The Communist Youth League of China launched the virtual idols "Red Flag Man" and "Jiang Shanjiao", why not be supported by netizens, but instead attracted a large number of questioning voices? Take you to the point of gender dispute.

Unobstructed new coronaviruses, as well as unstoppable Internet public opinion, are spreading in China.

On February 15, 2020, the Chinese government caused a debate on "Shaving women's hair as a propaganda tool" (detailed events: Gender Newsletter, "Shaving her hair, and she's good to be" Gansu health care and rescue team is facing sexism), just two days after another weibo post sparked discussion.

On February 17, 2020, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, led by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China(CPC), announced on Weibo that it would launch virtual sister idols "Red Flag Man" and "Jiang Shanjiao", and in a post, "Come and give the League's love bean. call" (i.e. come quickly to help your favorite idol). As soon as this message came out, netizens left messages that "the rice circle (fan circle) is not suitable for the official government account, please maintain their own connotation." "The national image cannot be idolized. indicates no support.

While the masses are still angry about the shaving propaganda, the emergence of virtual idol Jiangshanjiao and the red flag, just let us see how women are neglected subjectivity, as a national propaganda tool.

Less than four hours after his debut, the idol was called "retired."

The posts of the Communist Youth League Central Committee caused an influx of negative messages, but these reactions did not hinder the "outing" of the virtual idols. Within two hours of the communist league central post, the microblog added the official account of "Jiangshanjiao and Red Flag Man Official", saying, "I know it's hard for everyone to like, so I want to say to my little partner, don't quarrel." 」

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Jiang Shanjiao and the red flag in the netizens in a rant to officially debut, but four hours later, suspected because of the arrival of negative comments, the account of all posts emptied. The Communist Youth League Central Committee has not yet publicly explained the follow-up to the incident, there is also public opinion that the two virtual idols have retired, becoming one of the shortest idols in history.

Netizens' anger is also because of "shaving hair propaganda" and is in the high point of emotion, and now see the Communist Youth League Central Launch of the virtual idol, they have to their own experience of the message, taunting asked: "Jiang Shanjiao, you must marry before 30 years old?" "Jiang Shanjiao, you menstrual came without sanitary napkins (meaning tampon) was also said "not urgent"? "Jiang Shanjiao, do you and your brother get equal pay for equal work?" 」

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More netizens said: "First because of taunts and laugh, and then because of emgred with crying." 」

In less than a day, the post had accumulated 110,000 retweets and 17,000 messages. Subsequently, the post was deleted for unknown reasons, the original poster again sent out a new post: "Jiang Shanjiao, have you been deleted from weibo?" Did you blow up the number? Explain the significance behind the move: "Questioning Jiang Shanjiao is questioning the extent to which the virtual desexualised national idol can represent the real female suffering." 」

Jiang Shanjiao, what's the most hurtful thing you've ever heard?

A day later, there are netizens simply gathered a large number of messages, made into the "Jiangshan Jiao55" film.

"Jiang Shanjiao, you and the red flag walked so close, someone called you a bitch?" 」

"Jiang Shanjiao, send me a selfie to see if the women in your hometown can eat at the table?" 」

"Jiang Shanjiao, are you still a virgin?" 」

"Jiang Shanjiao, are you second-hand after your divorce?" 」

"Jiang Shanjiao, do you have a baby?" It's not complete in your life if you don't have children. 」

"Jiang Shanjiao, you hit the baby and turned into a dead house. 」

"Jiang Shanjiao, do you want to sneak a sanitary napkin?" 」

"Jiang Shanjiao, how can a girl have a tattoo?" 」

"Jiang Shanjiao, are you dressed up like this to seduce others?" 」

The reason why you leave a seemingly sarcastic message without thinking is because every woman has been treated so unfairly. On that day a wave of micro-braw, perhaps let the Communist Youth League Central Committee noted that Jiangshanjiao is not actually a virtual idol, Jiangshanjiao is you, is me, is me, is every woman who has suffered from unequal treatment.

The film also takes pictures of women being harmed in front of the camera, including images of women shaving their hair, footage of Shirley, a South Korean entertainer who committed suicide because of online bullying and misogyny, and images of women being beaten in a drama.

From Jin Zhiying, born in 1982, to Jiang Shanjiao, born in 2020, is society really going to be friendly to women?

In 2019, the South Korean film "Kim Chi-ying," which is critical of the situation of women, only caused a bipolar discussion in South Korea, with some feeling the same way, and others bribing the film as nonsense. And we've been in the world from Shirley, the death of Jola, to Jin Zhiying, born 82: it's the little things that overwhelmed us:

It's a world that protects girls, and it's a world that's malicious to girls. Otherwise, if there is no malice, why should we protect it? This is often seen in life, in the name of love for women, to protect the name of oppression.

Society always uses the "I'm for your own good to say this to you" attitude, imposing too much, even unnecessary, shackles and expectations on women. And once they don't meet expectations, women are alive and tired, they're bitches. From Shirley to Hoola, and then from Jin Zhiying to Jiangshanjiao, none of them were spared.

We're looking forward to creating a more friendly environment for all gender identities, but we've really been looking forward to it for a long time. Can we do more than hope? May every Jiangshanjiao later encounter discrimination speech, have the courage to stand up and say loudly, don't say for me, old lady do not eat you this.