Interview with Blaire left-hander, why can she be so optimistic? "It's a matter of choice, everything is two-sided," she said. 」

"What do you want to say to you at the moment with that meddy understanding of yourself ten years ago?" And want to say something to yourself after ten years without knowing what kind of life you will live on? 」

In an age when a six-minute MRT is too long, there is a person day to night, ten years to ask themselves this question, but also lead people around to think about this question. The soul interlaced the dialogue in different times and in the air, so that she has the motivation to live in the present, not let ten years ago their own disappointment, let ten years later their own pride.

She's a blogger, youtuber, and Instagram KOL, but before those titles, she was first and foremost herself, Blaire left-handed.

As a left-hander, it's not much, but it's a little bit special.

Blaire is her name, and left-handed is a trait associated with her. When the channel was about to be named, she thought, Blaire alone, not necessarily with a degree of identification. It's Chinese name, it seems to be too common. Instead of incorporating the left-handed identity, it's Blaire left-handed. "As a left-handed person, it's something I've been proud of since I was a kid. Because it's a minority, You feel like you're different from everyone else. (Recommended reading: I'm old Youtuber! Interview with the star man: "The meaning of life is the pursuit of happiness")

As a heterogeneous, you need to be a kind of individual alien. She never felt out of place with the group, but rather enjoyed her uniqueness. "I think everyone has to dig, and they're born differently from everyone else, maybe they're particularly tall, or they're going to cook particularly well. These traits don't have to be strong, they don't have to be about appearance, but as long as they're different from most people, you'll feel unique. In the crowd, everyone longs for themselves to be a special case, such as the only in the lover's eyes, and like a green in the flowers. But the pursuit of special at the same time, we occasionally forget, in fact, they are already a special case.

Our existence is unique in itself.

Unique people, with unique names, but also unique channels. Blaire's Youtube channels are mostly life-sharing, including travel, love, and outlook on life. Life is oriented towards diversity, but not out of the core - positive thinking. Talking about why she lived so optimistically, she said:

"I think positive energy or positive thinking is a "choice" question, everything is one-sided, people's lives in these decades, you have to choose more positive or more negative?" I choose the front, so it extends to many of the concepts in my work. For example, she looks at the loss of love, is to leave a bad / unsuitable feelings, from the results theory, is a progress, but also a happy thing, but we will still feel sad about it.

The choice is positive or negative, and Blaire sees it as a proportional distribution issue. Falling in love at the moment feels sad, that may be a little higher negative, and once the time has passed, the positive proportion can be a little higher. "I don't feel that everything that comes up at the moment is super positive, or that I have to let myself digest emotions and negative energy for a while. But if you want to say how to maintain optimism, I would say it's a proportional deployment process. 」

You don't need to be forward forever, but you know, forwarding will always be one of the options. (Recommended Reading: Practical Optimism: How Can Positive Energy Get Out of Control and How Can It Help You?) ) )

My intention was not to be a famous person.

Half-public figures, who want to cut their lives apart and spread some of themselves in front of the camera, are especially true of Blaire. The audience likes to see her life, to see her true and honest, and to feel her value, "A lot of people say he'll like me because he sees me not just having a happy side, but also seeing how I get through it and gain strength." I know everyone has a low tide, even in their eyes so happy I, there are low tide time. So I thought, since I can give them strength, why not? 」

She enjoys interacting with the audience and also enjoys making a personal impact. But at the same time, she knew in her mind that it seemed a little different from what she had intended. "I didn't want to be a celebrity, i would go down this road with the original intention, that I want to use the influence I can create to influence a person, not to become a very famous person." Bias fame and influence are positively related and complementary. So she began to wonder, is there any way to turn fame into more influence?

"The thing I wanted was when people saw me and said, "Hey, isn't she the Blaire in that real talkroom?" Instead of saying, "Hey, isn't that Blaire?" I don't want me to be a red person, I want my brand, my work is very red, and then to influence more people. 」

Don't see me, see what I'm doing. Blaire is on the road closer to the original intention, but also people can not help but wonder, so want to influence her, think who has the greatest impact on her? "The people who influence me the most should be my mother, but there are all the people I meet along the way, and even the people who have influenced me the most, should be me." (Recommended reading: Interview with Chen Yuzhen: Don't be a flat label, be a three-dimensional person)

"I'm not really what you've seen before, so optimistic people. When I was 20 years old, I had a strange illness, and all of a sudden, everyone was caught off guard. The illness affected my life, six months to a year time, can not find the cause. The doctor said that the psychological pressure may be too much, resulting in body immunity disorder, and because of this, I later interrupted my studies, rest and recuperation. 」

After a period of rebuilding himself, Blaire returned to the normal track of life, she deeply remembers her mother said to himself a sentence: "hard not to die, there must be a blessing." "My interpretation of this is that I survived the days I thought I couldn't make, and that I had a mission to influence others. When we are sick, we only enlarge our own shortcomings and forget how good we are. She wants to remind or tell others who are in the mud, but when you become yourself, it's good enough to remember to see yourself.

With pressure and self-love, I can feel alive

"I've been under pressure all my life. I'm a person who puts pressure on myself, and I'd love to meet the standards, but my standards are changing all the time, and I'll always feel better. The pressure has internalized into that I don't feel stressed. Stress addicts' daily, but into a vacuum, life is tasteless. "But I give myself pressure or make myself very tired, the source is doing what they like, so there will be no regrets or reluctance." Every step knows exactly what you're doing. 」

She's a very stressed person, even someone who doesn't feel it's wrong. Also after the pressure, very can love their own people. "Everyone at this point in time, in this world, there is a specific thing to accomplish, and that is your value, your influence. You can decide whether your influence is good or bad, and loving yourself is the first step. 」

Some people say that love themselves is very cliches, very old-fashioned, but in fact, the more we do not have things, the more we need to remember so hard. Women fans long-term initiative to love their own concept, but also in response to this concept, with the Taiwan brand Green To, pregnant ME TIME women's intimate shower gel. Talking about THE CONCEPT OF SINGLE-HANDED SHOWER GEL IN ME TIME WOMEN'S PRIVACY, BLAIRE SHARED:

"I think ME TIME points out a lot of problems for new generations of women. Let just out of society want to start a business, want to sprint work, want to always focus on the outside of the female, can leave time to talk to themselves, co-exist. Especially now people almost even before bed are sliding mobile phones, are looking at other people's lives, you can only get along with themselves, really only have bath time. (Recommended reading: Make "gentle" the ultimate in privacy shower gel!) Three reasons to fall in love with ME TIME)

Because of the pursuit, so under pressure, but when the pressure is too high, also do not forget to rest at the right time, feel the rhythm of life elastic changes.

There are hundreds of ways to enjoy life, and Blaire represents one of those lives that is self-disciplined, self-loving, and proud of yourself. And this life is not only good, she still has sad, painful, but she knows not to suppress, do not hide. Embrace their own every emotion, love their own every face, believe in yourself, can lead themselves out of every difficulty.

Edit postscript

When it comes to the sick past, Blaire's volume drops to a low point that she's never heard of in her various films and interviews. She says she rarely mentions illness in the past.

"I'm not really good right now, and if I say, "Oh, I've been through it," it's like, "There's no need." 」

Where there is light, there must be shadows. I always remind myself to treat every soul gently and gently. You never know how much you don't know or what you want to know under a seemingly strong appearance.