No way to keep exercising? Maybe it's because you haven't found a sport that suits your "character"!

I don't know if you are like me, thinking about doing exercise, to be healthy, the first week of the registration course, every day at 6 pm on time to report to the gym, proud of their own physical and emotional changes. But after a weekend, you start to tell yourself that last week to try to rest this week, the next two weeks of exercise should be full of good.

Over time, you start to give up without believing you can hold on to exercise, and it's not until the next external stimulus (e.g. a health check report) that you jump back into the sport's arms and do so several times.

In fact, want to insist on doing sports, not only depends on personal perseverance, but also need to pick the right way of movement, if you are a fear of boredom, perhaps running is not so good choice. The Ladders for people of six personalities recommend suitable exercise methods, if you are struggling for sports, you may wish to refer to see!

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If you are extremely introverted: jog alone, closer to yourself

If you're afraid to talk to people and hate pointless communication, and want to be very focused on sports, jogging alone is a good choice. You can also put on your headphones and run along the beautiful riverbank when the weather is good. If you don't want to spend too much money on exercise, running is all about tailoring it for you.

If you're eager to make friends with sports: Passionate Zumba opens the conversation directly to you

Want to move and meet interesting new people? The gym can be hard to do, but Zumba does! Sign up for a Zumba class to try, the warm dance immediately let you put aside the burden, and the people around you twist up, class will not be embarrassed, and students can chat about the dance just!

If you expect to exercise, you can get more: a journey full of surprises, exploring the world while exercising

If you don't love a person jogging, and do not want to stay indoors to do sports, does it mean that you have no other sports to do? Maybe walking is good for you! Do your homework, find a scenic trail, sweat while walking and sweating, but also contact with nature, which is also a great way of exercise.

If you're prone to anger, nowhere to vent: Boxing lessons, unleash ingresss your stress

Work pace fast, accident satoo, life on the size of things always make you worry about if your life is full of stress, feel nowhere to hide, it is better to try boxing class. Boxing lessons will allow you to sweat while eliminating your negative emotions while achieving the goal of exercise.

If you are energetic, can't stop down: flywheel step on ah step, let you enjoy sweating

If you have extraordinary activity, always can't stop, it is time to try the fast-paced flywheel lesson, let your feet move quickly, absolutely can enjoy the sweaty joy.

If you're always indecisive: you want to do anything, do everything Boot Camp

Boot camp was originally for the training of soldiers physical fitness methods, later in many gyms have provided relevant courses training, if you want to be able to strengthen the physical fitness of all sides, then this can be at the same time training muscle, explosive power, cardio power, etc. , perhaps very suitable for you! (Please note, however, that Boot Camp is not suitable for everyone to try and must take into account factors such as physical fitness, athletic experience, coaching, etc.)

Finding a sport that suits your personality, and to start and stick to a sport, may not be that difficult. If you are a beginner of sports, do not have to force yourself to exercise every day, to the body to adapt to time, from once a week, to twice a week, to establish exercise habits, long-term down, I believe you can also see their own body changes!