The flaunt of natural refreshing beverages, so you have full energy, and aren't worried about the burden on your body?Hey, break the myths. Let's take a look together and see what the refreshing drinks are!

Science-Based Pharmacy (SBP) is a scientific blog I love, and the tribal guest Scott Gavura said that he was inspired by the launch of Science-Based Medicine (another highly praised science blog), and that the name was almost the same.The purpose of SBP was to use scientific and Internet media to counterattack many fake and fake science on the market; an article published yesterday by SBP fired a cannon against the seller's best-selling drinks in the market.

Bull and White Horsepower's ads can be seen in Taiwan's TV ads every day to show that the drinks are good on the Taiwan market. Similarly, the Beverage Beverage has been a big business for billions of dollars a year in the United States, with a total sales volume of more than $4.8 billion in 2008, and a slow growth.Gavura has been investigated for the impact and efficacy of caffeine in the first year of his freshman year, and the effects and efficacy of caffeine in the head.

However, the ingredients of the "refreshing drink" are complex, and are always running out of positive terms in advertising. Who doesn't want to be "energized", "energized", "clear heads"?Living in a modern society where time is not enough, it's right in the middle of a sweet spot.Recently, the sales target of refreshing drinks has also expanded from the class to the younger and even children, and to the marketing tactics and brands targeted by different ethnic groups such as women, vegetarians, diabetes patients, and patients … minced fillet diarrhea .(Sibling: [If you want to] microvegetarian, make it easy for the predators to cross out the five delicious food shops of the comfort circle )

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Whatever the type of lifestyle you are, you can probably find a special refreshing drink that is specifically paired with you.What's the ingredients in the head of a refreshing drink?Let's listen to Gavura:

Ginseng : Treat as having a variety of efficacy, from the cold to raising the immune system, but according to research, there is no evidence to prove these effects, even if they do, the effect is not significant.Moreover, the ginseng content in the refreshing drink is usually less than the dosage of the research when researching, and it is more difficult to have any useful purpose.

Niu sulfonic acid : There is taurine in our normal diet, and human beings can generate themselves.The fact that taurine does have a physical significance, but whether the externally absorbed taurine can really produce any boost to mental and physical strength, it is not clear that there have been several negative cases.

glucuronic acid lactone : Again, there is no shortage of this thing in the human body, and it is not useful to ingest it from outside, but it's good to eat too much, and there will be no problem with .

orange : Since the United States banned the use of flax as food additives in 2004, the bitter orange has become a substitute.This is a natural compound similar to adrenaline , and thus has a similar side effect, which can cause fainting , colonitis , myocardial infarction , or even shock .There is no compelling evidence to suggest that a small amount of bitter oranges in the refreshing drink can be refreshing.

caffeine and melon (Natural caffeine): This is the true effect of the refreshing effect in the refreshing drink, which can improve endurability and ability to resist fatigue, but For enhanced thinking capabilities are useless .The caffeine can also enhance the effect of analgesics, which is basically safe.If you think caffeine can help you, coffee should be the most effective, and on average, a cup of coffee has more than twice the amount of caffeine in the same amount of refreshing drink.

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Vitamins : Most of the refreshing drinks contain vitamins, such as vitamin B and vitamin C.However, even in the absence of these vitamins, the study found that there would not be any refreshing effect from the refreshing drink.(Recommended reading: Small dishes, big power!... to enhance immunity and myococas

Sugar: The taste of refreshing drink is from sugar. Strictly speaking, the only sugar in the refreshing drink is the ingredient that really gives people a "energy".The sugar in the refreshing drink is not more powerful than other sugars, and is a source of heat, and the so-called "no calorie energy drinks" can only make people laugh and laugh.

Gavura said that the risk of refreshing drinks appears to be mostly from caffeine, but each person has a different degree of exposure to caffeine, although there are several cases of epilepsy and even sudden death in the drink of the refreshing drink, but the actual cause is yet to be clarified.

However, the greatest risk is that more and more young people are starting to drink a lot of refreshing drinks.The influence of caffeine on minors is uncertain. For children and young people, reducing sugar and caffeine is a relatively good choice. Instead, the drinks are now fierce-intensive for this group, and this group of people is gradually becoming the main consumer of refreshing drinks.

Another problem is that the drinks and drinks are mixed with alcohol, and they even sell them together. It's like the Paulda B in Taiwan and the Visby, and so on.Caffeine and alcohol are mixed together so that we can be sober, and on the other hand, we don't feel like drinking more wine, or even alcoholism, and another science department, David Cro11 discussed this issue.

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Based on the above problems, more and more countries are gradually controlling the beverage. However, since the beverage is a new market show, different countries have different ways of controlling the drinks.Gavura pointed out that the United States had a cap on caffeine content in general cola, but did not impose restrictions on the beverage. Canada also endorsed the popular Red Bull, saying it was a "natural health product."

In fact, if you don't drink too much, a refreshing drink will not hurt you even if it isn't completely harmless.However, no matter how much advertising advertisements claim to be able to "not sleep all night", "raise your attention and physical performance," the head contains many of the magic ingredients, and the refreshing drink is just a carrier of caffeine and excess sugar.

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If you're tired of these skins of the sun, and you're described as a refreshing drink, like Gavura, a fair trade coffee should be a better option.(Extended reading: What is the effect of excess coffee on the body?