The Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics will be held on July 24th to see how the Tokyo Olympics are implemented by the D.C.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, to be held in July, have been suspended and postponed due to the recent outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, but according to IOC mission John Coates, there are no spare plans for the Games and the event is expected to be held as scheduled, on July 24 The opening ceremony was held at the new National Arena, the main venue.

Although Wuhan pneumonia almost occupied our attention, let everyone pinch a cold sweat for the Tokyo Olympic Games, this year's Tokyo Olympic Games still have many bright spots worth taking a look.

In 2020, the Tokyo Olympics will be full of efforts to shout the slogan "United by Emotion", through emotional exchanges, can bring the world together. From the official release of the propaganda film, it is not difficult to see that the Tokyo Olympics will be the multi-integration (Diversity and Inclusion) as the spiritual core:

So many nationalities. So many ethnicities. People of every shape and size and gender. Young and old coming coming together in a community of astounding diversity.
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Diversity and Inclusion, D.amp;I

D-and-I, is in recent years, foreign enterprises and research, has been advocating the new workplace culture, that is, to emphasize the workplace, respect and maintain the differences of each person, at the same time in the maintenance of the basis of diversity, enhance the value of personal uniqueness can bring, and ultimately achieve the right to work.

Respect for individual differences, in addition to gender, race, religion, age, but also includes physical structure (disability), sexual orientation, education, nationality, personality (inward-looking) and so on.

Reference data:The D-I Strategy Room , which gives employees a sense of belonging, and the fast-growing D.amp;I.

Three big visions are written on the official website: the pursuit of personal best performance, the search for unity in diversity, and the future.

With the D.amp;I as one of the three visions for a world-class event, we'll also see how the Tokyo Olympics will be implemented in this event, as we have released the data from the Japanese authorities:

In-house training for staff

The Tokyo Olympics pioneered training for internal personnel, who divided the training into visual, hearing, physical and physical impairments, and invited employees with physical and mental disabilities to participate in practical training, share the obstacles they encounter in their lives, help other staff build basic concepts of D.I., and practical ways of assisting people with physical and mental disabilities.

In addition, to make it easier for everyone to communicate, the Tokyo Olympics have done a number of measures, such as printing out event information, providing online data that can be read on screen readers by visually impaired people, as well as providing audio-visual files, and when it is necessary to communicate with the hearing impaired. Staff must also know the communication skills, must face each other, so that the other person can read the lip, or use the memo on the smartphone as a means of communication, and for the wheelchair-bound person, it is very difficult to build the counter, so it will need to lower the counter height, so that staff can smoothly submit information to the physically handicapped.

Photo: The official website of the Tokyo Olympics

Holding the "Real Life Library" workshop

Many times stereotypes or discrimination come from the unexplained situation, and in response to this state, the Tokyo Olympics have also partnered with the International Non-Profit Organization Human Library to hold workshops that invite seven real people to share their real experiences, including asking people with disabilities to share their stories. Also invite people with different sexual orientations to discuss LGBT issues. It's like "borrowing" a book to get the public to read it together.

Photo: The official website of the Tokyo Olympics

They held two sessions involving 100 staff members in the hope of breaking the public's established impression of a single ethnic group, rebuilding a more comprehensive understanding, respecting the differences between individuals and embracing diversity.

Photo: The official website of the Tokyo Olympics

At the workshop, some people share their experiences of discrimination with the title "I don't like to distinguish school uniforms by sex" and others with the title "I want to live a more honest life". And through direct contact, can stimulate everyone's thinking and discussion.

The tokyo Olympics' launch of the D.amp;I training is not only limited to the event period, they also want to extend this concept to everyday life, that is, to let the core spirit of the Tokyo Olympic Games to the future. It is worth thinking about whether the concept of d'amp;I was driven primarily by companies in the past, but does the inclusion of diversity as a key spirit and strategy at a world-class event such as the Tokyo Olympics mean that it is necessary for D and I to be based on all sectors?

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