South Korea's well-known illustrator, Quan Shih-soo, painted his healing parenting routine. 'I can be sure that in the distant future, I will miss this time of parenting very much, ' he said.

"In a blink of an eye, has reached the age of thirty, not only found a life partner, but also become a father of two children,......, I can be sure in the distant future, will be very missed this time of parenthood. -- Quanxi

After becoming a dad, south Korea's well-known illustrator, Quan Shih-hyun, published his parenting routine on IG, and in 2019 published the graphic instrument "Thank You, Make Me A Dad: Korea's Most Popular Graphic Version of Dad's Parenting Journal." Healing illustrations, let people see the new father's inner small theater, both gentle and real.

In his book self-order, Quan Shiyi mentioned that when he was collecting creative inspiration, he found that he had very little material and realized that he and his children might not spend enough time together. So he began to spend more time with his children, and in the process, he changed his attitude to his wife completely. He went on to say, "I want to dedicate the full amount of the book to my healthy and safe grown-up son, my inspirational baby daughter, and my wife, who has agreed to live my life." 」

In his work, it can be seen that parenting is something that couples should share; things like doing household chores, changing diapers with children, taking them out, or giving them a safe hug when they are woken up in the middle of the night by a nightmare. . . . these things, these things, dads and their mothers grow up with their children. Because, this is our common home. Having such a partner, father, is really a good happy thing!

"Why is Dad's hand so warm?" And that's the temperature I'll remember all my life.

Take his wife's hand, and then take our children. Dad's hand, always hot, from two people's home to four people's home, I know you can make us safe.

If he finds mosquitoes in the room in the summer, he wakes up on his own and lets us sleep well.

"I wish I had been bitten so that he wouldn't wake my family up." Dad is a little silly, this is the way he cherishes his wife and the child.

When kids' body toys, just to win you a smile

He said it was a rainy day when he was at home to do the exercise.

Help his daughter blow dry the doll, which is also the daily life of his

After all, let our big princess or little princess unhappy, are thousands of things can not be ah!

If you wake up in the middle of the night with a nightmare, you'll see Dad there and say it's okay.

Don't be afraid, Dad has been here, no matter how deep the night, I will not leave you alone.

Want to teach your child to say "dad", but the results can be frustrating

"Come on, say: Dad-Dad——! 」
"Mommy! 」

However, a little want to cry father, or will continue to make cattle for you.

A father who does a family affair is always a bit broken, but he's still very patient with the kids.

Just folded the clothes, turned around and messed up again. How can parenting always be particularly long?

Take the child to the movies, you can be quiet, but I am too tired to fall asleep

It's probably heaven, and if there's a cartoon, you can get a little rest for a while.

Dad also wants to be Aladdin, though the children's wishes are always innouous

After going to see Aladdin, the two children's wishes were:

1. I want a bigger house

2. I want all the toys in the world to be in my house

3. I want to keep it

1. I want jelly

2. I want candy

3. I want chocolate

My love, and my children, is the most important thing in my life.

"Daughter sleeps on her mother's pillow, maybe because of the smell of the mother there. Thank you, sleep in peace, in our home.

Through these works we also see that the father shared the responsibility, not only to assume a home, but also to help the father to build a way home. It's the first time we've practiced being a father, a mom, and a child, and maybe there's something to let each other down, or worry. But anyway, thank you for coming to each other's families, loving each other, and working for this family.