Interview Wei Ruyi, talk about the new mother's parenting diary, full of love, occasionally sudden, is now updated.

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Pregnant and having children, there would have been only her imagination. And when fantasy becomes a reality, people are caught off guard.

"It happened when I felt like I was not tied to age numbers anymore. And then, "Oh, huh?" What's the matter here? Wei Ruyi likes to speak while playing, used to use a lot of words to help, people say she loves to boast, but in fact, it is not, she really think so, ah, ah, this child came?

On Mother's Day 2018, she announced her pregnancy, the first Mother's Day of her life, and she spent time in a state of disquiet. The album was delayed by pregnancy, promising that the good show would be completed on schedule, nervous but looking forward to. 几个月后,孩子出生,成为新手妈妈的日子,何止手忙脚乱,真要说的话,是手忙忙忙忙忙脚乱乱乱乱乱。

Ah, why is a young girl rebellious and unruly
Time turns her into a mother.
- Wei Rujuan's children's song

Teenage mother's parenting diary, full of love, occasionally sudden, is now updated.

When I learned that I was pregnant, my first thought: it's over!

The album "Hidden doesn't mean forgetting" was originally expected to be released in 2018, but was temporarily delayed because of Wei's pregnancy, bringing up the first reaction to knowing about pregnancy, and she used the volume to be heard in the entire conference room and said, "Intuition is, it's over!" It's bad! What about the back job? 」

It was too late to celebrate the new life, and Wei decided to mourn the work that might have stalled first. (Recommended reading:"If you can sleep enough, who wants to wake up in the middle of the night?" Han Xing Li Meidu's "Breaking Mom" Photo Special )

Later, the birth of the child a year, Wei Ruyi's sleep time was sharply compressed, she expressed her feelings on Facebook: "In the face of a small soft you, I have a lot of questions, no experience drubhouse mother, I am very tight to several times will collapse, holding you cried many times, constantly repeat ingening practice how to take good care of you, Then get used to such a completely different day. But every cry is strong once. 」

Mother for the sake of children, really more than invincible iron King Kong is invincible.

Wei Rujuan

Invincible Iron King Kong is invincible, what it looks like, Wei Ruyi became a mother, began to slowly understand.

"Before I was just writing songs, playing concerts, i was to enjoy life, I also feel that I enjoy edgy good." But after becoming a mother, I can't just enjoy life, I can't concentrate on "enjoying" now. I don't have my own time, finish, full. Her eyes stared, with full strength to express her mother's difficulties, I finished, all feel.

"You'll live with him from his perspective, and because he's a person, there's something new to stimulate me." But that new thing is completely different from before, so it seems like I'm growing up again. The girl has become an adult, but after having children to return to the child feeling fresh about everything, such as knocking off the comeback, the past learning can not come in handy, so laborious, why give birth?

"Having a baby is a continuation of a family. If I don't have a baby, I'll be a person, my home or my original family. But I gave birth to a child, my home continued, and one more home came out. She divided the air in front of her in two by hand, her before she had a baby on the left, and her mother on the right. Her hands linger on the right, and once she chooses to step into the family, she has to continue well.

The world is too big, with other souls, and to build a family, as if there is one more reason to continue to live.

Learn to believe that others will get things done.

Step into the family, the daily turn into laundry cleaning after cooking, how will and each other to count who's more love? If you love each other, you should pay the same amount of effort for this family, right? Talking about the division of household chores, Wei Ruyi first thanked Mr. Wei, "I want to thank him first, because I am a very strong person, also like to do things well." But when I get things done, I feel like I'm doing nothing. 」

Big sister character, she was taught from an early age to become a role model, to take care of younger siblings. She's too used to doing anything herself, "When you're used to doing everything right, you're ready to do everything, but then you think, if you've been doing everything yourself, they'll never learn." 」

Together family, like team fighting, one more ally is less than one enemy. She thought about it, and let it go before she could stand it, and let him go, "I would have taken it myself and thought I was doing better and didn't trust others, including him." But now I have to believe, because we are a family, he is my husband, I want to believe that he will do everything very well. 」

Properly let go, also let go of yourself. Asked what advice she would give to other new mothers, she spoke quickly and cut back: "No advice, no advice at all." Every child's personality is different, there's no way to really have a guide. I think it's good to let it go, those questions will come one by one one, come and talk about it. 」

Come here again, if the blind mind does not help, at this moment is better to take care of themselves, "new mothers, is to try to make themselves happy." That's the only advice she gives from the bottom of her heart. (Recommended reading: New Mom's Confessions: What I Learned After Becoming a Mother)

New moms, it's just about trying to make yourself happy.

Wei Rujuan

Believe in each other, let go, let go, let go of the natural, happy is good.

Four-word motto, become a girl mother's parenting diary status annotation.

I love you like so much from here to the moon.

She likes to tell stories, preferring to listen to them, "telling stories is a very intimate thing for me." When I was a child, my grandfather would tell us stories before he went to bed, and I forgot what the content was, but I thought it was good to tell the story. It's a very intimate act. 」

Story is one of the ways she builds intimacy with people, as is family, love. "When I fall in love, I will tell a story, the other person may say I will not, but I still want to listen, will say, "You say ah, three piglets you will?" You can hear that they will have their own version of the three piglets, some people may say that there are three piglets they were eaten by the wolf, no. 」

After feeling funny, she said, "Some people, you know he won't tell a story, but you'll still want to know, what would it be like if he stepped into the story?" 」

Like Grandpa told her stories, she also liked to tell stories to her son Louis, even though he was a baby at the time and didn't know anything, and when she told Louis the most impressive story, she confessed to crying. (Note)

Two rabbits are more loved than anyone.

A rabbit said, "Do you know how much I love you?" I love you so much love you! (Say the hand is a big circle)
Another rabbit said: "I love you more, I love you is this love you." (A larger circle than a hand)
A rabbit said, "I really love you, like from this side to the moon and then come back!" 」

"In the last sentence, I choked and said to him, "I love you so much," and before the story was over, I cried myself. Not that the mother cried low, but when she realized it was "real love", she would want to cry, "You hold him and think, "Wow this is my child yes!" I think there is no comparison of love, and your heart will know that this is love. Especially in movies and television, when you see people say "I love you" very easily, i can know that I love you is not so easy. 」

I love you not easy, but I really love you, my child, Louis.

Edit postscript

"You know, although I said my mother wanted to be happy, but i just need a little happiness to be happy, eat a dessert ah, buy a thing ah, I'm fine." As a mother, to know how to do something happy, that thing can be small, which also has the possibility of free conversion. For example, work is very happy, but also tired, tired to eat dessert. For example, parenting is very happy, but will also be tired, tired on the shrimp skin.

Before marriage, Wei Ruyi enjoy life, after marriage more "happy" to enjoy life. That's all, the happy mother, after the interview, yelled, "I'm going shopping, hahahaha!" and then laugh and wave away.