Long-distance lovers also have exclusive romance, no flower restaurant, but we can listen to the same song together, watch the same movie, imagine our next date.

Look around friends early planning Valentine's Day, ask you whether this year has any plans, you just smile and shake your head, no, this year.

You are talking about long-distance love you, in fact, has long been very frank to accept all this. Sometimes even the video time is uncertain, Valentine's Day for you, it is just a day, no intention to create any surprises, just two people will half-joking message: Hey, Happy Valentine's Day.

Only occasionally, you still hope that this day can not accompany each other, at least, can make him feel that you care about him.

Five ways to convey your heart to long-distance partners, there's no unrealistic romance, but you can make up for your daily routine.

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1. A little busy, but also the first time want to cook a dish for you: a video dinner together

There is no way to like the restaurant, point to each other's favorite dish, long-distance couples can also video-sharing dinner. You can discuss making a dish, Table-style Japanese or Thai, maybe white clam satoda, pork chops, egg wrapped rice, or a simple plate of fried rice, two people can fire each other (this is also the time to cook!). ), in front of the video camera to eat dinner together, even if the dinner is not very good to eat, but also the best memories of both of you.

2. Hang up your headphones and you're listening to the same song: share your music list

Whether you're using Spotify or Youtube Music, you can try to sort out each other's favorite music lists, or pick out the music you think is appropriate to play in the moment, and listen to the same song together, and the concert pulls you back to the same time and space, despite being far away.

3. A gift that is not expensive, but on behalf of me: send a daily kit

You don't need to make a surprise (for example, on his doorstep) or express what you care about him, so send him a gift. There's no need for special items like leather wallets, watches, cell phones, perfumes, etc. in this gift, you can put something he's going to need at the moment. Looking back, when chatting with him, did he ever say what book he would like to read recently? Or if he says he's had an uncomfortable throat, send him some health food, or a can of his favorite scented bath milk, shampoo. It's normal everyday, isn't it? But sending this care package is also a hint of wanting to take care of each other's lives.

4. When you miss it, please open this letter: write a letter to him

Very old-fashioned, but very useful. You can agree in advance, write a love letter for each other, and then agree to open only on Valentine's Day (so even if the other party receives early, it doesn't matter), so whether the other party is at work or class during the day, the heart will be hanging a sense of expectation, this emotion with the average couple waiting for Valentine's Day, not much difference. If each other willing, but also in the video lens, read their own letter, although the beginning will be a little embarrassed, but at the end, will be very moved.

5. In my next trip: planning your next date

If you can't see each other right now, plan your next date on video. For example, share an exhibition you're interested in recently, an upcoming movie, a museum you want to go to, or you have two tickets for a concert and want to see it next time. It's going to be a wonderful time, and although it can't happen immediately, you're creating a sense of hope for the future together and immersed in it.

In fact, whether you want to celebrate Valentine's Day or not, these five methods, suitable for long-distance couples, but also suitable for ordinary couples, in daily life to create happiness. If you can express love and concern frankly, it doesn't matter valentine's day, you can make this relationship more closely and firmly.