Which of the five moments in which you have a sense of extroverts?

In recent years, there have been many books and articles on introverts in the market and in the community, re-flipping the public's ideas, misunderstandings about introverts, and tapping into the potential abilities of introverts, and previously, we have reinterpreted the five moments in which introverts are often misunderstood. (Extended reading:"I don't hate you, Just don't want to chat" five introverts will feel the moment)

However, our imagination of the extrovert is also somewhat thin, always think that the psychological state of the extrovert, as the external appears, can be good-natured, optimistic, self-confident, external, in fact, people's misunderstanding of the extrovert is no less than the introvert, and it is time to eliminate these myths. Five moments that make extroverts feel, stop using the outgoing behavior to judge the hearts of extroverts!

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Feeling moment 1: like to talk, doesn't mean I don't have depth

You can talk to people in the north and south, but when you're talking about more in-depth topics, your friends won't choose to share their thoughts with you, and they always think you can't understand it - it's probably a misunderstanding that every extrovert will encounter.

According to Psychology Junkie,one of the differences between extroverts and introverts is in the way in which they usually generate energy, and in the case of extroverts, they interact with the outside world. It can be interacting with people, or interacting with the natural environment, and extroverts tend to draw energy from the outside rather than being alone. However, no research has shown that extroverts therefore lack depth and are still able to engage in complex thinking, personal emotional awareness, and other intrinsic activities.

Feeling time 2: I'm outgoing, but that doesn't mean I love talking to everyone

"Ah, you are so outgoing, do you want to say two words?" Or stir-fry? Hearing this sentence, the extrovert couldn't help turning his white eye.

As already learned, the difference between extroverts and introverts is mainly the way to draw energy, so we may feel that extroverts are more likely to speak than introverts, and they are not used to keeping a gap between topics. However, we cannot sum up all extroverts in this way. You know, there are hundreds of ways to get energy, and chat isn't the only one.

Psychology Junkie also notes that some extroverts are more inclined to interact with nature, such as climbing mountains, swimming, and dancing, such as ESTP (entrepreneurial personality), while others are task-oriented, such as ENTJ (Commander), who enjoy a sense of accomplishment after completing a mission than chatting.

Yes, in a word, rather than talking to you, the extrovert would rather find something else to do.

Feeling moment 3: Extroversion is not superficial, I still know how to introspection

The word "introspective" is often linked to introverts, but when it comes to extroverts, we may wonder, introspection and extroverts feel eight poles can not be played?

Why don't we think of it in a different way, would you think that introverts are a group of people who are hard to act on? Not necessarily! Then the extrovert also has the ability to introspection. Karl Jung also once said:

There is no absolute introvert or extrovert, and if so, it may be in the Mad House.
There is so such thing as a pure or extrovert. Such a person will be in the lunatic asylum.CarlJung

Extroverts also save time for their own introspection, and they do not always seek to connect with the outside world, just as introverts are not alone in every minute of every second.

Feel moment 4: Don't say I won't get hurt, extroverts will feel inferior ah

The injuries suffered by extroverts may be more difficult to detect. We see the affinity of an extrovert, but ignore that he may also have negative emotions as a person, such as moments of low self-esteem, fear, and anxiety, but rarely discovered by the outside world. First of all, it is important to know that both introverts and extroverts may be full of self-confidence, which is cultivated and has no connection with the extrovert.

According to Linda Blair, a clinical psychologist interviewed by Psychology Junkie, she said, "Confidence is not about extroverting or not, it's about stress and arousal." 」

Feel the moment 5: I actually, and i'd love to hear from you

Because the external to the impression of "like to talk", so will then think: they only like to say what they want to say, but do not want to listen to others want to say.

Not really. Back in the way, extroverts are used to energy from the outside world, and they usually take immediate action (e.g. response) after receiving information, creating interaction sympathising with each other, while introverts tend to accept information and spend a while thinking, digesting, opening or acting. So it's not a good listener, it's not about being inward and outward.

If you feel that extroverted friends are unwilling to listen to you, and he is not related to his outward inward, he really, do not want to listen to you.

Well, untangled the doubts, is not suddenly found, the so-called extroverted inward, and there is no real who is good who bad, there is no too clear line? People are complex, can not use several personalities to completely define their own personality, so if you have been troubled by the above five misunderstandings, hope from today, slowly let go of their own, accept that they also have a dark and anxious side.

Remember that Karl Jung said: There is no absolute extrovert, absolute lyward person.