Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the film "Spreading Throughout" describes how an epidemic spreads rapidly in the world and the process by which human nature is manipulated. Nine years later, we are in a critical period in the fight against Wuhan pneumonia; What are the specific challenges we face? Maybe a re-watching of the film will give you some direction of thought.

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Sometimes we don't know the answer. Some people get sick but live, some people get worse and die. -- "Spreading throughout the territory"

The film, "Contagion," begins with a female Beth (Gwyneth Paltrow) returning to the U.S. on a business trip from Hong Kong, only to suddenly fall and spit and die within two days. Her son later died of the same symptoms. In less than a few days, a loved one was lost, and his father, Mickey (Matt Damon), collapsed. At the same time, the unknown virus is continuing to spread in Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, the United States.

What kind of disaster will mankind face? How much is from man-made disasters? Or ask, at times like these, will we come together and we have the ability to face the challenges of fear, and humanity?

Nine years ago, the film, which explores the epidemic, appeared at number 10 on Apple's iTunes hit list last week. The popularity of the discussion it has generated, of course, and the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus (commonly known as Wuhan pneumonia) has not yet slowed down. "Spreading throughout the territory" there are including the rapid increase of patients so that there are not enough beds in the stadium square cabin hospital, the city found cluster infection and the implementation of the curfew triggered by the lack of material, the scene of people's riots, a network spread false medical treatment and ready to make a fortune of the conspiracy, An infectious disease scientist has compared stories such as the virus's possible transmission chain from bats and pigs, much like the current state of the current outbreak in China.

Like the 2012 film screenwriter Scott. In an interview, Scott. Burns said he wanted to make a medical thriller that "really felt like it was going to happen." And in addition to a number of realistic epidemiological scenes, the film also revealed what human messages, worthy of our good understanding now? Review the five lines in the film and look at the way we look at the epidemic and what we can start thinking about:

Photo: "Spreading Across the Country"

"A person touches his cheek sat on the cheek two or three thousand times a day, three to five times a minute when he is awake, and between that, we touch the doorknobs, the taps, the elevator buttons, and each other. "Spreading throughout the territory"

Less than twenty minutes into the film's opening, this line appears to be so alarming today. In the film, Irene, an infectious disease intelligence officer, is a member of the Infectious Diseases Intelligence Service. Dr. Kate Winslet, a serious member of the Dr. Mills, said that the sudden deaths in hong Kong, Tokyo, Guangdong, London and the United States over the past week or so, as well as the return of more than 30 people infected, could lead to a greater human disease disaster.

The camera captures the whereabouts of the virus, from planes, MRTs, buses, taxis, elevators, restaurants to vegetable markets, from cities, from loved ones and loved ones to friends; Dr. Irene tried to tell people the extent of the impact of the outbreak from a scientific point of view, through digital corroboration. The purpose of this is not to cause panic among the public, but to find a way to start epidemic prevention by understanding the facts.

In the moment of ignorance, we do not know why someone died like this, do not know why disaster sits one after another. However, this passage reminds us that the most important thing is not fear, but understanding the status quo;

Photo: "Spreading Across the Country"

"After the Spanish flu of 1918, people made a fortune, the people who sold mint paste, the people who sold disinfectants; one person died, and the other profited from his death." When a country kills all birds, the demand for red meat soars. "Spreading throughout the territory"

While the outbreak continues uncontrolledly, some towns have imposed curfews. Every day, people fall ill, people die, people are trapped in lack of supplies, disease panic. You see disorderly shops, houses on fire, burglaries and robberies, but the officers and police are not able to do their best, and the whole place is in anarchy.

It was at this point that conspiracy theorists in the film began planning to spread false information on the Internet, such as what drugs would cure the disease. Nine years later, we are still seeing a similar situation in Wuhan, such as the large number of people who buy masks and sell them at high prices, and those who spread false information about toilet paper raw materials that lead to public panic.

What they are manipulating is the anxiety of the people at this time. Whether it's those who want to make a fortune in disaster, or the public who easily believe in rumors, it reflects the real human face.

Photo: "Spreading Across the Country"

"Dad, you're going to be lying here because you're staying after someone else's work to treat the sick." You're the one who's taking risks, you're taking risks every day. "Spreading throughout the territory"

Of course, the film still describes a lot of doctors with medical ethics, as well as doctors who try to study infectious pathogens and are committed to developing vaccines. For her part, Jennifer Ehle, a doctor of research and therapy, she first performed a human experiment with a self-injected vaccine, took off her mask and said, "I'm testing whether my results are working." At this point, his father said excitedly, you can't take a risk on your own. 'You're on the front line, and now you're down, you're the one who's taking risks every day,' she said.

As the epidemic spreads, especially in severe lying areas, we will feel the shortage of material and manpower on all sides, including, of course, the most important medical resources. Therefore, the medical staff who are still fighting against this time to cheer it up! When we are wary of fear and unwilling to have too much contact with others, this group of people is willing to continue to be on the front line.

Photo: "Spreading Across the Country"

"So we're going to miss the spring, we're going to miss the summer, and there's another 144 days that won't come back?" Why not invent a medicine that doesn't allow time to pass? "Spreading throughout the territory"

Then we also look at the desperate people who are being isolated at this time. The father, Mickey, was quick to cheer up after losing his wife and son, trying to keep his daughter Josh safe. During this time, he banned Josh from going out alone and had to cut off from his boyfriend.

And that's when the government came up with good news -- a new type of meningitis MEV-1 has been developed. However, because of the productivity relationship, it is not possible for everyone to be vaccinated in the first place. The Government then selected 144 birthdays by drawing lots. Josh, sitting in front of the television at this point, knew he wasn't being included, and said, "Why not invent a medicine that doesn't allow time to pass?" 」

She has lost a lot of youth time, love opportunities, he does not know how much to lose next. And can humans eventually create hope for themselves?

Photo: "Spreading Across the Country"

"Do you know the origin of the handshake?" In the past, it was to tell your enemies that you had no weapons. You hold out your empty hand to show that you don't want to hurt anyone. "Spreading throughout the territory"

After the invention of the vaccine, it also exposed the chaos of the world's hierarchy of power. Such as the priority of senior officials and stakeholders to obtain vaccines, the spread of threats around the world, etc. , all show that the class differences, the value of human life is also unequal.

One of the scenes is a picture of the little boy shaking hands with a doctor after the vaccination. The doctor told him that the meaning of the handshake was that you told your enemies that you were not armed. In the past, when the epidemic fermented, people gradually lost the link and trust, the whole world is like a dead city, only deception, suspicion and despair. Now, we can slowly hold each other's hands, but only if you tell me you don't have a weapon.

The weapons here may represent a lot of orientation, in addition to the resistance you've been vaccinated against, but also include our relationship with who is no longer on top of who, who is more senior than who lives. The human beings who began reconciliation returned to the beginning of equality, but have we learned true equality?

Photo: "Spreading Across the Country"

In the film we see that in the face of deadly viruses, human beings are always vulnerable. Because in this present, we must face not only the virus on the human body, but also the human nature of the possible harm to the whole society.

Nine years after the release of "Spread Across the World," we are now facing this epidemic; perhaps we can't stop some of the drama from happening in real life, but we can get through this battle together through more proactive understanding, self-care, and the principles of society.