Interview edgy, became a mother after she launched the album "Hidden does not mean forgetting." Like to say, if you also have some hidden in the heart, rarely mentioned to the outside person's heart, I am here with you.

Focusing on doing one thing is like giving birth to a life.

In 2018, Wei Rujuan will be in Taipei TICC for the "milk and honey" pregnancy-limited concert, which is supposed to be printed, framed, sealed, and become her sixth album. The sudden pregnancy led her to decide to put the album plan on hold.

At the end of 2019, after production, rest, and parenting, the album was re-recorded. Finally, between feeding in the morning and bathing in the evening, "Hidden does not mean forgetting" followed by his son Louis, was born.

The album, named after and is named after and is a fairy tale, talks about what's hidden, saying only that there are things that it hides and that the messages are in the song.

I'm hiding there without a letter to my destination.

Hiding for a long time do not want to face the heart, Wei Ruyi finally put down a pen to write down, in order to mourn the death of his father, close friend Lu Kaijuan and love cat Gaga, she created the other place. On the album, the lyrics are also designed to be a hand-written letter. The letter was intended to be sent, even though it was knowingly not delivered. (Recommended reading:"How long will it take to accept that you are not there" written after Gao's death: How to face the departure of a loved one? ) )

"This song is actually one for me, " he said. She said.

She paused for two seconds when she said "White", i thought i was going to say "say goodbye", but she used "confession", probably not yet to say goodbye.

"Because I've been reluctant to face it, I've been unable to let go. But singing it out, writing it, it's like a confession. I write to myself, and I write to each other. Referring to the intention of making the lyrics into a letter, she explained: "Taiwanese don't always think that if you want to communicate with the people over there, can you burn it?" It's like burning paper money or something. So, can this letter be burned? 」

You live in the other place now, you have a habit of
Do you want to go to the side, just go to the edge

Take care of yourself.
I miss you so much
I miss you so much.
- Wei Rujuan's place in the other place

The other place is too special for Wei Ruyi, it carries a lot more emotional weight than other songs, but also at this stage she most cares about, the most unsolvable problem. "When the confession is finished, i don't know what's going to happen, but at least it's better than I've ever been willing to face before." 」

Again, she paused for two seconds in the phrase "this is going to happen."

No default to put down, no expectation sane to recover quickly, even after writing do not know what they will become. "I don't want to face it because I'm still a little scared, and I don't want to accept it." But it's written and sung, it's actually about facing fear. Everyone has a different way, some people cry for three days, a week is good, but I just don't cry the kind of person. So that sadness drags on for a long time. 」

If there is no crying person, the sadness will drag on for a long time.

Wei Rujuan

It occurred to me that she had said that "people who can't cry are more dangerous" and that when she said that she was doing the song, she wrote words to cry, recorded crying, crying from beginning to end anyway. Perhaps writing down the other side is not just to accompany all the fans, but also for their own licking wounds. Now she'll cry, not dangerous, better than before.

Even as a mother, you have to look like you.

After returning to work after the birth, Wei Ruyi still wants to challenge herself, radio DJ work let her touch with different creators, talk, she often think about her other possibilities, "as long as there is no attempt to try will want to try." So in the panic attack, she tried to rap, write down the face of life, face the choice of panic and have to.

"What I want to express in this song is that being a mom can be cool, not necessarily when everyone thinks that when you become a mom, it's about singing some soft, soft songs. I still want to encourage all women, even when you become a mother can still be very able to look very their own. She said in the MV behind-the-scenes video, with a firm look.

Frozen cotton quiltwithd with dark wardrobe
Sleep becomes a dictionary that is becoming more and more unreadable.
Lots of exquisite and beautiful new words
Excited to tremble, unusually on the verge of collapse

Drop is the mouth or tears
dumped in your face poning want to steal back the smell
All that's left, the sky collapses, the pillows are crooked.
I don't love you, my night lover.
- "Night Lover"

After becoming a mother, she certainly on the children's songs, on the painting book more deeper understanding, but that does not affect Wei Ruyi to do their own music, that will not let the ancient spirit of the girl suddenly transformed into a non-smiling adult, she still has expectations of herself, but also want to try the past has not tried, such as rap.

Being a mom can also be cool and look like her own.

Wei Rujuan

"I've been telling Han Likang (music producer) that I really want to rap, and then he said, "There's a paragraph written for you here, and I've written it and Written it." Her eyes were wide and innocent, as if she did not know why the rapper was written into poetry. "What kind of tongue!" It's just a poem. Hahahahahahahaha! Mistakenly hit the rapper into a poem, but also let "Night Lover" become the highlight of the song.

"I'm completely acceptable now, and I'm not going to give up when I can't write it." I can work hard, but to what extent can I write, what it will be. Although i thought in my mind may be the kind of bear cubs, written out is not a dragonfly, but that will not be good. (Recommended reading:"Please don't try so hard! The Japanese drama "Dr. Lentaro" tells you the secret of empathy.

She is the kind of girl who has her own appearance when she is a mother. Is also the kind of, after the effort will know how to treat their own girls.

No matter how hard life is, I'll be there for you

You're not a lone bird on a branch.
I'll always be there for you
Sing with you
With you open your wings
- Wei Rujuan with you

The death of relatives, and usherin in a new life, in the face of the tide of life, Wei Ruyi always believe that music can give comfort and companionship, so create a companion to you. And specially placed on the first track of the album, like a prologue, like a reminder, saying that no matter what you hear in the next song, or what resonates with you, I will be with you.

"This song has been sung to everyone for a long time, at the TICC Pregnancy Limit Concert. Now put this song on the first song, when everyone press down to listen to, there will be a sense of familiarity, can be pulled back to the concert scene, back to the memory of the time. 」

When pregnant, you accompany me, now if you low tide, I will accompany you.

"The habit of listening to music is a companion. Put on the headphones, press the play button, Wei Ruyi accompanied with all the fans. She is the kind of creator who will read the letter carefully and feel the same way about his personal feelings. "I write songs, the lyrics look like this, the melody sounds like this, but when singing, there are actually very complex emotions in it, some emotions are not able to use words to describe. 」

Hidden in the song of the mood, do not bother to explain, know that someone can be the same, know that someone is with their own, has been enough. Hiding does not mean forgetting, for all the unsolvable and nowhere to escape the mood under the most appropriate comment. Hidden, but never forgotten, even remember more than anyone knows.

At some point in the future, we'll be ready to face the hidden ones. And before that, listen to the song.

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