In an order to block malicious comments, Naver, South Korea's largest portal, announced on February 19th that it would close the message version of entertainment news.

South Korean society has begun to confront the problem of cyber bullying since the suicides of entertainer Shirley and Hoira in October and November last year, and the South Korean Singers Association appealed to the government in November 2019 for appropriate measures.


Part of the reason Shirley and Hera suffered from depression in their lives is due to malicious comments from the online world. How serious are these cyber bullying? After Shirley's death in 2019, South Korean SBS TV show Want to Know the Truth interviewed fans who had left a message attacking Shirley, who believed that to enjoy fame, they had to take on bad reviews and say, "Artists are not just being watched and loved, and bad reviews are certainly going to take them." Artists enjoy the famous car mansion, is not should have to bear negative rating as a price" (extended reading: Shirley died, acid people on the show response: I just joke, not call edgy to die)

But is that really the case?

Action by Two South Korean Portal Websites

Happily, South Korea has recently realized the importance of structural solutions.

In an effort to stop the spread of malicious culture, Naver, South Korea's largest portal, announced on the 19th that it would close the message version of entertainment news, while Daum, the second-largest portal, shut down the entertainment news message function after last year's Case of Choi Shirley. Meanwhile, two major portal sites have also removed the search keyword leaderboard for characters related to them.

After the announcement on South Korea's portal, one of the women's group's teenage members, Xiu Ying, posted a limited-time update on IG, saying: "The handsome, living children, like the sea, have become anti-poo." 」

For all countries, cyber bullying is a rather difficult problem, the anonymity of the network, the judicial system can not keep up with the speed of technology, will make society a big loophole. The two major websites sacrifice this move, but also hope to stop the spread of malicious comments, but also reduce the harm caused by online bullying to artists. However, there is no other way to reduce the problem of cyber bullying than to directly block the flow of comments?

There's no other way to solve cyber bullying

After the tragedy, people began to attack the acid and black powder, asking them to review themselves. Perhaps we should also return the matter to ourselves: have you ever sent a message to someone in anger? Have you ever been in a bad mood, just when you see other people's posts or news, casually leave a "big sucker", just to make your heart more comfortable? Because we can't see the other person's injured face, we are more brazen "expressing ourselves", but if we keep three minutes of thinking before each speech, thinking about the purpose of our message, we may reduce the occurrence of tragedy.

As mentioned earlier, the network, because of its concealment and real-time, makes it difficult to implement institutional norms, and countries are also looking for solutions. You might think: no amount of advocacy, nor can they stop the acid-people black powder attacks, they want to criticize, not because you tell them to think more about the purpose of the message, they will really stop malicious speech.

It takes a long time to raise consciousness and can't change immediately, at least we can start by protecting ourselves.

If you are experiencing cyber bullying, don't be afraid to speak out, please immediately notify your family and friends, let them give you spiritual support, well-known network security software company Kaspersky also provides several ways to help you protect themselves:

  • Retain evidence: Screenshots, store audio and video files, keep all messages that prove that the other party attacked you, and record the time and date for future charges.
  • Don't continue to be involved: Whether his message is intentional or unintentional, your counter-attack gives him the opportunity to keep your emotions under constant control, to hurt you, and to make emotional statements. At this point it's best to stop arguing with him after the screenshot, stay away from the computer and do something else that will make you happy.

We don't know if the south Korean portal's closure of entertainment news messages can actually improve and effectively block malicious comments. Although this is through the tragedy of time and time again, but we can be sure that change has begun to happen, as the same Xiuying words, sincerely hope that these anti-waveti can arouse people's awareness, to promote a friendly network environment.