Two teenagers, a road trip, a world-weary departure. Five things to teach us about the end of the world to X, and a memories of your journey of youth with Alyssa and James!

The second season of the British dark-humored comedy "The End of the World for X" was released in 2019, two years after the first. Charlie Covell, the writer who adapted the original comics into a series of films, says that if nothing happens, the second season is the grand finale.

Before entering this fantastic and fascinating road trip, I was attracted by the darkness and conflict of the cover and the drama, two teenage boys under the age of twenty, looking at you without expression, like impatience, and something brewing in their hearts, stupid.

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Watching the protagonists, Alyssa Alyssa and James James, is easy to recall as puberty. (Recommended reading: Talking to yourself at 18: After a sharp growing pain, you finally learn to be gentle)

Seventeen years old, children above, adults are not yet, finally get a little escape from the teacher's discipline space, but also never really free.

You are angry about the world, pretending to care nothing about anything, but also silently caring about the eyes of others. Compared with the fantasy childhood, more aware of the world's sorrow, has not experienced much life, but feel that they already know too much.

Take stock of the "The End of the World to X" classic for you and reminisce about your journey of my youth with Alyssa and James.

Photo : "The End of the World to X"

Sometimes you'll find that what you've been sticking to may just be a lie. When you really understand this, it feels like swallowing a stone, but not recently, but years ago.

The End of the World to X

Alyssa and her father have not seen each other for many years, and in her mind, her father is like a piece of land in the distance. So when Alyssa embarked on this journey without a turn for the resusm, she thought that as soon as she saw her father, she would be saved.

In fact, a lot of good, is our own imagination. For example, you and a person, but not together, so you can not forget him, and then met many people, but also always feel inferior to him. (Same-field plus:"Relationship Diary" Su Lizhen and Zhou Muyun: the best time, are not yet completed)

Alyssa's dream of a good father was shattered, but she finally knew that only she could take herself far and far.

Photo : "The End of the World to X"

You may feel like you're avoiding something, but in fact, the problem is always haunting you, and you'll be unconsciously trapped in a place where a careless one might be stuck forever.

The End of the World to X

A lot of things, you think you managed to escape, but on the way to escape, constantly bumpinto into that outstanding problem.

James: I thought you were going to do something stupid. 」
Alyssa: "I didn't do that, James. I didn't. 」

In the end, Alyssa stopped running away. She walked alone to the house that frightened her day and night, and a man sat in the room that had left her in the shadow, facing her most feared past. (Same-field screening:"Pick for you" "Back to school" those that make you afraid, also let you learn to be brave)

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It's common to feel out of control in your life, because you've never been in control. You can't stop things from happening, you can only deal with it when it happens.

The End of the World to X

Alyssa and James went through a lot, and the downwind clearly didn't come true, but was filled with surprises, big and small.

When heartbreak becomes a daily routine, you have to learn to heal for yourself.

This journey is also the growth of Alyssa and James. They have to face their hearts and think about their lives that don't last twenty years.

A lot of times, is panicked and at a loss, but on the way to growth, who has not stumbled and bruised.

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A lot of times, you don't realize that the moment is an important moment in your life, and you'll only realize after the fact that those moments are significant.

The End of the World to X

If you use five photos to represent your life, what pictures and scenes will come to mind? Is wearing a bachelor's uniform, throwing the bachelor's hat up with friends, shouting happiness in graduation? Or at the wedding, you're face-to-face with him, looking at each other gently?

These specially marked marks may not be as important as we think. Instead, it's small to no small things, seemingly random decisions, really affecting us. (Same-field highlight: Ten illustrations capture the moment of love: all my little things, in your eyes become a big thing)

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No matter how miserable life is, there will always be a little bit of goodness, and you have to focus on that good.

The End of the World to X

James lost both his parents, lost his sexual ability, and nearly lost Alyssa. He lost too much, too much, really want to count, but cruel.

When you meet bad things, you should struggle to wake up and get away with it, and when you meet good things, you should enlarge your senses, taste finely, and not let go of any of the slights.

Every good thing worth hiding will become the most secure side of the heart gentle. Tears, anger, grievance, remember those gentle over your good things, re-breathing, it does not seem so uncomfortable.

Photo : "The End of the World to X"

"The End of the World to X" is a desolate film and a humorous comedy.

Alyssa and James, two extremely world-weary teenagers, see from their perspective how life is filled with crying and laughing, and how much sadness and joy.

Is their absurd road trip much like a man's life? The process is bumpy and full of accidents - cars hit trees, break into strangers' homes, you never know what's going to happen next.

Photo : "The End of the World to X"

Perhaps it is because of the unknown that Alyssa and James are willing to keep moving forward, looking ahead to see straight or turning, danger or heaven.

And you know, there's always a way ahead, so you never have to be afraid to go.