China's Gansu rescue team in the incident, take you to see three areas of gender inequality.

In response to the spread of the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, medical personnel from all over China mobilized urgently, and the provinces deployed personnel to Hubei to support. On February 15, 2020, China's Gansu Province sent a third batch of Hubei medical and rescue teams, and on the "Daily Gansu Network" microblog g-bwist, "Cut off hair, they're all dressed up!" Release the video for the title.

The film was originally intended to convey to the vast number of netizens Gansu rescue team has been ready to go to the key affected areas to save people. But the film out, that is, attracted netizens from all walks of life, attacked, doubt the necessity of shaving distribution.

Do they shave voluntarily?

In the film, it is clear that dozens of female health care workers who have been shaved look low, sad, when they see their long shaved hair, can not even bear to look straight. In the face of the sad first-line ambulance personnel, the Daily Gansu Network used "the most beautiful retrograde in the outbreak" to emphasize their sacrifice and dedication.


The move has been questioned by a large number of Chinese netizens about shaving their hair for propaganda and ignoring women's wishes. Some netizens also expressed their dissatisfaction with the media with "forced shaved head, not giving aunt scarves, pregnancy to the front line, and then saying they are beautiful".

This is not the first case of women being used as a tool to publicize the relief of the epidemic.

CCTV News early in the weibo posted an interview clip, stressed that the female medical staff said "life is out of the open, what hair", and wrote "your hair is the most special medal of the war epidemic" and other words, also caused netizens to question the legitimacy and necessity.

Images : CCTV screenshots

"Are they voluntary?" 」

"For hygiene, I can understand the short hair cut by a female nurse, but is it necessary to shave it?" The men in front of them didn't shave, did they? It's gender persecution, there's nothing to wash.

"What is formalism?" What is it called over-correction? What is collective disrespect for the individual? Gansu Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital gave a standard answer. 」

The angry message of netizens kept pouring into the microblog, so that the "Daily Gansu Net" deleted the original post, and still did not respond to the online controversy caused by the post.

In order to control the outbreak, make part of the sacrifice, is ordinary people understand. And this incident, netizens do not support the reversal of anger the main reason, in fact, with the shaving of the head is justified, and the official continued to use the female body as a propaganda tool, ignoring their personal will.

Before saving the country, women come to give.

In addition to questioning legitimacy and necessity, we must also point out that this series of reports also reflects three aspects of gender inequality:

Ignoring women's will and subjectivity

Chinese netizens have written on the website "Study ingresworld hot spot" please stop using women's bodies, as a tool of publicity, resort to the sly ness of it:

I don't want to reinforce the stereotype that women must be concerned about shape, but beauty must be a common experience for many women. We cherish our hair, leave long, cut short, dye, hot roll. We cherish the feeling of making ourselves look great.

Most importantly, it's entirely determined by our preferences.

Go to the key affected areas to rescue, with shaving not shaving hair does not conflict, and even for convenience and shaving, the parties should enjoy their own decision rights, rather than sitting in line, no one can refuse. The collective shaving of the women's and children's health care hospital in Gansu Province is undoubtedly a tool for women and neglects their subjectivity.

Women's labor rights and interests are not taken seriously

There have also been reports that medical staff have said they returned to the front line after 10 days of miscarriage.

Images s/web screenshots

Post-partum body a large number of blood loss, under normal circumstances, women need to go through adequate training to restore normal function, so, even if the epidemic area is really lack of ambulance personnel, the need for the post-partum woman immediately into the rescue, it should not be the need for a lot of physical strength and focus of the "front-line" medical personnel.

On the other hand, China's provinces have announced the closure of the city, but did not retain enough women's physiological supplies, but also let female health care workers into a more difficult working environment. According to Liang Wei, founder of the social activist #姊妹战役安心行动 on Weibo, there are more than 100,000 female health care workers in Hubei, and even if they change the minimum of 2 pieces per day according to the three-day menstrual period of 3 days per month, first-line female health care workers need a minimum of 600,000 pieces of tampon per month. After the closure of the city, the first-line rescue women's physiological needs where to go?

It is also an example of women's labor rights and interests being neglected, given the poor health and lack of physical supplies.

Think that women must sacrifice to be enough for publicity reasons

Perhaps the root cause of public anger is still "the sacrifice of women for national propaganda". When the news media hyped abortion women into the rescue, the new rescue team shaved the news of the epidemic area, in addition to representing the efforts and dedication of other medical staff are not seen, but also represents the women are expected, should make dedication and sacrifice, to be worthy of reporting? So those who are strong, with a loving heart of other medical staff efforts, are not counted?

We hope that everyone who works hard in their posts to prevent the spread of the epidemic should receive equal respect and attention. We also hope that women's working conditions will be seen and resolved. While continuing to pay attention to the spread of the epidemic, we expect that society will give women the same treatment and value women's rights and interests.