The Japanese railway company "JR East Japan" has launched a mobile phone-specific infatuation APP, which will broadcast broadcasts and conduct questionnaires after the driver's notice, in the hope of curbing the behavior of the infatuation.

"Tram fools" is not just a Plot A plot, but a reality that really happens. According to the Police Department of Japan (Tokyo Metropolitan Police), the number of cases identified alone is as high as 266 in 2018, including 2,777 cases that cannot be established, and if the number is not reported, it is not known how much.

To address this long-discussed issue, the Japanese railway company JR East Japan has launched a mobile phone-specific insinuation app. When a passenger is harassed, the driver is notified directly by clicking the button in the app. When the car's paws are notified from devices such as flat plates, they will be broadcast to arouse the attention of passengers, and through questionnaires to help find prisoners, curbing the behavior of the infatuation.

In addition to the incident will be a warning, and point out the incident car broadcast, usually also for the problem of infatuation, play "if you find the fool please let us know" this kind of such as prohibited diet, do not rely on the middle post and so on, will be played regularly broadcast broadcast.

Photo: JR East Japan

Photo: JR East Japan

App system, can you prevent the fool?

Perhaps you'd be wondering if there were no emergency intercoms on Japan's trams like Taiwan's MRT? But the desperate truth is that even if you do, you can't move to it.

Japan's trams are notoriously crowded. Every bus comes, the same scene unfolds: everyone squeezes into the carriage as much as possible, and even the feet and backpacks are out of the door, causing the doors to be closed. At this point the station attendant will come to the aid - trying to push you into the carriage from the gap in the half-open door.

The train was finally on its way, but by the time it got off, it was a test of endurance. Standing in the middle you are caught by the people around you, feet almost off the ground, as the train moves, and you are not in a state of optimism, even if you have a support point, but only one foot touches the ground, not enough to counter the train turning when the crowd tends to you. You have to pull the pull ring to death, for fear of being stuck with the passengers in your seat. Yes, even the person sitting will suffer, the office worker's heavy backpack, may be a careless hit on your face.

I also saw the woman standing on the edge of the railing squash, living like a dough about to be flattened by the pole, constantly gasping for breath. Also once frightened by the scene inside the car dare not get on the bus, but was in the back of the people hard into the car and so on scene. Sometimes I get out of the car and find you have two bruises on my body.

This is the population density of Japanese carriages. Back in Taiwan, even the Wenhu line during the commute looked lovely. All in all, passengers during peak hours are not free to move, let alone move. That's why the tram needs an APP that can be communicated with only a finger. For victims who are afraid to speak out, the door to notification is much lower.

And in this crowded state, even if you feel that there is a hand in the touch of their own, will first doubt whether they are worried, the other side may just because the car is too crowded accidentally encountered. Think of if shouting for help, but after the fact there is no proof, or really misunderstood a word that will be more embarrassing, it is even more afraid to call for help. Move a finger to inform, presumably can reduce a few hesitations. (Recommended reading: Is the only way to address sexual harassment bysetting up a female-only seating area for a plane?) ) )

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The app will be tested in the first phase from late February to mid-March, with the saline-prone Saitama line. The second phase will be implemented after June after adjustments to the results of the first phase.

In addition to solving the long-term problem of being a man, hosting the Olympics in Japan, which is expected to see a large influx of tourists in 2020, whether foreigners can have a safe passenger experience is a matter of national image. Can this APP break through the doubts of "wrong-doing" and respond to the expectations it bears? Let's keep looking.