Perhaps Meng Geng, such as Huang Zisheng, gave us another kind of love, the original really like, not with all couples, not too early, not too late.

On February 10th, on the Facebook community, a netizen shared a photo of a couple, the girl crouched very low, holding a mobile phone, helping her boyfriend take pictures, took one photo after another, wanted to take a picture of her boyfriend's satisfaction, only to find that the two were Huang Ziandu and Meng.

Just when everyone praises Meng Geng as the perfect girlfriend, Huang Zisheng also jokingly responded on Facebook: "I will also help her such a picture ah, but that should not be blown out, because that should be the normal, on the contrary, become this network explosion, in fact, quite warm thank my lover." 」

And Meng Gengru said: "Hahaha, I really think it is very normal for me ah, but Mr. Huang very mind, he felt that he often help me take pictures ah, should also be the perfect boyfriend." 」

Together, because i find in you how similar we are.

The pair publicly announced their relationship in 2014, and the 19-year-old was often discussed by the public, with sour language and good wishes, but that never affected anything, stable, and six years of dating, and is expected to enter into marriage in 2020. There are poor love, they love very comfortable, chat about each other like music, go to the exhibition, walk the dog, for each other squatting low to take pictures, take pictures of the most perfect each other.

In 2019, Mrs. Huang was interviewed by Mrs. Science, who asked him, "Can you talk to Geng about music like this?" Would she like it? Huang nodded and said, "You're right, if not, we can't be a couple." When we talk about these things, I am full of surprises, she also has resonance, we go to sing KTV, two people can sing for six and a half hours, this also want to sing, that also want to sing. 」

Meng Geng, like Huang Zisheng together, reason can sometimes be better than sensibility. In 2018, Huang zisheng prepared his solo album, as a music piece commemorating 30 years of his debut, and he was careful to treat the songs to everyone' secret, except to let Meng Geng listen first. But when she finished listening to a word did not say, which made Huang Zisheng instantly understand that the song did not hit her, and she also honestly said her own ideas, and finally Huang Zisheng decided to re-record the song.

Along the way, find a lover who can nod to you when you say what you think, "Me too", and how difficult is it to give comfort not only to you when you are seriously engaged, but to give honest advice?

Age gap, I've been worried about.

It takes determination to decide to go hand in hand. You must have imagined what the future of two people would look like, and what difficulties would be encountered, but rather with one person pondering these difficulties, it is better to put a better time, leaving them together. Meng Gengru once in 2018 in the East Sen News interview, the media asked her, have you worried about the other side before you leave?

She took a breath and answered that she thought about it, but to be more honest - I didn't know what to do.

"I said, "I remember the one who signed me the estate first, " she joked, and then earnestly said, "But you can't break up with him because of this (age difference). Because of this thing, you still have to face, you can only think, then what to do. 」

You're worried, I've been afraid, the difficulties you've said, and I've certainly thought about it, but when you get to that person, you can sing a song with you on KTV for more than six hours, and you can not only give you hugs in your most anxious moments, but also give you advice - to be able to be obsessed with the same things together, and you'll know, rather than having a separate trouble. , it is better to hold your hands first, the future we face together.

Perhaps Meng Geng and Huang Zisheng, gave us another love look, the original really like, not with all couples, not too early, not too late, when we can look in the same direction, between the two, there is no gap. The so-called love is that we can move in the same direction.