She used to camp as a nine-to-five-day commuter. But three years of life down, she wants to say, change the world I am really tired, can change their own already happy. She added that with every transfer, there is a life issue behind it, so the focus is not on what job to change, not for a job, but on whether you have the courage to face the current inner fear.

Every transfer, behind a life problem you need to face

We talk about transfer, said it seems to be a matter of the workplace, but in fact, a lot of times, is and the whole life related to things. For example, she wrote in the book, "Every time you want to change jobs, there is a life problem behind you." It sounds very mysterious, it sounds reasonable, people can't help but want to explore. (Review interview previous: Minimum life Interview with Yanyan Zeng Amazing: How did I survive with an annual income of only 110,000?) ) )

On this subject, I asked Amazing, can I give us a very direct indication -- what kind of warning comes up when it's really time to think about leaving?

"I think there are two dimensions. One is when you start to think, "What's the point of doing this?" For example, my last job was as an international volunteer leader, and I had a great pleasure doing it for the past two years. It allows me to travel deeply and make friends all over the world, which is the best thing in the world, and I don't have any doubts at all. But later in the day she began to wonder, "For example, I'm going to start thinking, volunteering, are we really going to make the locals better?" Or are we just a group of people, like the one who consumes the local group, to get a sense of satisfaction for doing good? 」

The meaning that had been felt at that time has slowly deteriorated. And Amazing reminds you that when you have this idea, it's not really the job itself. Work hasn't changed, but you've grown; what it can supply is no longer what you need. So if you want to leave a job today, don't rush to deny yourself and worry about being treated as a strawberry, because it's not someone else who can insist that you can't, but what you need is different.

"Second, I think it's time for physical health to start to get in shape. I was leaving the first half of my job, and my entire left pillow was very serious. At that time, I read Chinese medicine, Western medicine, try massage, electrotherapy is completely useless. But as soon as I left, I was ready. It's actually the body telling you honestly that you don't like it, but you're pushing yourself to wear armor every day and go to that battlefield. 」

'I'm really honest,' she said. Sometimes we rely on willpower to control, convince themselves, I can hold on, I am not so vulnerable people, others do not all do for ten years? But you may be able to convince your head for a while that you can't stop the body from resisting: "It's also obvious that there are a lot of people around me who get up in the morning and they think, it's another miserable day." That's a very, very clear signal that you really can't. 」

When the warning lights of doubt come on, the subject she wants to talk about is not what work is best for you now, but what we have to face first of all with our own inner fears -- what do you want? If you don't know yet, but I told you you didn't want this in front of you, and you dare not admit it?

Those elders who have worked for more than a decade: the happiness they seek is probably different from mine

When I chose to leave a stable job at the age of 27, I asked Amazing if I thought it was a just good old age.

Recalling the year she left her job, she said she was still afraid of society's view of herself: "There was no business card to exchange with others, and she didn't know if she was going to introduce herself." Do I have to say that I am now a waste, I stay at home? Later can only mention, I am now rest, but said a little embarrassed: "I am afraid people will think, you are twenty-seven, eight years old, you do not know what you are going to do, then you are in front of the life of what?" 」

"But it seems to be an age when most people would choose to change jobs. If after thirty years, we may want to say, I have invested in this workplace for nearly ten years, I now step down, is it equal to the previous results are zero? So it seemed to her that it was a very just time to think, "What kind of posture do I want to continue my life when I'm older?" 」

On the other hand, those who do not choose to switch runways before the age of 30 may mostly choose to continue with their hard scalps after the age of 30; In the workplace she has been in, there are also several such predecessors. I asked her if she had observed what qualities would be emitted by those who had been in the same job for more than a decade.

"If they can continue to support, I think a very important reason is that they are constantly changing. Two or three years in the same job can be boring. So they keep changing their position in the workplace. Like our former association, in addition to the administration, you have to market, you want to train, you will bring a group. At the same time, you must be willing to continue to learn to overcome the cross-cutting feeling of unfamiliarity.

"But at the same time, they're hard-working, and I think they're a little bit supportive with willpower. Because after the age of thirty, you must have more management responsibilities, may not be able to leave as we can leave as way. You know your role is not quite the same as the division. 」

So, are they having a good time?

"I've found that for them, happiness may not be like we're going to do what we love. Every time they hit a big point, he's going to be very painful and focused on finding a solution. But when they succeed, they get a sense of self-growth. There's a sense of mission to a job and I feel like I'm here my whole life to do it, to take one thing as a responsibility and grow up with each other. Their happiness is different than yours. But no matter what, these are the process of constantly choosing and then being honest about their choices.

I don't think about what work I want to do, it's about what kind of life I want to live.

So, in the summary of all the questions, she always felt that one thing was important, that we should all think, "What is the source of your happiness?" 」

Do I regret leaving my present job? Will life get better when you get a new job? When there were these doubts and anxious, Amazing was slow to say that that year, she thought not just "what kind of job I want" but "what kind of life do I want?"

"When I leave office, for example, I think that I used to buy new clothes and shoes every month, but now I don't have to go to work and I don't use them at all. Doesn't that mean I don't need to do so much to earn so much income when I don't need it? 」

So, first to think about the life at this moment, what you need, what you can give up! "I also think that most of my sources of happiness are reading books or writing articles, which basically don't require much consumption. Less work, but more happy time is her choice of life.

Without those responsibilities, or ambitions, and began to become freelance writers, she became more aware that her power was really limited. At the same time, you don't always blame yourself for why you can't. After recognizing these facts, find a favorite, can do a lifetime of things, but also can support themselves. Or at the same time, it can bring a little help to society.

'It's a solid life,' she said. The outer self and the inner self, who did not overestimate who, and loved each other peacefully.

And from this point in time back, when the volunteer T-shirt printed on the sentence "you are the power to change the world", now she just wants to say, change the world I am really tired, as long as Can change myself, has been very good. (Continue: Interview with YanYan Tsuen: I found myself looking for a replacement for my father after i lost my love that year)