in those beyond our imagination behind the development of the plot, there are some real moments, let you feel understood. For you to organize, five "love forced to fall" in the warm lines.

The south korean drama "The Forced Landing of Love," which has been discussed since the end of 2019, tells the story of the chaebol who lives in South Korea and meets North Korean officer Lee Jong-hee after an accidental entry into North Korea.

Watching "The Forced Landing of Love", we laughed and discussed the authenticity of the plot, while fascinated by the relationship between the world and zhenghe. Behind the drama that has developed beyond our imagination, there are some real moments - you feel warm and understood. Like, you have stood like shili, standing on the edge of death, and then a step to feel free, to escape those who hurt you, but no regrets;

The warm lines of "The Forced Landing of Love" give every one who, in his daily life, feels hopeless and can't breathe, has a good reason to live.

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Plants that only hear praise will grow very quickly, and always hear curses will wither and die.

Keep a pot of plants, and love a person is very similar, you never expect him to return you anything, just simply, every time for it irrigation, feel satisfied. Yu Shili sent a pot of small tomatoes, told Li Zhenghe, you want to irrigate, but also to love it, praise it every day, this tomato can grow beautiful. When uncomfortable, list a few complimentary sentences and read them out to yourself in the mirror, as if irrigation for yourself.

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Sometimes a missed train will take you to your destination.

What to miss, and what is not another direction of life? You never know, life will be what kind of encounter, missed the train, as if there is no need to regret, because the destination has not changed, but the scenery of the road has another possibility.

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People you must never forget in your life are not the ones you hate, but the people you like. If you put the hated person in your heart, your heart will only keep hurting and aching.

"Hate itchy people, to be engraved in the heart, will not forget it" will think of a lot of people, but Li Zhenghe said, the position of the heart is to leave to like people, the bottom of my heart will not always be painful. Yes, hate people, to put in mind, with time gradually forget, like people on the heart, is really let go of their own.

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Next year, the next year, the big year's birthday, will be a good day, because I will think of you, thank you for the birth of Shili, thank the people I love to live in this world, so your birthday, will also be a good day.

Every birthday you have, it will be a good day. When depressed, doubt their own existence, put their name into this sentence, believe in the world, there is such a person, he will thank you for your existence, thank you for the birth.

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We're like we'll meet tomorrow, will we live today? Eat well, sleep well, spend every day like this, pretend to be the next day, we will meet again, so happy to live how?

Eating and sleeping well is not an easy thing to do. We can't predict what tomorrow will be like, perhaps cloudy, perhaps the sun shines, in your most melancholy, difficult to sleep days, I hope you have hope, hope tomorrow can meet with that loved one, the agreement between the two people, as the driving force to live, okay?

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Whether it's a day of sadness, a day of depression to suffocation, or a day that needs a warm day, five sentences of "Forced Landing of Love" quotes, hoping to become a force to support your daily routine.