In the Valentine's Day quarrel, break up, in fact, there is a noun called Valentighting, why Valentine's Day let some people breathless, and then quarrel with their partner, break up?

"I broke up with him just before Valentine's Day. 」

At one o'clock in the morning, I received a call from my friend P, she said a relationship from love to fade, in fact, their hearts have the bottom, just did not think that before Valentine's Day. "I absolutely do not slide mobile phones tomorrow, now all kinds of ads, text will only make me feel that everyone is immersed in the love affair, only my own love lost." Not sliding the phone became P's only small protest on Valentine's Day.

There's a noun called Valentighting, which is combined with Valentine and Tight before Valentine. This Valentine's Day, let's see why Valentine's Day makes some people breathless, and then quarrel with their partners, break up?

It's not that you don't want to spend money on the holidays, but that you don't want to spend money with the "wrong people."

Kim Seltzer, host of The California Love Podcast, says Valentine's Day has always been seen as a time for lovers to convey love, so when a couple actually looks like they're in a relationship, but the atmosphere makes them feel like they have to celebrate and celebrate their relationship, the issues they've long overlooked can come to the fore. (Recommended reading: Contemporary Love , Skin Hunger: "Thinking that you want to fall in love, in fact, just want to hug" Why is it cold to want to be hugged? ) )

According to foreign media outlet Huffpost, an artist named Ashley shared that he and her boyfriend were together during the New Year, but were separated on Valentine's Day less than three months later. "After the winter vacation, we went back to school, but as Valentine's Day got closer, there was less communication and conversation between us. It's hard for me to connect with him because he won't reply to me at all. 」

Until Valentine's Day, Ashley saw her boyfriend upload a photo on Facebook with dozens of roses and a teddy bear doll, captioned the photo: "I'll always love you" and tagged another girl's name. That's when Ashley confirmed that her boyfriend didn't want to spend Valentine's Day with her, but didn't want to spend Valentine's Day with her.

"Gifts" is not difficult in itself, as long as the cost can be done, but on Valentine's Day, gifts actually have more meaning - expression of love and other symbols - so Valentine's Day gifts are not just gifts, but also a relationship of investment and pay. So some people develop a Valentight mentality because they don't want to spend money, don't want to spend effort, and spend the holidays with someone who isn't the right person they don't think they are.

Photo A photo of "The People Who Like"

How do you know you love me as much as I love you?

Some people celebrate Valentine's Day, and some people think that Valentine's Day is a business holiday created by businessmen, do not need to smell dancing. And in addition to not wanting to spend the holidays with the wrong people, there is a Valentight mentality to avoid unnecessary distractions. (Recommended reading: Contemporary Love, "We Date, Go to Bed, But Don't Talk About the Future" What are the emotional pitfalls of a relationship that doesn't talk about fame? ) )

As discussed above, if a Valentine's Day gift is a medium for expressing love and conveying your heart, then "choose" what gift sits can partly represent how you view the relationship. Just because everyone feels loved and likes to be loved in different ways, the gifts they choose will be different. Some people think that receiving romantic flowers is a strong expression of love, others feel that as long as two people accompany each other is enough. So a part of Valentights believe that giving Valentine's Day gifts is prone to unnecessary misunderstandings.

Especially when the gifts prepared by two people are not about the same, how do you know that you love me as much as I love you?

Valentine's Day, you can not necessarily be a love of the holiday

Valentighting's emergence actually offers a different way of looking at Valentine's Day.

When everyone is struggling to prepare and exhaust their brains to give their partner a pleasant surprise or impressive memory, perhaps we can look back and ask ourselves if this relationship is what we really want. Do you have a comfortable time in each other's love? Is he a candidate who can enjoy and experience lows together?

If you want to judge whether this relationship is "worth" its own continuing business and commitment, in the past in the"we hold hands, dating, but do not know whether it is love" seven signs, confirm the seriousness of the relationship, we have put forward seven signs to take you together to judge:

  1. Will you plan your time together?
  2. Can you stop unnecessary "pretending"?
  3. Do you have a ceremony to build two people?
  4. Are you familiar with each other's life circles?
  5. Do you all put "caring for each other" first?
  6. Can you deal with the conflict between the two men?
  7. Can you talk openly and naturally about your relationship?

We want to say that Valentine's Day can be celebrated, you can not give gifts, but you can not face their own voice, hear their real needs. And here, can give you the greatest Valentine's Day blessing, not to find a person who loves you, or you love, but you can more and more know yourself, understand yourself, and if you have the opportunity, you can feel loved at the same time, but also deeply love themselves.