An interview with Amazing, who has been a freelance worker for three years, found that when she filed her tax returns last year, she found that she had earned just over $110,000 in the past year. She says the so-called survival, to maintain a minimum of life, but to have freedom. This freedom is not just in form of work, but whether you can resist the mainstream values of this society and what others think of you?

What would it look like if you survived in a minimal way?

The woman's obsessive stand-up author, Amazing, is coming to the book, "There's a Job, Called Life," and the introduction reads, "A few things she learned from leaving her job to becoming a freelance worker." Originally thought to open is a career book, but she wants to say is just good opposite thing - leave the career of others, what they say success, I only care, you have you most longed for life?

Three years ago she left her old job as a freelance worker. After the tax season in the summer of 2019, she shared on Facebook that her total income over the past year had been just over 110,000, raising many people's curiosity about how she "survived".

She is not slow, word by word, the so-called survival, is free. And this freedom is not just in the form of work, but in your heart, whether you can resist what others think of you. Do you dare not say that the success of this society really has nothing to do with yourself. (Interview last review: Interview with Yan Tsuyan Amazing: I found myself looking for a substitute for my father after the year I lost my love.

When we first came out of society, we were fully armed and felt like we could change the world.

"One of the words on our volunteer T-shirts is, "You are the power to change the world." 」

Amazing, who worked full-time as an international volunteer, graduated from college at the age of 22, and, like most social freshmen, she passionately wanted to go to war and contribute her part. She remembered herself at that time, always feel very strong, very smart, feel able to change a lot of things, a lot of things in life are full of emotion, and hope that everything in their own footsteps.

What interpersonal ah, the workplace, feelings, are in the best way. You're a little bit unconvinced, you're a little naive, you're a lot of enthusiasm. And these visions of the world do help you through a good time. It's just that it's really not that dreamy. It has a lot of complicated interpersonal relationships, some inexplicable rules and forms, and it can be far from what you really want to do.

But just before she could think about what was "stuck", Amazing's life was thrown into a shock bomb -- at the age of 26, she fell in love. All along the stable life suddenly became like a disaster scene, all over the body scaly, she thought the pain is too late, now where to go?

The girl who used to be full of flesh, now faces the "failure" of life, and is at a loss. At this time, you suddenly know the powerlesstometry to change the world, because you can not even take care of their own happiness, how do you still care about the happiness of others or not?

And in the face of their own life a little shy, she touched the nose, or very proud to say, give me a little time, I will stand up again.

I'd like to know, how to live is right, how to love will not be hurt

Recalling the first time she had lost her love, she lived very hard: "I read a lot of mind books, hard to absorb a lot of knowledge, family map, human map, flower essence, essential oil, as long as found any clues, I will desperately pull it out to see if there is no answer." 」

"Because I want to know exactly how I'm going to live is right, how to love will not hurt." 」

The end of an emotion, let the girl also began to doubt their own, is not the past life where the error? Did you break the effort? However, as she worked harder, she found herself more confused. She found that every system had its first appeal, but when she looked at it, she found that it had its limitations.

"I was so excited when I first came into contact with the human map that I felt as if someone could tell me what to do, and I wouldn't have chosen the wrong one. I am a projector, and my life strategy is "waiting to be invited", which means you can't offer advice and wait for others to see yourself. So then I began to be very very difficult, waiting every day, worried that the initiative will attract bad results. But I just overstepped my self and confined myself to another box. 」

Until later, she accidentally turned over an article to write, "If the human body is a computer, Western medicine is the hardware of the equipment replacement, Chinese medicine is a circuit system, the human map is the use of computer operating instructions, the family map is your relationship with the computer network next door." In that instant, she also suddenly understood that there was really no standard answer in the world: "Every system has its place, and there is a place where it can't be included." 」

So she gradually gave up the pursuit of a single answer insist: "Because in fact there is no, there is no so-called answer." 」

Or the so-called "answer" is not used to convince people.

Talking about it, I stopped to ask her, and how long did it take her to get out of the way?

"About two or three years." Hearing this number, I jokingly responded, you say this we will scare the reader, feel that the loss of love is really terrible. However, she felt that was the truth, and that it was just too quick to get up.

In the face of her newly injured self, she also told herself that she wanted to recover within a month: "But I later knew that recovery still wanted to prove to whom to show." You still seem to want to tell the community that I'm not hurt, it hasn't hit me, I'm not vulnerable. It's just that when you're just hiding something for a while, the pain you feel doesn't diminish.

"But I look back and think that because I've been through this, I'm more gentle and more likely to feel the pain of others." In the past you never understand, friends lost a love, what is good to cry all week not to go out and do not eat? But now you finally understand that that kind of pain, really will pierce the bone.

'If it's going to take so long, you might as well face it from a more powerful perspective, ' she said. And, in the so-called two or three years, the feelings you experience will change as you grow. For example, you used to desperately want to find the answer, want to find a way to get better, in fact, is also because you are too afraid of this answer, now this fragile self, does not meet the expectations of others.

So, when you just set foot on the road to find your own answer, how long to go, how far you go, you no longer have to convince who;

We want life to be a jigsaw puzzle, and finding that piece can be done once and for all.

The same goes for workplace choices: "I would have hoped that the human map would tell me what career I was suitable for so that I wouldn't have to stumble and go around exploring the search." The mentality behind that is that we all hope that life may be a piece of the puzzle, find that piece to piece up and you will once and for all. 」

Find your doomed career, you can relax in your life, lie at home, no more pain. "But I think it's really unlikely. What we should see is whether we have such a sub-standard expectation. She said, perhaps there is no so-called heaven.

"Even though I'm happy about 80 percent of the time now, I still feel pressure dissonalined sometimes when I'm not earning an income. For Amazing, it's not that she crosses a line, and when you find an answer, life is never troubled: "The pain of life will always be there." 」

There's nothing once, but don't worry, it's not tragic: "You choose a more willing option than you do, and although occasionally there will be little pain, it doesn't matter, it's a real part of life." 」

Put down the desire to pursue a single answer, put down unrealistic expectations of life, your sincerity, will bring you a real and down-to-earth happiness. Because at this point, you are more likely to identify with yourself and with the life you choose. 'That's your answer,' she said. (Interview next: How do I know that leaving my job won't make me regret it?) Interview with Yanyan Zeng: I don't think about what to do, but what life I want to do.