What are the life characteristics of people who like to stay at home? Either way, this is the way you choose to face life;

Every day after work home, you see heaven, holidays is your most important alone time, do not want to be crowded with parties, no matter how late today need to stay outside, you must finally go back to their own bed ... Because of these qualities, friends will say you're lonely and well-connected, but you know you're not a nuisance, you just prefer to be at home than the average person.

Yes, at home, you can remove all the masks, rest assured to get along with yourself; Today we come to chat, more like to stay at home, what are the characteristics of what? (Editor's recommendation: Home-based psychology: who you are, what the room will look like)

Photo: "Third-rate Road"

1. As soon as you get home, you'll want to change into the most comfortable clothes right away

When you get home from work, you can't wait to take off your shirt or jeans and change into your most comfortable clothes; you fantasize all day that you can walk around in a comfortable house suit, and once you put it on, you know you're in the most comfortable state. So, compared to formal clothing, the biggest thing in your wardrobe is likely to be college T, one piece cotton dress, and steel-free sports underwear.

2. You're very good at refusing an offer, thinking about a hundred reasons in your head

You're good at finding reasons to refuse an offer, which may almost be a reflexive action -- like family just happens, my cousin's birthday today, the dog isn't feeling well at home tomorrow. . . These excuses are like databases, built into your head. In fact, it's just that you like to be at home.

3. You like your pet, he may be your best friend

You usually like cats or dogs, they're sometimes your best friends, and at certain points in time, you're the only one who wants to talk about things or want spending the weekend together. You know they are attached to you, always at home waiting for you, which gives you an emotionally solid link.

4. There is no repair software on your phone, and IG is rarely updated

Basically, you don't worry about getting bored on Fridays or missing a fun party; you can calmly slip your phone at home and watch your friends clock on IG, wondering who wants to hang on makeup in the middle of the night, step on high heels, and hang outside? You don't pursue that life, and you don't worry that you're not good enough. Your best day is to be at home at ease!

5. Yoga mat or dumbbell device, your home is the gym

Your room is usually stocked with yoga mats and simple retraining equipment that lets you make up for it at home and ease your anxiety about calorie reduction when you want to eat too much. You may also know that there are many lazy exercise methods that you can do at home, such as climbing the stairs a few steps a day to replace the gym pedal, or brushing your teeth to squat, bed core exercise and so on, you are an expert.

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6. You'd love to decorate your home, such as buying a comfortable set of sofas

Whether or not the house is rented, you value the feeling of home. For example, buy a group of sofas, warm carpets, there are some warm corners, so that you enjoy staying at home. If you're going to party with friends, you'd be more than happy to visit your home than you're outside, and you'll prepare them comfortable indoor drags, cooking you're good at, tasteful red wine; (Try this also:"The room is not fragrant good" candles, water oxygen machine, how to use the fragrance, will not have the opposite effect? ) )

7. If someone temporarily cancels the dinner, you'll be secretly happy

That may not seem like a good idea, but if someone temporarily cancels a date, you'll actually be snobbehaving (or you've been secretly expecting a message like this). Thinking about today to earn more time out, do not have to dress up, do not have to go out, I can stay at home!

8. You are a guest of the delivery platform and may have joined the membership

You know the food and beverage shops near your home, including when they open their doors and maybe on the day of the week. In addition, you also often use the delivery platform, know this month's free-to-ship rules, even have joined the membership, or have a fixed cooperation of the delivery person phone!

9. How can you live a comfortable life without coffee and tea

You pay attention to the quality of your home, so you usually have some textured appliances for coffee. In addition, there will be plenty of your favorite coffee beans or tea bags and tea brands in your cupboard, and you'll be a good hand at mastering the smell and taste of coffee and tea! You know what temperature, soak for a few minutes, it's the best taste. Sometimes, when your friends visit, you may miss your craft. (Guess what you want to see: Add attitude to life!) Four smart assistant appliances to make the day more convenient)

10. I'm a filmmaker! The latest best-watching plays are in my hands.

You know the highly discussed dramas on Netflix recently, you know what's on the shelves, and what's going to be a must-catch for the next week. As a result, your friends may often come to you and ask, "What recently have you recommended to see?" They know that you update quickly and the quality is usually not bad, so you are the best "filmmaker" when the farce is in the wilderness.

Like to stay at home, may be you have a quality from an early age, or you may be experienced a lot of interpersonal relationships, social experience, found a pattern, want to live with the world. Whatever it is, this is the way you choose to face life;

Like to stay at home, like very home, we can say loudly, yes, this makes me have a good life, I am like this!